Hubby and I went to the Registration Office at Jalan Anson because my brother-in-law asked us to register his father’s death. This is the first time we go to the Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara which is under the Jabatan Perdana Menteri.


The lobby is decorated like a five star hotel lobby-wannabe with this huge flowers arrangement. High ceilings and granite floorings etc.


The death, birth and adoption registrations are managed by one wing whilst the identity card registrations office is over at another side. So, this section has very few people, made up of either grieving relatives or proud fathers or grandparents (only these persons and the mother can register the birth of a baby).


See? Nice right?


Nice right?



That’s my hubby’s handwriting. He got so tulan with the administration.

So, we brought all the documents required, as what the undertaker told us. However, we didn’t know that they also require a copy of my IC (as I am the one who register the death). So, the clerk asked hubby to walk across to TNB’s office to get my IC photostat. Previously, the registration office was located in TNB’s building, which is across the road.

Hubby told her, “Eh, tak kan office besar, you tak boleh tolong buat satu copy? Saya bayar lah.”

No way, tak boleh. You bukan tak tau how Malaysia civil servants work? The receptionist said it is not her job. This is Malaysia Bull-eh’s spirit. Never mind that they have every freaking messages and banners on the wall about how to work efficiently. There is even one little sign on the table of the clerk which says how they should serve us, like keeping eye contact, smile, saying thank you.

So, poor hubby had to walked over to TNB’s office to find the little shop which has the photocopy machine. (To Ying Lai, no, I am not complaining, just dramatise things to illustrate how silly things are. )

When hubby was there, he was told that the shop owner actually took the photocopy machine over to the JPN office but they did not allow him to operate in the building. Kanasai, such a huge building with so much space and yet, they cannot find a space for the machine? More like, need tender and find kroni mia pasal lah.

Can you believe that such a simple matter as providing photocopying facilities cannot be solved and yet, they got the cheek to boast about their vision, mission, pillars and all those ‘how to serve’ better mantra. Apalah, luar cantik, dalam sama teruk jugak lah.