Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara and Jabatan Perdana Menteri – Luar cantik saja

Hubby and I went to the Registration Office at Jalan Anson because my brother-in-law asked us to register his father’s death. This is the first time we go to the Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara which is under the Jabatan Perdana Menteri.


The lobby is decorated like a five star hotel lobby-wannabe with this huge flowers arrangement. High ceilings and granite floorings etc.


The death, birth and adoption registrations are managed by one wing whilst the identity card registrations office is over at another side. So, this section has very few people, made up of either grieving relatives or proud fathers or grandparents (only these persons and the mother can register the birth of a baby).


See? Nice right?


Nice right?



That’s my hubby’s handwriting. He got so tulan with the administration.

So, we brought all the documents required, as what the undertaker told us. However, we didn’t know that they also require a copy of my IC (as I am the one who register the death). So, the clerk asked hubby to walk across to TNB’s office to get my IC photostat. Previously, the registration office was located in TNB’s building, which is across the road.

Hubby told her, “Eh, tak kan office besar, you tak boleh tolong buat satu copy? Saya bayar lah.”

No way, tak boleh. You bukan tak tau how Malaysia civil servants work? The receptionist said it is not her job. This is Malaysia Bull-eh’s spirit. Never mind that they have every freaking messages and banners on the wall about how to work efficiently. There is even one little sign on the table of the clerk which says how they should serve us, like keeping eye contact, smile, saying thank you.

So, poor hubby had to walked over to TNB’s office to find the little shop which has the photocopy machine. (To Ying Lai, no, I am not complaining, just dramatise things to illustrate how silly things are. )

When hubby was there, he was told that the shop owner actually took the photocopy machine over to the JPN office but they did not allow him to operate in the building. Kanasai, such a huge building with so much space and yet, they cannot find a space for the machine? More like, need tender and find kroni mia pasal lah.

Can you believe that such a simple matter as providing photocopying facilities cannot be solved and yet, they got the cheek to boast about their vision, mission, pillars and all those ‘how to serve’ better mantra. Apalah, luar cantik, dalam sama teruk jugak lah.

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  1. Same case in Kuching. Most of the government office here does not provide photostat service. Then, those provide the service nearby will cut throat one. 20sen per piece and sometimes they dare to charge till 50sen. I think government should look into this matter.

  2. Photocopy business dun make much money, but interior deco does… šŸ™‚
    They go where the money is, not what the purpose of the office is for.

  3. Malaysia Boleh!!! Call YB LGE and complain lah.

    Eh, not undertaker kau tim one meh? Last undertaker I used hor, no need to go one, they come to my home. IJN, PDRM semua datang.

  4. Somemore they say govt very “helpful”. Yala, helpful in making people go exercise lor!

    Not only govt dept, even govt hospitals also same same geh. Ask you go here go there, get this get that, then wait long long time before any doctor is free to see you.

    Michelles last blog post..Media Freedom: Why do we care?

  5. michelle – Yalor, never sensitive wan. I mean, for us ok lah. But imagine an elderly woman there to register her husband’s death, a parent to register their child’s death, a pregnant widow…and etc. Can you imagine how they feel being pushed here and there in their time of grief? Siao hor?

    kyh – Really waste of money to build such opulent settings.

    terence – The body sudah export to Ipoh, the address Penang, so I kena kautim it in Penang or else kena fine by the time my bro-in-law returned home. And hor, I didn’t know my name will be in the cert! Fuyoh. The number dem sui, wei. But I cannot share lah. If I kena, I chia you CKT, ok?

    kadusmama – They got the machine…tapi, for opis use. So, all the public, must go and find our own copy. How da hell people know the procedure, kan? Not like we die every day and need to register every day. If I.C. ok lah, I understand. Tapi this one is registering deaths, so I feel they should have some heart for those who just lost their loved ones lah. Otherwise, preach what good service.

    allisia – Yalor, one is one, two is two, little bit also cannot creative a bit.

    plasmabstract – Exactly….

    choonie – They never seem to improve wan. Last time like this, now also like this. Make life easier for the public, their admin work also become more efficient mah, hor?

  6. It’s a common illness in the Government (ie Barisan Nasional’s) to value symbolism more than functionality. Just look at Putrajaya – so huge, yet so few people, and inaccessible. On the other hand, let’s look at the New Lane coffee shops and hawker centre. Small and congested, yet always busy and efficient, dishing out all the wonderful Penang food. Cheers!

    Edmond Rs last blog post..Soil Erosion in Batu Ferringhi

  7. terence – No need. I buy stall AND char koay teow fryer and export to you.

    Edmond – It is really a waste. And the money is OURS! OMG, I never thought of that also.

  8. Niamah!! Don’t give, don’t give lah!!!

    Wtf is a ckt fryer??? Its called the cook lah. Niamah!!

  9. Anyone go to the JPN at Putrajaya? It is even more impressive!! Has an indoor garden and etc.

    They even have a mini-museum. As for the photocopy service, there is one at the gift shop. Hmmmm… After visiting JPN, you will want to buy something to remember your visit there???

    Angie Tans last blog post..Service Center Without Any Service

  10. Even we the staff can’t freely use the photostat machine for personal use. It is not because we don’t care, it is more because of the procedures and we have to abide by it.

    As why the building don’t have any photostat service, you have to question the building operator and it is certainly not JPN.

    I believe that when have a condusive environment to do business, people we feel calm and pleasant. That is the goal of why a lot of JPN office nationwide tried their best to beautify their office.

    They even have yearly quality award of best counter service, the most beautiful office and best landscape. This is not in any way a waste. You can go to any corporate office and you can see how they tried to make the environment more pleasant and calm. You surely don’t like when you go into an office which offer counter service of which you have to wait for the service to feel hot, humid, crowded and delipidated. You’ll feel tense and uneasy.

    Back to the photostating problem, I’m sure if you read their client charter, they don’t provide that kind of service. Maybe, just maybe if there is not many people around and perhaps on a good day, they will help you do it.

    But if you condone this act, don’t you feel that that person is actually misusing the government properties?

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