Ipoh mali!

Initially, we thought of going to Ipoh and stay a night. Then, my two older sons were not so keen on tagging along. So, we thought of driving there and come back within the same day.

My eldest sis, bro-in-law and eldest bro are going on their own. They are taking a bus to Ipoh and now, I still do not know if I can fetch them back. You see lah, this is the problem with having teeeeeenagerssss….I was supposed to phone my eldest sis to tell her the plans as soon as my sons confirmed.

(legs of the eldest and the youngest. took this photo at Jemputree, check out this place)

Asked them, “Eh, you two going or not ah? I need to decide whether to book an apartment or a hotel or just go for day trip. Yee Ma is waiting for my answer lah”

Until now, at 1 am baru the eldest son sms-ed. He is going to drive one car and fetch his friends down for a day trip to Ipoh as well. Meanwhile, hubby will drive the 7-seater. I guess this way, I can fetch my siblings back from Ipoh to Penang.

Well, my hubby has trained the eldest son to drive on the highway when he let him have the wheels while I prayed and closed my eyes at the back, all the way from KL to Penang. Hehehe. No lah, my son’s driving skills not jialat, only scary nia. So, tomorrow, he is going to drive the car alone but will be tagging along with us. It is like detaching the apron strings, bit by bit.

And I think when I get in the car, I will start reciting the rosary non-stop, not even talking, just use hands to point directions and do other signs language.

We are only leaving around 1-2 pm because my dear hubby has some Penang Hill hiking expedition wor. Niamah, he can now climb up and down Penang Hill in the morning, within a few hours (while I was still sleeping) and he is contemplating conquering Mount Kinabalu one day.

SOBBSSSSSS….Life is so unfair wannnn…..He gets to go flirt with the hot, fit-fit mamas, helping those dainty ladies up the hill while I have to jaga anak at home. I HATE IT! I also wanna climb hills and watch those ABS and muscles on those uncles bods. Those who love to wear their shorts reallllyyyy short-short and almost…..errmmm errmmm…ewwsss… Never mind, next year when my son goes to kindie, I am going to shadow him and bah leh koh liam my loukong (i.e. if he is still in his semi-retirement mode and not be a corporate slave).

LOL, joking nia. I don’t care what he does lah, as long as he gets to extend his life longer than mine. I better go eat more lard and hope to get a heart attack, quick and easy, bullet train to St. Peter’s station.

Anyway……….have a good weekend, you all! You can’t get rid of me and don’t even think of spamming my blog ‘cos I am connected 24/7 on my Celcom unlimited broadband and I surfed on my Sony Ericsson P1i. Don’t be naughty!

11 thoughts on “Ipoh mali!

  1. ipohchai – Thank you! I read your post about the orchid show but too bad I won’t have time to go liao.

    cikgu! – Apasal tak buat lawatan ke Pulau Pinang lah? Already in CH, come to Penang mahhhhh

  2. Short holiday. Din even stop by Ipoh when I was at Simpang Pulai. Will visit Penang again one of this day. Miss the food veli much, especially the CKT. šŸ˜€

    Choonies last blog post..Downsize Photo

  3. Niamah!! This post is exactly the content of the MSN chat!! Deja Vu.

    That Cikgu also never singgah in KL. Next time I roadblock the roads around LCCT.

  4. 9pek9bo – LOL if attending funeral wake is considered a holiday…. :mrgreen:

    terence – deja your ka’chng lah!

    Cikgu – I chia you next time, ok?

  5. Eh anyone got directions to go Gerbang Malam? Tired of making a map from Google Earth…

  6. #2 – What’s google earth??? Come, Uncle Terence pinjam you GPS. Ask your mummy to buy one lah.

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