It takes two ra cists to clap, ok?

We know it takes two hands to clap and make sounds.

Now, I learnt from our ex-PM that it takes two ra cists and two races to be ra cists. I am speechless…..If Tun M said what he has written on his blog, expect a lot barnacles to leech on and follow suit. Then, we will be one big happy racists country. Syabas, Tun M! Let’s do a threesome. It is more fun.

I am but a nobody but I know with power comes responsibilities. Like my faith taught me, the tongue is a beastly thing if we don’t control it with our mind.

I also know that number of hits to a blog means nothing. It is how we are remembered and what we leave behind when we are all wrapped up with the kapan sehelai.

4 thoughts on “It takes two ra cists to clap, ok?

  1. I dun know what is going on in Tun M’s brain? May be he is getting senile. He should know that most of the things that happen today had started during his time as a PM. 🙁 I think he should keep his thought to himself.

    Choonies last blog post..Penisture

  2. nice trick, for you have ‘tumpang’ on Tun’s successful blog…way to go girl. It’d be interesting to know how long or fast it took you to achieve same result as Tun’s huh..?

  3. That ‘LARNG SI CHUEI BO SI'(person dead but not his mouth)old fox! haizzzz! Bapa Modernization, Bapa Lupa or Bapa Destruction? Pick your choice.

    9pek9bos last blog post..

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