My poor hubby is totally zonked out so I got a few more minutes to crap on my blog.

Yesterday, we were having another mother and son’s crapping session. I forgot what started it but it goes something like this :

Me : You should count yourself lucky that you don’t need to help me unhook my bra hooks when you were small. Your papa used to do it when he was small. Ah Ma always asked him to help.

He : I am never going to unhook the bra of my wife’s mother!

Me : OMG, you pervert! What are you talking about?

He : You said papa helped to unhook the bra of Ah Ma!

Me : Cilaka lu, I mean when your papa was very, very small, like few years old. He unhooked his own mother’s bra lah! Cos the poor old lady cannot reach it for whatever reason! HAIYOR!!!!! What were you thinking lah!

He : HAIYOR!!!! In my vocab, I got only ONE Ah Ma. Nay, your mother!

Me and him laughed till stomach aching. God bless my mother’s soul. She left a lasting impression on the my two older sons, they only remember her as grandma eventhough my MIL passed away several years later than my own mother.

Me : You pervert!

He : You never specify properly

Me : You gila.

He : You lah, talk never say properly.

*continues laughing until rolling on the floor*