One night in Ipoh

Ipoh is always that little old town with Super Kinta, the wet market next to it and DR Park. I had been there since I was about 15 years old as my 2nd sister was married there. In fact, the first time I ride on a plane, I flew on my own. From Penang to Ipoh. Fuyoh, I was just 15 years old. So cleverrrr….And there seems to be no change to the old Ipoh town in these last 29 years. *roll eyes*


I prefer the Ipoh old town compared to the new town in Jusco because the soul of Ipoh is in the old town. The first thing we bought in Ipoh is this ham yuk chung or meat dumpling that costs RM7. (BTW, the dumpling festival is coming real soon, on the 5th day of the 5th month, i.e. 8th of June this Sunday)


We didn’t have much time so we just hang around the Lou Wong Nga Choy Kai street. But I didn’t get to eat the chicken ‘cos my sister has foods at Grandpa Chow’s funeral wake already. *bawls* But I want to eat pak cham kai!

They have the Gerbang Malam pasar malam there which sells all kind of fake goods. I also bought a salted duck from around the area plus sakima egg biscuits and the kai chai peng. Haiyor, when we got home, we pigged out with bak chang and salted duck at 12 midnight! Boh pien cos we ate vegetarian foods at the funeral wake and vege seems to go from mouth to dunno where, always hungry wan.

Overall, it was a fun trip. My son and his friends went in one car and my hubby drove another one. On our return trip, we fetch my eldest bro, my eldest sis and bro-in-law back. We get to chat for a long time. You know lah, when you put siblings together, sure got plenty of gossips wan. Like for example, “Eh, you know that guy? He was just baptised in my church during Easter.” And the reply, “Really? He has four wives, you know?” And my answer, “Good lah, now he becomes a Catholic liao, no divorce wan, so settled. Hahaha.” So many things to catch up, so little time we spend together.

Never mind, all my siblings read my blog, including their children and their cousins etc. *waves to Ying Lai’s cousin, sorry I cannot remember the name*

8 thoughts on “One night in Ipoh

  1. Salted duck?? I never had before wor. Salted chicken got lah.

    Didn’t try the tau foo fah ar?

  2. terence – Nicer than chicken ler. Cos the duck meat still firm and not floury-floury like chicken. I bought the dong kwai one for RM23. I no fancy tau foo fah cos my skin already so fair, so white.

    choonie – Next time, we organise Ipoh makan, ok? šŸ™‚

  3. Uwek!!! Ptui!! Fair my ass lah!!! Actually the only fair part on my body is my ass. Bwahaha!!!

    AH Chuan leh??? šŸ˜‰

  4. I love meeting up my siblings too. When we were together, we can talk..and talk..and talk..and talk from the day i came back until i went back to KL. I don’t think 1 month is enough for us to catch up with each other’s life. There are just sooooo much to tell.. šŸ™‚

    kaDusMamas last blog post..Nautica Test Drive

  5. Gosh..i miss Ipoh food. It’s been a month since I went back. Lilian, you just tempt me with Nga Choi Kai and now Im craving for it. Hehehe..and yea..I prefer Old Town as well. New Town is so blah..everyone going to Jusco for Big Apple Donuts now instead of ham yuk chung.. -____________-

    sue mes last blog post..Pics Courtesy of Nicole

  6. I was born in Ipoh, live in Ipoh and will plan to retire in Ipoh if given the choice. Nga Choy Kai used to be on the streets just outside the current shop and these 2 brothers -now retired- always shout and fling their knife at each other, haha. Miss the good old days.

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