I was at the hospital, through everything. So, there was this moment when I was there alone and the undertaker came. Therefore, we had a chat first. I knew him for many years already as he handled my MIL and my son’s funeral. At first, he doesn’t recognise me. Not surprising.

So, I asked him,

Eh, remember me? Last time my baby died? And then, you told us his spirit disturbed the woman taoist nun (nee kor) who handled the prayer? Remember? She used her own car, the Kembara to drive the coffin from the Jalan Batu Gantong funeral wake place to the cremation at the Race Course?

Ah Chuan : Yayaya, wuah…..that one? Yes, I remember!

Me : Yayaya, tell me about it! What actually happened? (I only knew thru my hubby that the nun asked for my son’s time of birth because they wanted to do some ceremony. I wasn’t a Christian yet at that time, and my son followed the taoist funeral rites)

Ah Chuan : Haiyorrrr….your son very naughty lor. She had to sell her Kembara. You know why? We arranged 5-6 monks to pray. (to please my son’s spirit. His ashes was scattered at Gurney Drive) They even went to the beach and do a ceremony. First she did it, after cannot, she had to call the monks.

Me : Ehehehe, that’s why I turn to Christianity. I cannot afford to believe it. Or else, I am forever tied to praying to my son.

Ah Chuan : You know what happened? She can sense something disturbed her. And then, her brake failed for no reason. On top of that, the honk will sound on its own. And the lights turned on by itself.

Me : Yayaya, something like that happened at home too. But only my computer played a song on its own. (A few things have happened on death anniversaries and I did write them down somewhere.)

Ah Chuan : I told her to sell off her Kembara. I already warned her earlier, don’t ferry the coffin because children and babies’ spirit are rather naughty. He must have liked that car.

Me : Hahahaha, boh pien, when I knew about it, that’s why I have to turned to Christianity. Otherwise, very torturing lah….

And then, guess what? Ah Chuan showed me a cross with his fingers. I went, huh? You?

He told me he also turned to Christianity already. Praise be to God. OMG, of all people, he can turn to Christ! How funny is that? Here is a man who is specialised in every kind of funeral rites and he believed in Christ. Hallelujah!

So, later on, my hubby came back with his sister and her son. (they went to bring their things down to the car)

I told hubby, “Eh, dear, Ah Chuan said Vincent disturbed the taoist nun until she had to sell off her car.” Bwahahaha…we found it so funny. We do not exactly disbelieve and we also do not exactly believe that it is indeed our son’s spirit. I have surrendered him to the Lord and nothing can change my mind about it. But knowing the real story from Ah Chuan is indeed comforting.

Then, I told hubby, “Oi, Ah Chuan also turned to Christianity already.”

Hubby : HOI! You Christian liao, still can teach people to pray-pray ah?

Ah Chuan : No problem wan……It is just my job.


And then, earlier today, I was there with the family. There was one point, when we knew his heart and breathing were failing. Resp was only 6-8, heart about 60, BP like 60/40…

I am indeed one of a kind. I jumped into SWAT mode. I asked the son and wife to keep calling him and stroke him while I was there at the feet with my hubby. “Come on, don’t give up, breathe, breathe” We massaged and tickled his feet.

His stats picked up again for several minutes. Then, it dipped.

Then, they called all the other doctors, 4 of them to do CPR. The chief doctor (from somewhere) phoned one of the doctor. Before that, I asked if the patient can be put on artificial life support for two more days but the chief doc does not approve. So, I had done all I can. Really everything.

Because back home, the extended family suggested a Buddhist rite while the bereaved family was too confused. So, I ‘solved’ it for them. I told the bereaved members to follow Taoist rites because it will give them more ‘physical’ things to do. Taoist rites are very elaborate. Moreover, the deceased wife had been following Taoist rites for my in-laws and I know she will feel ‘incomplete’ with the simplicity of a Buddhist rite. Now, I probably am the most unpopular weirdo but who cares lah…What’s important is what the son agreed on. I know they will have a better peace of mind being able to ‘do things’ these few days. And I comforted them that it doesn’t matter what rites they give because the father is in a better place already.

Well…..it has been a tiring day. Thanks for all your wishes. God bless his soul and gives strength to the family.

(P/S : When a person is turning to Christianity, many things and obstacles will come their way. I see all those disturbances as things to prevent me from believing Christ. I was like at a crossroad then.)