I hardly listen to the radio because I hate the advertisements. Who needs radio when you can easily burn some MP3 and pop it into the player when we are in the car, right?

But the other day, I heard Phat Fabes and Ben on Fly FM, FIX IT program and I think they deserve a mention. Initially I thought Phat Fabes is spelt Fat Fab. LOL. I have someone else in mind whom I want to call Fat. Fab too. LOL (Fat with a dot, not that he is really fat lah…)

Anyway, that morning, both hubby and I were driving to the hospital as we heard that his bro-in-law is in critical condition. So, we were rather sombre about it. No doubt we knew that he doesn’t have many days left, we never expect it to be that short.

Usually, hubby and I joke a lot about our own ‘endings’ and we can go to crazy length and morbid descriptions over these jokes. We always view our own deaths as something funny and we never really think about the sad part. So….on the Fly FM FIX IT, Phat Fabes and Ben were talking to a little girl on the phone.

She is only 9 years old. I forgot her name but her mom’s name is Sabrina. Apparently, the little girl has just recently lost her father. So, she was dealing with the loss in her little, innocent way. Phat Fabes and Ben asked her what would be her wish. She said she wants to go to USA and the way she described it, it was so sweet.

All the while, both hubby and I kept quiet and just listened to their conversations. It is rare that both of us become so engrossed over something on the airwaves. I felt my heart breaking, imagine the situation where the little girl lost her father.

Then, the two DJs asked her about her little sister who is only seven years old. The nine years old girl has some problems with her and it is understandable. Sabrina has to work. I immediately like the way Phat Fabes and Ben talked to the little girl, explaining to her the situation and etc. Finally, the little girl said she loves her mom very much and misses her father.

After that, Sabrina came on air as well. The girl told her mommy that she wants to go to the USA. Sabrina told her that it is very expensive and they cannot afford it as her father is not around anymore.

And what finally made me teary is : “But Abah promised me.” (abah = daddy)

It is an unfulfilled promise due to her father’s death. I pray that the little girl finally get her wish come true one day. Air Asia/MAS, where are you lah? I wish Sabrina strength and God bless her and her two little girls.

Good job, Fat Fabes and Ben!

When the chat with Sabrina and her daughter was over, both hubby and I sat silently in the car and I think both of us have the unspoken understanding that we are going to stick around for a long, long time. LOL, not that we have a say in it. Still…..