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Professional chef in the making

Numero Uno

Nombor Satu

#1 son



Professional Chef



2 years and 6 months

If going to IMI, Switzerland for the most prestigious degree in professional chef – RM200K

Starting June 9th. Orientation week starts 4th and 5th June

I also want to go!!!!! But they say it is a very tough and heavy job to be a chef. We had gone on a tour in the kitchen in KDU. Impressive.

Is this a future Jamie Oliver or Gordon Ramsay in the making? LOL. All moms are very ambitious. So, ignore me.

Good luck to #1, enjoy your college life! Have fun and don’t burn my kitchen down in future.

19 Responses to “Professional chef in the making”

  1. 😛 Wa… future chef, dun forget to cook for your 5Xmom – not just girlfriend or wife.

    Agnes Tans last blog post..What I ate in May 2008 (that are going to make me fat)

  2. Congrats! Lilian also wanna go? No need lah, you just shake leg and hire a chef at home =P

    ChanRaymonds last blog post..Unexpected Date & Photoshoot

  3. Cool. #1, all the best!!!

  4. congratulation to number one son, for joining the F&B line especially as a cook, it wont be a bed of rose, it a hard life, long hours 10 to 16 hours a day if you want to suceed, now remember all the impresive equiptment in school, you may not use them in working life, bye A F&B Guy

  5. Now you have someone to fight with you for the kitchen liao. Haha…

    Bryans last blog post..Interviewed By Malay Mail Newspaper

  6. wow, future chef…. let us know when he cooks, so that we can have a review on his performance… 🙂

    Cindys last blog post..Spoon Feed Employee

  7. walao terrorrrr…

    u no sked ur son will tease your cookings once he becomes pro meh? LOL

    kyhs last blog post..New home, new life

  8. First off the bat, congrats to your # 1 son embarking on his new career. Cheffing isn’t a glamorous job to be begin with, unlike those portrayed by Mr Oliver, Mr Ramsay and the likes. It takes slogging in the classes, slogging at internships, slogging and endless slogging. Unless of course along the way, # 1 son can be some Michellin-starred chef’s protege, then good; otherwise he’ll join one of us. 😆

    Just tell # 1 son to persevere and he’ll get through. Also research a lot. After he finish his Diploma with KDU, he might want to look at his options to further his culinary skills in France rather than Switzerland. Another subcategory he can try is doing Pastry (it pays more than normal chef).

    Geralds last blog post..How do you measure a year in the life?

  9. congrats. good profession. got good food all around. and pay good too. next time can also open restaurant. wah celebration’s in order!

    mistipurples last blog friend’s mindless musings

  10. Hmm…he learn cheffing. You teach blogging and photo taking. I see the makings of a numero uno food blogger 😉

    pablopablas last blog post..Napa Cabbage Rolls

  11. #1 Becoming chef?? Wah!!! All the best!!!

    kaDusMamas last blog post..My daughter is 18 Months old now

  12. My bro did professional chef in KDU about 3 years ago. He enjoyed it, though he never cooked for us before… 🙁
    All the best to #1. It’s gonna be tough, but it is also one of the best industries to be in.

  13. If he wants people to act as guinea pigs to try out his cuisine, call me! 😛

  14. Rasa macam baru saja u hantar dia pegi College General. Tak lama lagi dah terbang dari sarang burung… Fly birdie fly, Fly like an Eagle.

    r1zlans last blog post..

  15. *rush in to read all the above comments, say thank you and rush off again* :mrgreen:

  16. When ecocomy is bad… ppl still need to eat. that’s what ppl always say… thus the food industry will always flourish in whatever condition…

    but must be affordable la…

    zewts last blog post..The speech I made

  17. Hi, Lilian…my son H is in the same boat as yr son#1…but he is finishing his diploma this July. It is fun and some rough time for him during his 4 months industrial training… and he only pick up much skills and interest during his training in a 6 star hotel. All the best to yr son.
    Can see some of son H cooking in my blog.

    sweet jasmines last blog post..Sweet Choco Delights………….

  18. My advice to all those who has children taking up culinary arts, after they graduate; try to get them to join one of the various manpower outsourcing companies to the Oil & Gas industries – seriously make money, that one. Even better if they know sendiri punya cuisine or Asian food.

    This particular industry (O&G), Filipinos are tops at Western, Thai in theirs, Malaysian & Indonesians have similar tastes. Bakers are in a class of their own. Plus 1 of our countries main exports is manpower. Our people need to be fed all over the world.

    Geralds last blog post..bla bla bla..but i’m only interested in this

  19. if i have a mom like u…i will very appreciate