Ki wrote to me with the following two questions. I think it will be interesting to answer her on my blog because her mail is very amusing and so are her blogs.

So have been reading ur blogs and find ur views on
religion very enlightening and comforting as well. I have two questions:
a) why do Christians say ONLY Christians can go to heaven? That piss a lot of

I agree with you that sometimes, some Christians do portray themselves to be so exclusive and elitist with that Bible verse until they become real pain in the arse. It is a quote by Jesus that no one goes to God unless through His Son. But then, elsewhere in that thick Bible, Jesus said we must accept (or rather love) others, regardless of their backgrounds. Think of the good Samaritan, the woman at the well, the prostitute and Jesus doodling while waiting for people to throw stones, the faith of the centurion and many more. There were many instances where Jesus just helped those people who went to him without asking if they believe in Him.

I personally do not care where I head to one day. To me, whatever can be done on earth, is best kautim here and now. Then again, many people said they are living the Christian life to get eternal life. They want a resurrected life in Heaven so they start becoming good people now. I think that’s quite the udang di sebalik batu kind of attitude, no? What matters is I live a life that gives me a clear conscience, peace of mind and pleasant to those around me NOW. The rest, belakang kira lah.

And I think I will get many Christians and religious folks foaming in their mouths if I say that I believe almost everyone gets to that place call Heaven. Who knows, a murderer may have done his share of good deeds at other times before desperation drove him to murder? Or someone who never heard of Jesus Christ and live a mundane boring life still get their VIP pass? So, who are we to decide if one goes to Heaven or Hell, right?

b) When I first attended church (not a believer yet), I find it a bit
disturbing that the message was forever LOVE JESUS, LOVE GOD. Machiam, walau
eh, why this jesus guy so perasan, always want ppl to love one?

Actually….from what I understand through my participation in all those courses, classes, formations, etc the word LOVE is not the lovey-dovey feelings we have for our boyfriends/lovers/husbands/someone’s husband LOL. Usually, with these sort of love, we expect returns and acknowledgement and will eventually be ‘rewarded’ with heartaches as well.

The love preached by Jesus is more of a human nature that comes naturally to us. For example, if you see an old lady who fell down, you will naturally go out and help her. That is love already. Or if you see those suffering people in Myanmar or China, you feel like crying. That is love too. It is a general feelings we have in us to help people, protect them, make them happy etc etc etc. And mothers like us, we love our kids. That is already the kind of love Jesus wants. Loving our kids is already loving God (creations).

So, I think we shouldn’t be too uptight with all these demands from people. They set certain standards on what ‘good Christians’ ought to be and that sometimes, really turn people off. I certainly will fled if I have Christians chasing me with “I love you” or expects me to “I love you” back to random strangers. Having said that, I did once attend an American church concert. WTF, midway through the concert, they asked us to stand up and say “I love you” to the person sitting next to us. I was there to watch the clowns and shows, not to do pukey stuffs like that to strangers, ok?

When u are free (:P) you think how
you can explain to me can ah? I suppose my greatest fear is when my boy is old
enuff to ask me, and I have no answers which satisfy him.

As for explaining faith to our kids, you can relax lah. They have the affinity to know more about our faith than us because they have innocence that we don’t. Don’t worry lah, one day, our kids will probably teach us more about faith than what we have.

See? Religion is really simple. It is only humans who made it so confusing. Do read Ecclesiastes from the Old Testament and see what Solomon said about all these.

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