I bought a box of Playdoh (original, not pirated ok?) for my little boy before we went ‘there’. (previous post) He enjoyed it so much, he never bugged me for the whole 5 hours we were there.

Anyway…about this One 5xmom, 40 hungry teens.

My two sons have some talent camp at church. It is a four-day camp. So, feeling very brave, I told the facilitator that I shall sponsored one lunch for them today (Friday).

I am going to cook the followings for them. Single handedly.

1) Chicken stew
2) Baked beans and egg
3) White rice
4) Macaroni cream and cheese
5) Tomyam beehoon

So, if I don’t reply some of your comments, please excuse me. I busy lah.

My son asked me, “Eh, sure you can cook enough foods for 40 people? Hungry teens, you know?” That is like 40 x 3 persons appetite.

I told him, “Chey…I only need to cook for five persons and then, I ask Jesus to multiply it, ok?” I also told my church clerk I am going to bring her lunch. If that’s not daring enough, I also asked Ann Marie (that’s Nicole David’s mom, OMG, the squash champion!) to join us for lunch.


I slotted this post because I need to make a ‘regular’ post to make my blog more ‘family oriented’. I love this photo of my son standing at this small pekan (village) five foot way with some of the old folks watching the sun went down. So rustic and ethnic. Also sort of remind us about happy childhood and lonely old age, the circle of life that we cannot run away from.