1) My stupid Vaio laptop that kills the whole house internet connection whenever I log in

2) My stupid SD cards that is so unstable and only certain card readers can read it

3) My stupid ACER laptop built in card reader that is totally useless now

4) My stupid but darn expensive spectacles that just annoy the neraka out of me because I am not used to have two pieces of glasses inches away from my eyeballs

5) The stupid weather that gives me a headache (plus trying to download photos to unreadable laptops and faulty SD cards)

6) The stupid people who are so full of themselves and think they are god and therefore, I must adore every farking words they say

7) The stupid people who never kena tiu before and are asking for it by testing my patience

8 ) The world around me which is governed by STUPIDITY

So, I wish to take my Vaio and Acer laptops and throw them into the sea. But I have no money to buy new ones so I have to live with bits and pieces that doesn’t work from each laptops.

I wish to throw my cameras that uses SD cards into the sea but I have no money to buy new cameras using CF cards.

I wish to stomp my spectacles into pieces but I will temporary go blind until I wear my contact lenses tomorrow.

I wish to turn on the aircond but the stupid new electricity tariff makes me nervous because as it is, our electricity bill per month is around RM300.

I wish to stuff the stupid people who are so full of themselves with a piece of my obnoxious 5xmom thoughts but I am too lazy to tiu them.

I cannot do anything to the STUPIDITY that hovers around me because people voted them to govern. Niamah. Lost the State Government liao, quietly go sit at the corner and cry lah. Somemore wanna bitch like a jilted lover. Somemore that Ah Aik also becoming Tun liao. Cilaka, like there is no other Cinapek in Malaysia who deserves a Tun. I hope the source I got the info from is not reliable. *Bernama confirms Tun LKY wor.*