Once in a while, there are random strangers who come by and amuse me. So, to honor them, I shall now hand out the most prestigious 5xmom’s moron award #1.

It goes to : Anonymous anon@gmail.com |

Though you dare not leave a name and use the most lame name of all, anon., I know you will be lurking around to check and see if I have the balls to pass through your comments. I am very kind and will not want to disappoint sad souls like you. First, you started leaving comment at 12.45 pm about Rais Yatim’s post. You left 4 comments in just one post.

First comment.

Foreign Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim, ada pakai hotak kah?, 2008/06/08 at 12:45 PM

Rant all you want because it is always fun to have people coming by to defend him. I wonder why? Mr./Ms./Confused about gender Anon, are you paid per comment or are you paid per hour?

Second comment :

anon@gmail.com |

Oh…and one more thing, I have a blog too, and it’s quite big…and I especially wants to see your clause about “I may twist your words, so don’t bother to try (criticising)”…

Let’s see how “smart” you are in twisting…and how rational are you in allowing my comments to be seen by others…then maybe I’ll spare you of my “twisting” in my blog about you… 🙂

From Foreign Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim, ada pakai hotak kah?, 2008/06/08 at 12:49 PM

Wuah, poor thing. Your blog is quite big but why so shy about leaving your URL. You can get commentluv, you know? My blog readers and I would love to visit.

Poor, poor thing. On a beautiful Sunday like this, don’t you have something more important to do than to leave SO MANY comments over Rais Yatim?

Third comment.

anon@gmail.com |

We don’t need a Malaysian like you who write things like this, who are very rude in your writing (although you claim you are nice, but if you could translate it in writing, your embedded life interest may not be nice after all since this is your value system).

And you say you are a Catholic. If you can translate and write something like this, it’s not catholic not is it? You may be a Catholic, but I doubt you are a practicing Catholic. What you write may come from what you believe. If you don’t believe in something, then why would you write something you don’t believe in? Would that be, uummm…stupid?

From Foreign Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim, ada pakai hotak kah?, 2008/06/08 at 12:53 PM

There, there, typical of trolls. When they get their panties in a twist, they will definitely bring up religion to flame. Try harder, dear. I got rubber skin.

anon@gmail.com |

Hahaha…does it occur to you that you are “STUPID” to even buy those things, and that you are “STUPID” enuf to be absent minded about things? BTW, I’m not judging you as a person, but I’m judging the personality behind all these writings in this blog… ;o)

From The stupid things I hate now, 2008/06/08 at 1:39 PM

I really pity you lah. I spent the hour with my family, shopping, visiting, eating bak chang and do things normal people do but you just wasted one hour leaving sooooo many comments, sitting behind your PC. You started at 12.45 and at 1.39 pm, you are still trying to find things to flame me. Too bad, I am flame retardant.

More comments!

Wait, you are not finished yet?

anon@gmail.com |

BTW 5xmom, what religion do you adopt to (please note that I’m referring to the personality behind the writings of this blog, not to the person herself). I was just wondering how it ties back to the person itself upholding Christianity?

From Little vegie, little boy and little flickering light, 2008/06/08 at 1:46 PM

It is over 1 hour and you are still hanging around? I think I should charge you like a professional shrink does to their patients.

Wait…not finished yet?

anon@gmail.com |

Lilian, I was just wondering. Prior to choosing Christianity as your way of life, have it occured to you to study the contents of other holy books such as the Taurah (the Jewish Holy book), Quran (Muslim Holy book), and others to see how each religion is faired against another and see if they are even better than Christian itself? If you have not, then wouldn’t it be that your views of Christianity would be classified as a self-fulfilling prophecy for you? Wouldn’t it be an unfair statement and views of how you view religion? Wouldn’t it be that your views are a perfect one-sided view in terms on theological understanding? Wouldn’t it be a biased view to say a particular religion is Divine?

From Exactly what is love?, 2008/06/08 at 2:04 PM

So, the MORON AWARD goes to you, the stupid anon. from IP You know why? Because religion is not to be approached that way. By the time I finished reading the To’rah, Quran and all the religions holy books, I would be dead. So, nah, thank you for the suggestion but Jesus Christ loves me. And He loves you too. And I love you too. And my blog readers love you too. Because you just give me my much needed reason to bitch. Thank you, darling.

I am so honoured that someone actually spent 2 hours reading and leaving so many comments. I hope it gives you, Mr/Ms Anon better relief than wanking? Thank me, please.