Little vegie, little boy and little flickering light

Few days ago, I mentioned about little vegie. Actually, it is children’s liturgy but we pronounce it little vegie for the cute factor. Children liturgy is where we send the whole bunch of noisy kids to so that we adults can sit down and listen to boring/interesting/mind numbing/kickass sermons without disturbances. Well…sort of like a brainwashing session for the kids where they empty the young minds and fill it with lots of Jesus’s stuffs. LOL, I think that’s how non-Christians view us.


But seriously, it is more like a free socialising and play session for kids between 6 years old to 12 years old. They will go to a nice air-cond classroom and do kiddie stuffs like colouring, making paper crafts, story telling etc so that they aren’t forever fearful of mindnumbing, long sermons and associate church with boring can die sermons.

Normally, they will go for about 30 minutes and when they return, their most anticipated moment is to be showered with holy water by the priest. My little boy is the one in orange shirt. Note how straight and attentive he stood while the boy next to him was enjoying the sprinkling of holy water?


So, he join the children liturgy with his papa who rarely goes to church. The man went because I told him my two middle kids had spent four days at the Creative Camp and they want him to watch their performances. It is a little sign, a tiny flicker. I think Jesus is tired of listening to my nagging so He is working hard to shut me up.

My boy warms up easily to other kids and is making friends already. I must make a point to send him to little vegie more often so that next year, when he has to attend kindie, he won’t be fearful. P/S : My boy is playing scissor and rock, and not showing his middle finger, wokay?


The thing about church is, the youths are so vibrant, loud, joyful, full of life and etc etc. They have so much energy in them and they just love doing what regular youths do. The beauty is they are guided by the Christian faith and they have lots of love for each other, in a brotherly and sisterly way. Many people think that Christians do not have fun. They are full of sorrows because of the Jesus hanging up there on the ceiling. But in real life, the youths are not. They treat Jesus like a good buddy.


These are the happy faces of the youth. I dare not show the adults expressions when they were watching the performances. Such sombre, sad, sorrowful, dowdy, serious looks. So cold even hell freeze over. There is too much difference between the adults and the youths in church. One side is so full of joy and the other, I don’t know they forget to smile or they are tuned to look sad in church.


My #2 is learning the drums. My #3 is learning acoustic guitar. When they got home, they told me (at different times).

“Ma…Do you know that Father Fabian can play the drums, guitar, organ and almost every musical instruments except the violin?”

I asked them, “Did you tell him that your ma doesn’t know who are Grissom and Horatio?”
(Bwahahaha…coming from a priest, I thought he was talking about some historical figures and I didn’t know he was referring to CSI because his sermon was about the Holy Trinity.)

I really hope our Catholic churches will continue to grow younger, vibrant and stronger in faith and not tied down to the traditional, antiquated and stuffy way of worship because it has to evolve to attract the younger generation.

CHS folks – You can find the Creative Camp photos on my Flickr album.

7 thoughts on “Little vegie, little boy and little flickering light

  1. Aunty Lilian!! Thanx so much for all the support you have given us!! šŸ˜€

  2. BTW 5xmom, what religion do you adopt to (please note that I’m referring to the personality behind the writings of this blog, not to the person herself). I was just wondering how it ties back to the person itself upholding Christianity?

  3. anon – either I am too stupid to understand what you mean or you are too stupid to express what you wanted to say. And thanks for spending TWO HOURS and 7 comments on my blog.

  4. “I really hope our Catholic churches will continue to grow younger, vibrant and stronger in faith and not tied down to the traditional, antiquated and stuffy way of worship because it has to evolve to attract the younger generation.”

    True lilian, let’s hope it does. But some church overdone it to the extent of putting the priority of attracting young people as the only priority, compromising, giving up and totally shunning on the traditional way of doing things.

  5. kakiayam – LOL I don’t mean being cultish like Oprah Winfrey church lah. If like this, nanti I kena exorcise from the church. LOL

    cy – Ya lor, there is not distinction of races, colours, backgrounds, etc. Adults also quite close jugak but sometimes, we are not that flexible anymore.

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