My Sony Pink Vaio sei jorrr

all because of one stupid mouse. Niamah, I click once and it went pfzzffttzzzttttt…..

so thank you for all the comments in the previous post. My son has jotted down all the details. We are staying at my nephew’s place in Bedok so it is not very far from the places suggested by most of you.

I had been so busy getting the passports renew, getting a tuxedo for my little boy (chewah!) and backing up my files from the dead Vaio.

KNN, I am so gonna ‘wash off’ the stupid Vista from my laptop and downgrade it to Windows XP. The Vaio not only took up so much of my computer memory, it cannot run many of the softwares I have.

Now, I wonder if my incriminating photos are going to appear somedays, like Edison Chen’s style? Gosh, I haven’t deleted CSL pooorrrn VCD!

I had tried using the recovery disc to recover the corrupted files but it won’t work. Arrgggh….I can only run Windows in safe mode. I hate messing with all these computer thingie so I am going to send it to Sony Service Center and let them chop radish me.

BTW, have you pumped petrol with the new price? Our Persona needs an extra RM30 to fill up and the tank wasn’t even empty when we filled up. And just now, my accountant husband and my engineer bro-in-law calculated that we need to pay RM270 x 2 on petrol alone for the Naza Ria to make the trip from Penang to Singapore and back. The Naza is a petrol guzzler at RM2.70/litre for 8 KM. *faints*

My housekeeper told me that her friends are complaining about the increase in bas sekolah fees. Some of those poor folks now have to fork out an extra RM50 per month and with three kids, they need to find RM150 extra per month.

Trust me, prices of foods are going to shoot up within these few days. So, stock up on your necessities like oil, flour, sugar and everything. Bwahahaha….kiasu. But the lorry transport charges will go up and hence, the consumers have to bear the burdens.

Sigh….for those of us who are from the higher income, we can always downgrade from Coffeebeans and Starbucks to Old Town or even making our own 3-in-1 coffee at home. But what about those who are already trying to get through with basic three meals?

You say, sei jor mei? (sei jor = die, mei = yet)