Sei jorrr

My Sony Pink Vaio sei jorrr

all because of one stupid mouse. Niamah, I click once and it went pfzzffttzzzttttt…..

so thank you for all the comments in the previous post. My son has jotted down all the details. We are staying at my nephew’s place in Bedok so it is not very far from the places suggested by most of you.

I had been so busy getting the passports renew, getting a tuxedo for my little boy (chewah!) and backing up my files from the dead Vaio.

KNN, I am so gonna ‘wash off’ the stupid Vista from my laptop and downgrade it to Windows XP. The Vaio not only took up so much of my computer memory, it cannot run many of the softwares I have.

Now, I wonder if my incriminating photos are going to appear somedays, like Edison Chen’s style? Gosh, I haven’t deleted CSL pooorrrn VCD!

I had tried using the recovery disc to recover the corrupted files but it won’t work. Arrgggh….I can only run Windows in safe mode. I hate messing with all these computer thingie so I am going to send it to Sony Service Center and let them chop radish me.

BTW, have you pumped petrol with the new price? Our Persona needs an extra RM30 to fill up and the tank wasn’t even empty when we filled up. And just now, my accountant husband and my engineer bro-in-law calculated that we need to pay RM270 x 2 on petrol alone for the Naza Ria to make the trip from Penang to Singapore and back. The Naza is a petrol guzzler at RM2.70/litre for 8 KM. *faints*

My housekeeper told me that her friends are complaining about the increase in bas sekolah fees. Some of those poor folks now have to fork out an extra RM50 per month and with three kids, they need to find RM150 extra per month.

Trust me, prices of foods are going to shoot up within these few days. So, stock up on your necessities like oil, flour, sugar and everything. Bwahahaha….kiasu. But the lorry transport charges will go up and hence, the consumers have to bear the burdens.

Sigh….for those of us who are from the higher income, we can always downgrade from Coffeebeans and Starbucks to Old Town or even making our own 3-in-1 coffee at home. But what about those who are already trying to get through with basic three meals?

You say, sei jor mei? (sei jor = die, mei = yet)

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  1. That’s exactly what I am worrying about. I can skip having breakfast at food stall. I can just take Nescafe 3-in-1. I can stop having supper. No fast food. But how about those who are earning just enough for their 3 meals? Those who are trying to survive in this world? How to Ubah Gaya Hidup? Instead of taking 3 meals, now try to eat only once a day? *sigh* I don’t see the future.

    Choonies last blog post..???

  2. And the frustrating thing are:
    1) We are an oil producing country
    2) Who are subsidising all those glamour Symphony Orchestra?
    3) What kind of caring society is it to give such a big whack to the poorer folks? (and I don’t even dare to bring up the race and religion pledge they talked so much)
    4) After implementing the new price, now they are scrambling to fill up the holes like tikus membaiki labu

  3. my company going to adjust the transport allowance for us soon. i hope they will increase it by 40% just like the new petrol price.

    but for a biker like me (old motorbike), the transport allowance adjustment is almost like a salary increment already since the allowance is based on a car petrol usage!!!

  4. Our tiga suku gomen is bailing out of the sinking Titanic. Grab as much as they could before they go under. The poor rakyat are the ones who would have to suffer the consequences. In a way they are being punished for denying the Barisan Niamah 2/3 majority, sort of tit-for-tat. It’s payback time folks, you Alis, Ah Chongs and Muthus. Hell hath no fury like a 3/4 gomen scorned..

    AnakPenangs last blog post..Tiga Suku Cheng Hoo

  5. On
    1. Vista – until the OS stabilizes somewhat like the XP SP 2, I don’t think its much of any use unless you want your pc/laptop/notebook to be a MacBook wannabe!

    2. Naza Ria is like Vista on 4 wheels. Takes up too much resources.

    3. Kais pagi makan pagi, kais petang makan petang – now also can’t dy.

    4. Schoolbus – if accident, the kids insured ar? If the aunty-aunty send the children to school, got insurance if anything happens? (touch wood) Just asking only.

    Geralds last blog post..Schoolbus or aunty-bus

  6. alahai makan nasi ngan kicap je la.

    takpun kalau harga beras ngan harga ubi naik kunyah daun cukup.

  7. tht is exactly why i change to MAc OS.

    any1 tried express bus/train to s’pore?
    how come buses/coaches don have seat belt one? u see so many highway accidents, still ppl refuse to install seat belt… ppl betul betul gila.

    lilian, tolong run a campaign for NGV/LPG conversion lah, much much cheaper than petrol. Though there is only 1 pump station in penang, if ppl take it up may be more pump will be erected.
    Symphony orchestra? we hav meh?

    so when u go s’pore, yr blog wil standstill? I how to live and spend my days? kanineh leh… men cee lah. just send ang pow can ord.

  8. On Symphony Orchestra: :mrgreen:
    No hard feeling for folks who don’t care about the Orchestra. I love the Petronas Philharmonic/PP which was made possible and affordable for common ppl like me to enjoy. I know DBKL also have one but you have to go to both to find out which is world class performer. PP is also a stage for local to learn and perform and earn as well as a passionate musician.

    Petronas Art Gallery: I know there are a lot of money spent on this area but Petronas has actually purchased many local talent works to preserve Malaysian heritage for the future.
    I have also benefitted from Petronas Art Workshop some years ago, they did some good job to hire local masters to teach public participants who would love to pick the brush and paint. Also invited foreign art experts to conduct workshops for the public too.

    Let’s look at the many millions paid to the government instead. Many ousted politicans would tell us all not to dwell into the past how the monies spent. šŸ‘æ

    Dear government should start to
    – Encourage Hybrid Cars import(did you all read about the exorbitant tax paid by an Angmoh PR?) and/or make our own Hybrid car?
    – Buck ALL the PUBLIC transport services in Peninsular, Sabah & Sarawak?
    – Have wider pedestrian roads and cycling path (I think it is a death wish to cycle along Federal Highway and Sungai Besi Highway)

    Agnes Tans last blog post..Frugal Packing for Light Travel

  9. I am having the exact same problem with Vista. So, yep, I absolutely agree that Vista sucks!
    Wah, your Naza thought it is drinking water instead of petrol issit? petrol consumption so tinggi!
    Haih…the worse part about all these increases is that there is one major thing that does not increase, SALARY!
    You are right, how are the poor going to cope?

    Foongs last blog post..People going nude in protest against cars

  10. Just imagine what’s going to happen with all these soaring prices. More people going to loan money from Ah Long, more stealing and etc…
    Here in Australia, spiking petrol price leads to new type of theft– Petrol theft. While you are sleeping, they open up your tank and drain all the petrol out. Be alert people.

  11. if only you know how i been ranting and ranting about the fuel price in my blog..until i fed up myself already..somemore some stupid gomen people give stupid suggestion to plant veggie and rear chicken at home. I live in apartment? so where to put my chicken? in my room kah? sigh..very tired already thinking about it..

    kaDusMamas last blog post..Happy post for me

  12. Seriously if Malaysia is more safe like other country say Singapore, at least we can walk to nearby shopping area or go take public transport (but our public transport sucks!!!). Malaysia is already so unsafe, we cannot go out without having to worry will people snatch our bags, will people break into our house or will people steal our car and now with the increase of the price of petrol, I am sure crime will happen twice as much.

    I no eye see la. They are not making things better, they are making things worst. And they dare to ask us Ubah Gaya Hidup. Come on, give us some security and we can definitely try to pick up walking to school or taking public transportation. Until then, can shut up ar?

    People getting poorer and crime rate will increase. Cut all those craps about people living a better quality life. Not everyone are living a better quality life. Worst still, we have quality life but not quantity with the crime rate increasing.

    Ping Pings last blog post..Blogging is so different now

  13. u hav wireless card?? if so…just bring yr desktop to starbucks lah, the whole lot…monitor..the bigger the a 20 inch one…. teach the yound kids what the obnoxious 5xmum means by ‘portability’, if no hav plug-tau, bring a noisy diesel generator..!!

    how school kids afford a $10++ cup of kopi is beyond me!!!! i still remember my mama gave me only 10 cent (cee poowat) to school.

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