Songkok & Singkapoh

Songkok is cute, ok? So, so, so cute. So cute until wanna pinch his cheeks.

This songkok belongs to my nephew.


Anyway….I really wish I can understand DAP hang-ups on wearing songkok.

Ah, forget it.

I am going to Singkapoh to attend my nephew’s wedding. Initially, we thought we will attend his wedding in Ipoh but unfortunately, the wedding dinner is cancelled due to the grandpa’s passing. Last minute, we feel it is only right we go down south to help celebrate it. The last time we went to Singkapoh was in December 2000.

Wuah, the Merlion also grown white mane liao. So, we are totally out of touch with Singapore. Questions time!

1) If we have only one single day to visit Singapore, which shopping mall is the best to lepak?

2) My son is interested in getting a pair of Nike SB (whatever that is). He knows the selling price already. Not available in Malaysia. So, you think which place is the best to find stuffs like these?

3) The second link is the one in Tanjung Piawai or is it Pagar, right?

4) Right now, I don’t have any idea where we are staying, where the dinner is and etc. I know there is a church wedding in the afternoon and dinner means formal wear. *faints*

5) I guess Catholics don’t participate in Presbyterian holy communion (if they have any), right? Blek, I hate this business of ‘Only XYZ can participate in the etc etc’ because it divides us. But then, I understand that Presbyterian is of the Protestant denomination, so I shall just sit quietly. Anyone know about this?

6) Let’s say there are six of us in a car. Will it be cheaper for us to take the car or the MRT (or is it MTR)?

We are going for 3 days only, all of them almost occupied with weddings and stuffs. So, please give me one shopping mall idea enough. Lastly, they got babi in McD?

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  1. You are very cute and I donot understans that I feel sad because of yours grandfather passing or feel happy for your nephew’s wedding. Neways Congratulations and enjoy the wedding.

  2. lol. Just go to Orchard road there can one day already. Malls everywhere. But you must have been there already since you’ve been to Singapore before.

    So if only can go to one I also dunno. Been far too long since I’ve been to Sinkapoh. Take MRT lah, car so expensive, you forgot fuel now is 2.70 kah =P

    Babi? I think got leh. Yum.

  3. -mcd is halal here too.
    -bugis junction not bad and got pasar malam style shopping opposite. but orchard road got the whole stretch. not cheap though.
    -presbyterian communion i dunno same or not, as in catholics’ is the ‘true’ ‘actual’ changing to body/blood. (other denominations pls don’t bash me.)
    -nike shoes, must find out which shop has the most latest, not sure.
    -normal taxi can masok 4, but the bigger maxi cabs can accomodate more (normally must book). i am a cab traveller, as mrt cannot bring you to doorstep.
    -only heard of tanjong pagar, but i know nothing about links. sori.
    -lastly, have a good time. šŸ˜‰

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  4. āž” yeah orchad road der got so many shopping malls aight..u can try queenstown shopping complex in queenstown but its further away from the city centre! ermm i have not encountered any pork in the mcD..but its non halal!..MCd there is quite different..they sell diff stuff der…and most of the meals are SGD 4.99-6.99!. looks cheap..after convert to msian $$..alamak..dun miss chinatownlaa..:)

  5. i fogot which shopping mall but i remember its in queenstown. RIght opposite of the queenstown mrt and I assure you, the whole complex sell shoes and at very cheap rate too. I got my nike at $200 (RM400+) while in malaysia it sold at RM799.

    R u sure ur car can fit 6 person? with seatbelts?? MRT fare max is around $2 – 3. Can’t remember which. Take the MRT šŸ™‚ exercise and can observe the people there.

  6. I’m Presbyterian , hubby is Catholic.. he does partake of communion at our church as our pastor says its an invitation to the Lord’s table to commemoarate what Jesus did for us. Howvere I’m not allowedpaticipation at the Catholic’s communion as I was not baptised catholic. Hope this helps

  7. Best mall – Vivo city at Harbour Front – can take MRT from Orchard but must change line to Purple (Orchard is Red). Thats the latest mall. But if you are an Orchard Road fan then Orchard Road lah. It has everything from A to Z all on one road.

    Best price for shoes – Queenstown – You won’t miss it. Its this old mall with lots and lots of sporting equipment. Get down from Queestown MRT. Its opposite IKEA.

    Second Link – Is not Tanjong Pagar. Tanjong Pagar is the train station. Second Link is Tuas.

    MRT or Car – Highly suggest MRT. Car need to pay parking! Parking is mad in Singapore.

    Where to stay? – Thats a tough question. Depending on your budget.

  8. The shopping centre is named “Queensway Shopping Centre”, located in Queenstown. It’s quite far away from the MRT station. You may want to take bus/taxi from the Queenstown’s mrt station. May not be economical if going there just for a shoe. Do check out World of Sports, can be found in many big shopping complexes.

    MRT or Taxi – all boils down to cost and convenience. Each taxi can take only maximum of 4 persons (maybe plus 1 small kid). Check out first if your destination is within walking distance from mrt station. When traveling in group, taxi might not be that expensive after all. Gotta do some math.

  9. Taking a taxi is much more economical than driving. MRT is about SGD2-3 but you can get back SGD1 for every ride you take. Get the refund directly from the MRT ticket machine before u exit the station. Their taxis are very efficient, there are also the Maxi Cabs which is like a van and can easily seat 6 pax. DONT DRIVE IN SIN, parking is very expensive especially in Orchard Road, more over you have to buy that coupon thingy. There is no free parking any where in SIN. Very very leceh, take taxi much much easier.
    Maxicab 02-65522828, Comfort 65521111

  10. 5 X Mom, pls make sure that yoor car has the vehicle entry card before you enter spore. if you dont have you can pay S$10-00 at the spore immigration and get a card with your road tax counterfoil. The card is just like our touch n go card and you need to swipe your card upon entry at the spore immigration booth.
    1. To lepak i think Vivo city.
    2. To buy sports stuff, i think Bras basah Road, lots of mamak selling sports good shop, cheaper n can nego price which i think nego price u sure champion one and Bras basah road not far from city just at the end of orcard road. Queenstown too far away from city.
    3.second link when you exit is tuas near jurong area and is quite far from city centre and the toll very mahal!it is better to enter via woodlands. is better to take public transport, MRT cheaper and fast not like cock up malaysia. spore public system is the best in asia. for six of you it is better to take mrt as taxi only pick up 4 and mcdonald in spore halal. enjoy your holiday!!! Spore money very high now 2.37 …wah you very rich ha… got accountant atm got advantage..

  11. to lepak , i wud think “taka” food court .. nice place, but sometimes it is humid and crowded (mayb during eating time ya). and as to just shopping and not to buy anything , taka will also be a nice place .. nice air cond ! šŸ˜† , for nike (will have to come back to you later ok), MRT will be convenient , but it will be depending which hotel you will be staying (sud consider serviced apartment), never never drive in singapore , so many type of toll charges .. CRAZY!

  12. Actually nowadays, most of the fast food in Singkapoh already get halal from MUIS Majlis Ugama Islam SIN. I have no qualms eating at McD, Burger King, Delifrance, KFC, Canadian Pizza, Old Chang Kee, food served at 7-11 all halal. Mou chi yoke keh. There’s also a Thai restaurant in Bugis Junction mall with MUIS halal. There are also many Chinese and Indian vegetarian restaurants. Tak ada masalah makan di Singapura.

  13. Best mall – Vivocity by MRT stop at Habourfront. Its quite big and be prepared to feel tired of walking. 3 times the size of Queensbay Mall.Over seeing Sentosa, u can bring ur kids to the rooftop area to play around at the mini pool, theres one playground on the second level.if im not mistaken, there is a Godiva outlet too. If u want to go to Sentosa, go to level 3 purchase train ticket to Sentosa.

    Best place to hunt for sports shoes – Queenstown Shopping centre. Alight at Queenstown MRT, go to the bus stop at Stirling Road take bus no. 195 alight once you see Ikea. Walk towards direction of where u can see road with cross junction, walk about 1km again until u see an old looking mall. thats the one.

    Mode of transport – MRT is better choice for tourist, not to take taxi unless u really have to, do note that there are peak hour surcharge in the morning around 7am to 9am, pangkang time 5pm to 7pm, midnight surcharge from 11pm. If u call for taxi, there will be another $2 dollar charge. meter will start at rate of $2.80 for conventional taxi, $3 for hyundai sonata taxi, $3.20 for maxi taxi(this taxi is bigger, up to 6/7 ppl at a time). scary rite?

    McD here is halal.

    Hotel- dun go to Joo Chiat hotel chain, its something like Geylang. u can try Fragance Hotel at Selegie road. Paid around $50 per night,room is small but clean.Its near to town area,bus stop directly in front of the hotel.Friendly staff,book online and get breakfast for free.

  14. Very mah farn one. Have to get entry/cash card at immigration. You need that card to go in shopping mall’s parking. Tarak parking ticket one.
    Better to take MRT around. I got lost even with GPS. Pedestrians have right of way in SG, so don’t tulan and knock into them.
    You want McPork, have to go across the other border (Thailand).
    Certain stuffs are cheaper even after conversion. But dollar to dollar, stuffs are way cheaper there.
    Tiu, post lah big big – 5xMom is going to Sg, who wants to take her around? You femes mah.
    Oh, send my regards to BG Lee when you are there. Heh.

  15. I can’t say about the Presbyterians but us Methodists allow those from other churches of good standing (incl. Catholics) to partake in the Holy Communion. It’s between you and God anyway šŸ˜‰

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  16. tanjung pagar is the train station, i believe you meant tuas lo. and your son’s shoes should be available in queensway shopping centre. my friend goes down south to stock up on his nike-s also. nearby to ikea too. i miss singapore. rapid penang is far more disappointing than i expected.

    enjoy your trip!

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  17. My fave mall is Takashimaya, not sure if you like that place? As advised by so many others, better NOT to drive around in S’pore…take their super-efficient MRT – no hassles! Parking is damn mahal there. If u want McPork, go to Thailand, hehe (Singkapoh dun have!)

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  18. 1) Vivo city (best for cheap branded apparel) because it is nearby another shiokk shopping complex thats it jurong point and IMM (Best for electric appliances).

    2)Queensway shopping complex, alight MRT at Commonwealth and take 198 bus.
    Sports equpt and apparel is really cheap here.. trust me..

    3)enter via woodlands la, pls..cuz 2nd link queit far and mahal..

    4)Hotel 81 – budget hotel, but choose the location properly dont want u to ended up in red area. (hotel 81 quiet cheap, $80-100 per room on weekend and 150-200 sing dollar per room on weekend and taxi and restaurant just a walk away. (visit their website)

    5) Been to one, i just sit down quietly (on the corner)..advise u to do the same…

    6)MRT cheaper, parking fees and ECP charge very expensive nowadays while taking MRT only cost you 90cent – 1.80 per trip.

    Babi in McD = I hv never come across babi in any of the menu so far…guess dont hv lorr…

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  19. 1) šŸ’” I am super duper lazy person. Takashimaya where Kinokuniya is my favourite where:
    Angus Steak house with value lunch,
    Takashimaya Food Court to buy snack,
    Lego Shop at Takashimaya for bargains,
    Takashimaya department store(there is a sale now) to ogle over tableware & handbags I can’t afford,
    Royal Copenhagen Cafe in Taka-dept to exprience their super duper expensive teapots and utensils with Danish food.
    When I am bored:-
    I goto CK Tangs kitchen department to watch live demo & tasting (local even tapau).
    Isetan at Shaw opposite CK Tangs building/Tangs Plaza
    Borders at Wheelocks opposite Isetan at Shaw

    2)There is a Singapore Great Sale, offer could be anywhere but my hubby once dragged me šŸ˜„ to Queensway Shopping Centre on Alexandria Road, nearest MRT is in this map
    šŸ˜„ You really need to love sneakers to be there (I hate sneakers).

    3) :mrgreen: Tanjung Rambutan. Just joking – Gelang Patah or Tuas or you think I actually know – sleeps in the bus most of the time :mrgreen:

    4) Then stay at any hotels on Orchard Road or
    šŸ’” Stay at YMCA family suite,,&TargetPageID=
    Bus stop is at walking distnce in front of YMCA hotel-nothing special nor fancy hotel.

    5):mrgreen:I dunno.

    6) šŸ’” Bus is cheapest. Car is convenient but drive into Singapore is cheaper and convenient except you’ll need to pay for driving around the city. Park in the hotel. Go around in bus or MRT with EZ link card. šŸ’”


    šŸ’” Lastly – remember to bring umbrellas and extra pair of shoes. It rains often there. šŸ’”

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  20. rgding accom. what not rent a service apartment for 1 week, can accommodate 6 ppl chepaer than hotel, and since u r there, might as well go ciak hong n ban ban kia, take kids to sentosa, we had some food also at the cable car station overlooking sentosa, very song lah.

  21. Thanks for all the inputs. My son has compiled and printed them for references.

    We are staying at Bedok in my nephew’s place. The dinner is at Four Seasons and I heard it is a very posh restaurant? šŸ˜Æ

  22. Queensway is the place for sport shoes but you must know the agak-agak price before you go, if not you’ll end up paying about the same price for the same shoes in malaysia. Also, remember to bargain!

  23. Hi Lilian,

    Since you are driving:

    You have to register your car at the immigration to enter Singapore and you’ll get a card (Autopass). Make sure you have a few pens since you got to fill up some immigration forms ( for the 6 of u)

    If you do drive plan to drive:

    1. The Autopass can also known as cashcard.

    2. You can use the Autopass to enter parking bay at shopping malls. Make sure have enough balance in the card b4 u exit.

    3. Yes,the parking may cost a bomb..first hour $2.50 subsequent could cost $1/hour! If you choose to park outside then you need parking coupons.

    4. You can buy the parking coupons and top up your (Autopass/cashcard) at 7Eleven.

    5.I always hang out in Orchard Road when I’m there. Go to Takasyimaya and Wisma Atria. But with the Great Singapore Sale(GSS)on, you may get indecisive of where to go first..hooray! And their GSS really meant SALE but with the exchange rate so high on SGD, I’m not sure it will a bargain as b4.

    6. Their electrical appliances, computers, gadgets is a bit cheaper than here. And children clothes too. if you see a children fair, is a must to sniff ard.

    7. Vivo is the latest mall in Singapore. Pretty cool and you must check out the food court called Food Republic. Must try: Curry mee, yau char kwai and hot soya bean.

    8. At nite, Geylang is another food haven in Singapore. Claypot dried chili frog, eat with porridge. It’s located in Lorong 9, right at the corner. Opposite the shop you can try the beef kuey teow (ngau hor)

    9. If you looking for something non halal which M’sia don have, you gotta try Tony Roma’s baby backs ribs.

    10. Oh yea, if you do go to geylang, it’s a red light district so don’t be surprise what activities goes ard.

    11. In geylang still: Famous Yong He Eating House, taiwanese style soya bean and youtiao moved to Lorong 27A. And their duran is nice too coz all our Gred A went there šŸ‘æ

    12.If you are a shoe lover like me šŸ˜‰ , do check out URS&Co and Charles and Keith. Great bargains during GSS.

    13. Max Brenner: The hot chocolate is fantastic inside the Esplanade Theatre.

    14. Just drive around Singapore especially the long road at near The esplanade and Fullerton Hotel…great view!

    I praise the Spore goverment for their oh so well organised city. All buildings/flats/apartments is so nicely painted and the old buildings all well taken care of. The road is clean and you hardly see any unsightly view. Everything is just so pristine.

    Hope ours can ‘mencontohi’!!

    Sorry, tats what i do and think of Spore.

    Back to your trip, Four Seasons is one of the top hotel indeed. And all my trips to Spore, I hardly see a girl without make up or had her hair done. I once heard from a friend that most Singaporeans girls attend grooming classes at a very young age. So you know what to expect at the wedding dinner.

    And I just check the Spore map, Bedok is not very far from Geylang and also not far frm the City Centre too. Located at the SouthEast of Spore. Pretty good location.

    And also, non resident are not subject to the ERP rate(toll for entering the City Centre) as per the residents does. We pay a flat rate of $10 per day. So decide if you wanna drive ya, or else just try to stay away from those money suckers cameras or it will zzap ur $$.

    What it will do, the cameras will take a pic of you car (say cheese) since it can’t detect a device in your car to zap the toll. They will send a record to the immigration to deduct the money from you Autopass when you exit Spore.

    Have a nice trip ya. Hope you get my post b4 you leave. And you may wonder who am I. Frm MMB and yes, I read your blog šŸ˜€

  24. Four Seasons very old alrdy lah. My sis stayed there the last month n run down alrdy.Exchange rate at 2.41 alrdy today. So u must know your price b4 buying. Nike shoes r cheaper b4 even going to Queensway (anyway if u r a serious runner then buy asics it is cheaper so much there) but 4 nike clothings Msia is cheaper most of the time. I go back n buy. i dunno abt the rest coz I dun c the point of why people come here n buy those clothes that r less than 100 bucks here coz u dun really get value 4 your effort coming here. Anyway Food Republic is good but it is on the high side, u have it at Suntec, Atria and Vivo.If u want to try nasi padang then go to Warung Sri Pariamann at kandahar St( close on Sundays n be there b4 12 on Sat as the food finishes fast). It is run by Msians n to me it is the best. U will c the photo of Tun Forgetful there.

    If u want to eat babi, the list is endless here. The way people here eat fats of babi here is scary compared to back home.

    As 4 your transportation, actually taxi is not expensive if u have 3 per cab if you travel mid distance during non peak. But be mindful of surcharges of 30% during peak hours and also another 3 bucks in CBD areas during peak hrs.

  25. I thought you might want to check out Sim Lim square too, all the electronics are there.

    For shoes, Queensway is the place to go. Easy to drive from Bedok. But, you may need someone to give you parking directions. However, shoes from Queensway not the lastest fashion type.

    With 6 of you, I think car and MRT/taxi will work out to be about the same. I would take Taxi on short distances, if the traffic is not busy. It will work out to be not too different form the MRT + bus.

    4 Seasons is very very posh. šŸ™‚

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