Songkok is cute, ok? So, so, so cute. So cute until wanna pinch his cheeks.

This songkok belongs to my nephew.


Anyway….I really wish I can understand DAP hang-ups on wearing songkok.

Ah, forget it.

I am going to Singkapoh to attend my nephew’s wedding. Initially, we thought we will attend his wedding in Ipoh but unfortunately, the wedding dinner is cancelled due to the grandpa’s passing. Last minute, we feel it is only right we go down south to help celebrate it. The last time we went to Singkapoh was in December 2000.

Wuah, the Merlion also grown white mane liao. So, we are totally out of touch with Singapore. Questions time!

1) If we have only one single day to visit Singapore, which shopping mall is the best to lepak?

2) My son is interested in getting a pair of Nike SB (whatever that is). He knows the selling price already. Not available in Malaysia. So, you think which place is the best to find stuffs like these?

3) The second link is the one in Tanjung Piawai or is it Pagar, right?

4) Right now, I don’t have any idea where we are staying, where the dinner is and etc. I know there is a church wedding in the afternoon and dinner means formal wear. *faints*

5) I guess Catholics don’t participate in Presbyterian holy communion (if they have any), right? Blek, I hate this business of ‘Only XYZ can participate in the etc etc’ because it divides us. But then, I understand that Presbyterian is of the Protestant denomination, so I shall just sit quietly. Anyone know about this?

6) Let’s say there are six of us in a car. Will it be cheaper for us to take the car or the MRT (or is it MTR)?

We are going for 3 days only, all of them almost occupied with weddings and stuffs. So, please give me one shopping mall idea enough. Lastly, they got babi in McD?