My mommy’s mat rempit

My mommy thinks I look so cute in a songkok. Now, she is contemplating buying me a baju Melayu to complete the look.

Meanwhile, my aunty (who is mommy’s older sister) got me this three piece suit. It belongs to KW-kor-kor who is my cousin. He wore it when he was 6-7 years old. KW-kor-kor is getting married this Saturday and my aunty wants me to wear the suit to be the ‘car door opener’ boy and maybe the ring bearer.

My mommy laughed so hard because I am too chubby and with my milk belly, I couldn’t fit into the pants. I told mommy, “The pants so small, I cannot scratch (my balls)!” So, my papa said I can wear a blue jeans instead (because he knows males must scratch balls sometimes). But I love the ‘beer uncle’ shirt (vest/bolero) and I want to wear it! Handsome or not?

Actually, my mommy has a video of me doing a mat rempit at Jusco’s arcade but this was written last night and the internet went poof before she could upload my video to Youtube.

I manyak hensem hor? And stop staring at my milk belly!

8 thoughts on “My mommy’s mat rempit

  1. I still have my milk belly. Bwahahaha!!! It was there since I was 5, now I am …… :mrgreen:

  2. Walau! Hensem boy so smart in the 3-piece suit! Milk belly so cute..but cannot see ‘tor-chye’ wan geh? 😀

  3. Lilian, your son is very adorable 🙂 Can’t help smiling when I see his picture. Gonna be a heartbreaker when he grows up 😉

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