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Patah kaki dan tangan

My vaio k.o.
My area streamyx oso k.o.
So kenot borrow neighbour line.
My Mac and Acer not compatible with my sony P1i and so i kenot use my celcom broadband.
My Acer laptop uses logitech external keyboard so going to starbucks for wifi will make me a laughing stock.
Moreover i have no car cos one at workshop and one my son drove to KDU cos raining.
Bawlssss. I got paid posts to complete but i cant write from phone cos too many words and too many post (15).
How lah! *sweats*

*Updated :  Phew…finally found one PC at home which is compatible with my Celcom/Sony.  If not, my USD terbang wei.

11 Responses to “Patah kaki dan tangan”

  1. Maybe its a sign from DA MAN up there? U need a break leh maybe. Go shweep! 🙂

    Kis last blog post..Cekik Mencekik

  2. Go have a Kit Kat! :mrgreen:

    Bryans last blog post..Help The Refugees Via UNHCR

  3. Ki and bryan – kenot. Barang naik harga. No money buy kit kat only apollo wafer.

  4. lol lilian: go find cybercafe la..You need one right now. =P No choice.

    apollo wafer taste good oso..the one with gold wrapper. =P

    Ping Pings last blog post..Physics and Mariah Carey?

  5. wah????? 15 posts????? 😯

    kaDusMamas last blog post..Happy post for me

  6. Ouch, sounds like a bad thing to happen. Hang in there dude and let’s hope the rain stops soon.

  7. Wawawa~~ I forgot to add ‘tte’ to the ‘dude’. Manyak sorry ar aunty..

    Hallajs last blog post..What to expect from TM?

  8. i just dont understand why at home oso need so many high tech stuff. although i can say i’m bit IT savvy but the more complicated it is, the crazier things get. So many laptops and broadband and this and that.. walaoeh..

  9. aiyo..u dunno meh..lilian ahyi is full time blogger lea..don have this all how she gonna work le ?

    kidkiller87s last blog post..Cendol behind St.George School @ Taiping

  10. yer i so jealous…

    nvm i’m in penang 5 days a week… next time bump into u muz belanja me makan! 😛

    kyhs last blog post..An island’s love affair with Great Britain

  11. Wuah, Lilian! This is not patah kaki dan tangan. This is patah kaki, tangan dan kepala! haha! 😛

    Koks last blog post..*Woots Woots*