Patah kaki dan tangan

My vaio k.o.
My area streamyx oso k.o.
So kenot borrow neighbour line.
My Mac and Acer not compatible with my sony P1i and so i kenot use my celcom broadband.
My Acer laptop uses logitech external keyboard so going to starbucks for wifi will make me a laughing stock.
Moreover i have no car cos one at workshop and one my son drove to KDU cos raining.
Bawlssss. I got paid posts to complete but i cant write from phone cos too many words and too many post (15).
How lah! *sweats*

*Updated :  Phew…finally found one PC at home which is compatible with my Celcom/Sony.  If not, my USD terbang wei.

11 thoughts on “Patah kaki dan tangan

  1. i just dont understand why at home oso need so many high tech stuff. although i can say i’m bit IT savvy but the more complicated it is, the crazier things get. So many laptops and broadband and this and that.. walaoeh..

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