Mother and son were at Tesco, waiting for something. Sitting down on a bench outside McDonalds.

Mother : 12 o’clock, short shorts, outside Watson

Son : Where, where. Oh….forget it….See the mother at the back?

Three lengluis were walking towards us in very short shorts and the mother was behind them.

Mother : What about the maderrr? *in icy cold, threatening tone*

Son : You teach one mah, see the mother first before you go for the daugther. Nay, the mother like that (short and plump), next time daughter also like that. I also told my friends wut……..

Mother : Cilaka…..Things like these I where got I teach, arh? Like this you remember. What about all those good manners, good habits I taught, why you never remember them ah?

So, boys, if you mommies never teach you, remember the 5xmom taught you before, orh? Check out the mom first before you check out the daughter.

However….girls, don’t worry about guys because they rarely grow old to be like their father. This is one of the mystery of life. Maybe because the boys don’t glue and gel to their father so much to morph into them. But girls get moulded to be like their mothers most of the time. At least I know I do.

Of which my son said, “Papa last time he kampung boy, he didn’t know about this theory….” and he ran fast fast to the car park.

Me : You come back here, I KILL YOU! What do you mean by that?

Son : *laughing hard* No lah, women hor, not very pretty never mind, can cook enough already.

Me : Niamah, you sexist!

Son : Hah….you scolding yourself again. Nia = Your, Mah = Mader, so Niamah, is my mader, so it is you.

Oh boy, we always have so crazy conversations all the time, sometimes I forget who is the mother, who are the sons.

**We are going to KL this evening and staying a night in my brother’s place and will push off to Singapore tomorrow morning. However….I have drafted some time-stamp posts which will auto publish. That way, my fansees cannot miss me mah…..*perasan nyerr* Anyway, I have access to the internet through my phone.