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The lucky man

He has a football partner who helps him to update the EuroCup chart.

He has a football partner who watched five minutes of football every midnight before he goes to sleep.

The little football partner can read the name of the countries. Chekolovaskia, Porchugall.

The little man can check the score on the paper or internet and update the chart which he sticks on the wall.


Now, the two of them are going to buy the same football jerseys to wear.

Wah piang, that leaves me the poor football widow and neglected mom. *sniff*

With a son like that, every day is a Father’s Day, no?

8 Responses to “The lucky man”

  1. Potential bookie in the making. Bwahahaha!!!

  2. The football partner got help to bet or not? Haha…

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  3. he’s so adorable 😛

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  4. Wuah kesian you. Got not only one but two football fan at home. Hahaha. BTW, Happy Father’s Day to 5XDad.

    mumsgathers last blog post..What a week!

  5. i agree with Terence. your son can read? give me some tips, how to encourage my 7 yrs old to read. very lazy boy….

  6. LOL… A football son. I wonder if you could start training him to sit in mamak for football. Maybe you should train him now. Ready for the next world cup tournament. 😛

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  7. Can ask little man to predict the score for me? hehehe

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  8. don jeleous lo lilian ahyi..
    how bout you watch and enjoy football match with them ? :mrgreen:

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