So, how did you find my blog?

**Another time-stamp post. I am probably happily shopping in Singapore on a Friday morning while you are reading this. Please leave your comments because I am interested to find out how you get to know my blog.

Last Friday, I cooked some foods for the youths in my church. I brought some extra for my church’s clerk. She is this dear lady who probably was the first person who welcomed me to the church. Six years ago, I phoned and she told me to come and join the RCIA. When I brought the foods to her, I asked her, “Eh, the Fathers all, sudah makan?” She told me they already had their foods.

Later on, one of the Father met me. So, we chatted a bit. He said, “Too bad I am too full already. I have seen your lovely foods (on my blog) but yet to sample them.”

*sweats* Damn nervous, you know? Knowing blog readers who are just blog readers is one thing. Knowing people that I meet every day who are my blog readers is a totally new kind of ball game. Tension betul.

Then, the conversation somehow led to ‘how you find my blog?’

He told me he was Googling for stuffs, stumbled upon my blog and had been reading it WITHOUT realising that the crazy woman 5xmom is one of the church member. Oh my God! I didn’t dare to ask him, “So, Father, what was your feelings when you found out that ‘blasphemy, this woman belongs to the church’?”

I got a shock one day when he called me by my name because it is only through my blog that he knows my name. *pressure nyerrr* (no lah, actually he is very cool about it)

Still, it is very thrilling that people does not immediately connect the blogger with the real me until much later when they happened to see my kids photos or see my photo. It is sort of respite because it gives me breathing space.

So, folks, if you are reading this, please tell me if you can recall how you find my blog? I am dead curious to know.

Through words of mouth?

Through stumbling upon?

Come on, make me happy with some comments. I will check on comments from Orchard Road. Hopefully, I get comments and I am happy enough without having to burn a hole in shopping therapy.

68 thoughts on “So, how did you find my blog?

  1. Dear Lilian … start reading your blog after my fren, lin, email me one of your old post.

    I’m since addicted reading your blog every morning, tho i might not always leave comments. Believe it or not, i then realised quite number of my frens read your blog too.

    I found your blog interesting, creative, funny etc etc.

  2. I was doing some blog hopping in one of those boring-nothing-to-do-but-slack-off-in-office days a few years ago. Then I stopped for awhile and then now back to reading this blog. I think I found mymomsbest first…

    Foongs last blog post..Inundated and buried

  3. I found your blog thru Simon’s blog (Simontalks)…so I am 2nd generation šŸ˜›

    When I first started reading ur blog without seeing your photo…I imagined you to be a lady in late 30s, energetic and skinny…somehow thats my imagination. Anyway, I enjoy reading your blog and especially your food and travel blog has enlighten me a lot :)..Thank you so much…

  4. Dear Lilian, it was in 2005. I pinged PPS. You read my blog and left comments. You read my NF stories and shared yours with me. When you came to KL that year, we met at KLCC along with some other kuchi rat bloggers like myself. Such a humble and simple beginning. Now it’s so different. who dare kacau 5xmom??!! blekk

  5. When I first came to Penang 2 years ago, my niece a Penangites introduce me to yr blog and that is how I started to see what is really a blog and was hooked and bought myself a lappy to learn how to blog…thks to you Lilian.

    sweet jasmines last blog post..Manhattan Fish Market……

  6. Only started blogging three months ago. Came across your blog on one Malaysian blogs directory (couldn’t remember which one) some times ago. Was attracted by your “obnoxious” intro. Will be spending more time here. See ya.

    Buzzing Js last blog post..OUCH!

  7. Hi, well, I’m a new reader and I found your blog when I was just googling. The other blogs i read had not been updated so i decided to google for top malaysian blogs and you were near the top. The reason I read more blogs now is because Im overseas studying and there are not many malaysians here, so it was nice to read your malaysian english. haha. can understand pun. And because you put in hokkien words, kinda like my family so feel ‘homey’ when i read. haha. that’s about it la. hope i have satisfied your curiosity.

  8. found your blog when it was mentioned in an article in ‘mother and baby’ magazine last year along with a few other blogs. i can’t even remember any of the other blogs at all. your blog? …hooked ever since :mrgreen:

  9. found your blog through MMB…..& am hooked til must read once a day (except weekend la cos no net access at home šŸ˜„ )

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