So, how did you find my blog?

**Another time-stamp post. I am probably happily shopping in Singapore on a Friday morning while you are reading this. Please leave your comments because I am interested to find out how you get to know my blog.

Last Friday, I cooked some foods for the youths in my church. I brought some extra for my church’s clerk. She is this dear lady who probably was the first person who welcomed me to the church. Six years ago, I phoned and she told me to come and join the RCIA. When I brought the foods to her, I asked her, “Eh, the Fathers all, sudah makan?” She told me they already had their foods.

Later on, one of the Father met me. So, we chatted a bit. He said, “Too bad I am too full already. I have seen your lovely foods (on my blog) but yet to sample them.”

*sweats* Damn nervous, you know? Knowing blog readers who are just blog readers is one thing. Knowing people that I meet every day who are my blog readers is a totally new kind of ball game. Tension betul.

Then, the conversation somehow led to ‘how you find my blog?’

He told me he was Googling for stuffs, stumbled upon my blog and had been reading it WITHOUT realising that the crazy woman 5xmom is one of the church member. Oh my God! I didn’t dare to ask him, “So, Father, what was your feelings when you found out that ‘blasphemy, this woman belongs to the church’?”

I got a shock one day when he called me by my name because it is only through my blog that he knows my name. *pressure nyerrr* (no lah, actually he is very cool about it)

Still, it is very thrilling that people does not immediately connect the blogger with the real me until much later when they happened to see my kids photos or see my photo. It is sort of respite because it gives me breathing space.

So, folks, if you are reading this, please tell me if you can recall how you find my blog? I am dead curious to know.

Through words of mouth?

Through stumbling upon?

Come on, make me happy with some comments. I will check on comments from Orchard Road. Hopefully, I get comments and I am happy enough without having to burn a hole in shopping therapy.

68 thoughts on “So, how did you find my blog?

  1. 5 x mom did your church pastor give you word bashing when he sees your wonderfull four letter words and abreviated chinese bad words at your blog? if he did comment about that, take it as a compliment and dont stop using those words. I think you need to release out your anger and frustrations sometimes by releasing those words at your blog and not through your mouth. as for me i came across your blog by accident during the election period serving Malaysian Central site and got attracted to your name-5 X mom and i like it from the moment i went in. I find you very down to earth and you blog about our malaysian everyday life and to be very honest with you, i find it very entertaining and informative. Keep up the good work! hope you and your family enjoy your holiday in singkapoh.

  2. πŸ˜€
    Found your blog when i was checking on the Daily Top Blog Posts from MalaysiaDailyVoices…your ranking there was quite high πŸ˜‰ so i thought i just take a look at your blog…and now i am hooked.

  3. i found your blog tru’ an ex-dj of i noticed that your blogname (5xmom)is so catchy & interesting so i decided to browse. & there i was reading your blog everyday, sampai sekarang. you can be ‘laser’ but what yiu write always make sense la.

  4. i got to know ur blog from another blog lor, tat was a few years ago, 5xmom oledi very the famous lor, many blog got link ^.^ after tat, i got sien of the not-only-four-letter bad words, i pun stay away for awhile lor… now im back, coz feel 5xmom blog more ‘mature’ liao, ahahaha =D

  5. found your blog during the election time when you were giving updates on the results

    like your brave and typical ways of blogging, especially those posts on the KNNCCB gomen

    keep it up. To your sons, niamah is great!

  6. erm.. that time lor. dunno click from where to find this amazing woman who make so much from blogging and i wanted to kiss your knee and ask you to be my sifu but dare not.
    then skin kaw kaw enter your contest and win from you domain name. the rest is history liao. πŸ˜†

    mistipurples last blog post..misti’s sinewy parts

  7. i stumbled across your blog thru’ another friend’s it and got hooked till today..i like your frankness,style of writing and you are a knowledgeable person..funny and sunny!!!

  8. I stumbled upon your blog a few times via google, but it wasn’t until a blogger told me about it when I really started reading.

  9. Lol… i found you while searching for DAP news during election. haha…about Lim Guan Eng your HIGHLY fav Mp. lol…. since then i have been reading every day :p

    jarods last blog post..numb

  10. I think I got your link through another blogger’s blog sometime ago, Dr Liew I think (is he still around?).

    Watching your food pics is kinda “torturing” especially when I’m hungry lol.

    CLFs last blog post..Spain VS Russia

  11. My excuse was curious about 5xx moniker from (sorry have to give credit the fella, he used to work with my gf). And then realized about 2 months back even some local bank started using your ‘5x’ popularity to promote their product. I guess you’re making an impact even without you knowing. πŸ˜† You should ask them to give you loan with no interest to get new laptop.

    Geralds last blog post..Overheard

  12. lol…promise u wont marah first..die..if i say sure kena tiu kau kau…

    if not bcuz of what i am about to say, would be of things I said above. πŸ˜₯ I found u when the cedric-5xmom thing kua. Can’t really remember but I found him through u…so how???it’s somewhere between la..Did not google you up. =x Wa LUPA!!!!!! But it has been quite a long time following your blog and I have to say, I enjoy reading. =) *hope dun kena tiu*

    Ping Pings last blog post..Bah, UV drop like mad

  13. Also scme across your blog while searching for election updates as the malaysiakini and Malaysia Today website was under heavy usage. On top of that I found out that you are a Holy Spirit parisher and was curious how come I didn’t know you, only to find out that you were a “new” member.
    I suppose you were referring to Wai Chan in the church office, do send her my regards all the way from Texas.
    I enjoy your blogs as it is’no holds barred’, straight from the heart stuff.

  14. 5xmom… I found your link in many mummies’ blogs. Then, I started to read your food blogs. I just love your recipes… the food are so tempting… :=)

    Clares last blog post..Joke

  15. Also came across your blog while searching for election updates as the malaysiakini and Malaysia Today website was under heavy usage. On top of that I found out that you are a Holy Spirit parisher and was curious how come I didn’t know you, only to find out that you were a “new” member.
    I suppose you were referring to Wai Chan in the church office, do send her my regards all the way from Texas.
    I enjoy your blogs as it is’no holds barred’, straight from the heart stuff.

  16. I happened to read your blog on one unexpected day, when I asked my friend what was he doing, and he replied,

    “ntg much la, just reading some auntie blog”.

    Then i ask him what auntie blog, in which he sent me your blog link thru MSN. Ever since, I’m hooked to your blog everyday, like the way you write especially your humour.

    ps: this is my first comment πŸ™‚

  17. I found your blog thru another blogger’s link list…that was maybe about a couple of months ago and I have been visiting you everyday since. May not have left much comments…but i enjoy reading about your antics! I like those cussing too – very real, hehe! Hope you’ll visit me sometime too, hehe!

    Puregluttons last blog post..Mark’s Assam Laksa

  18. Hey, we’re reading your this post on THURS morning and not Friday! Was that done on purpose or did your time-stamp screw up, haha! I like the very-M’sian way you write – this is how we communicate lah! Got to know your blog thru other bloggers.

    Raynebows last blog post..My Lumut Sojourn

  19. How I got to know you……….. it was indeed a sweet memory. You drop by my shop and purchase some baking stuff and later after a week, a few customers (1 from KL) ask me about the steam cream cracker cake mix. Later, all of them say they found out about this from your blog. OMG! I drop by your blog and that’s how I know you. Now, we become friend already lor. Am I your friend or supplier leh? *blink blink eyes*

    Erina Laws last blog post..Good Deal

  20. I was referred to your blog by my brother who is a doctor in California. We both grew up in Penang (PAH, Burmah Road) and still miss it. I love reading your Manglish or Penglish or whatever the Malaysian English mixed with other languages is called. So what IS it called???

    Don’t stop blogging, lah. You got one more reader arready, what. Can start fan club in U.S.A., ah?

    Gingers last blog post..Healing Garden

  21. Many ppl link u lar. Any fellas blogs also got 5x mom. Hamsap, kwai lan, siau, serious, marder, hamparang kinda bloggers also konek to ur page one!

    Kis last blog post..Cekik Mencekik

  22. i know bout ur blog thru my sis which keep on telling me 5XMOM blog.ask me to go and have a look but always ignore it until she show me and now i am hooked..hehe..Keep up ur good work.

  23. Through my sister in 2005 and ever since then been hooked. Even when I was staying in Georgia US, I need to catch up with you daily on what’s happening back home! Your cooking and your amazing pictures are just wonderful.

  24. from someone else link, if not mistaken from loopymeals. i see ur website name so cool, so click and see see la, now i love reading, a new perceptive from hot mama

  25. Known it thru my sis’s blog like, what, maybe a year? Time flies. Still reading your blog and will read it. Have fun in Lion.

  26. Hi Lilian,

    Yup, you found me when you commented about the “Dory fish” thinggy. I then
    added you to my list of favourite bloggers. You’re good.
    Keep it up.
    We are still fighting the “truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth” about the Dory fish scam!
    Cheer and Regards

    Birds Talking

    Birds Talkings last blog post..Free Water

  27. Hi Lilian,

    I love your blog for sure πŸ˜‰ look for updates everyday after work whenever I have time to surf.. i find all your blogs entertaining, fun and plus nice quality photos as well. and love your food blogs. i learned about bread pudding from your blog… keep up the good work….

  28. Hi Lilian,

    Love your blog! Have been reading for ages la, until I can’t remember how long already, still loving it as much as i did way back then….but I think I stumbled onto it, via blog-hopping…. πŸ™‚
    Have a safe trip!!!

    Now I remember. I mistakenly said earlier that I came across your blog while searching for election news. It was true in a way but more than anything else, I was searching for more of Martin’s write-ups when he tiu-ed Fathima Idris for her lop-sided arguments. Have always enjoyed his retreats since puberty and now he’s moved back to Ipoh πŸ˜₯ πŸ™
    So since March this year, this is my daily pit-stop. I’m always reminded of the festivals, Church’s n nots, from ur blog. Thks v. much.

  30. I came to know about your blog via Shazmin Shamsuddin’s blog when she was with Mix FM. Since then I’ve been reading your blog and now that I am abroad, I check your blog at least once a day! I enjoy it very much as it covers a wide range of topics and it is so Malaysian. So, thank you for keeping me informed and entertained. Keep up the wonderful work!

  31. I found your blog through someone’s blog a year n half ago when i first started blogging openly for public… I did read your blog sometimes (alittle while only) until i got too busy n have no time to read blogs… after that, kinda totally forgotten about you.. then i stumble back upon your blog during msian election.. and i have been reading your blog at a daily basis ever since then… (i actually go to your blog site at least twice a day k!!!)… but im always your silent reader… πŸ˜€

    I hope to be able to meet you personally one day.. n of cuz hope to get to try your delicious cooking!

    Keep on writing for us ya!! Thanks alot!!

    princessladyjanes last blog post..Better in Time by Leona Lewis

  32. Stumbled upon your blog via mymomsbest..and during those election time too where it linked to other websites. Ever since then, i was like addicted to your stories πŸ™‚
    furthermore, was excited that u live in penang…can relate more lar πŸ˜‰
    Take care and God Bless!

  33. I have been reading your blog since you started with blogspot, way back in our breastfeeding heyday.

  34. forgot how i get to your blog..if not mistaken..someone in post your blog site there..the thread topic is Who can make Rm500 per month ? And they put your link there as an example..then i addicted to your blog liao lilian ahyi.. :mrgreen:

    KiDkillERs last blog post..1st Shareapic Payout

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