Hell-o from Singapore

Hello from Kiasuland!

Singapore is full of people running from place to place. It was like a river of human at Suntec City cos there’s some gadget and PC fair. It is worse than Hong Kong.

Wuah, for a suakoo like me, I think I’ll die of stress living here. Parking costs RM2.40 per hour.*sweat* ‘Daddy…I want to go home already !!!’

First day only I walk till my calves sakit adi. Wuah… Beh tahan.. Give me my little ulu Penang. I am not make for a city like Singkapoh.

But hor the Malay girls here very excotic and cun lah. They look so hot with their Immigration uniform and gun and taser gun.

Ta ta from Kiasuland.

13 thoughts on “Hell-o from Singapore

  1. malaysia also consider a kiasuland lar. just look at how many ppl queued up to pump petrol on the eve of the day the fuel price increase. jam everywhere. šŸ˜Æ

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  2. If you’re earning Sing, that’s just $1 an hour. I’d say that’s pretty good price for a small island country.

  3. Today is the first time I take LRT to work (save petrol and parking money!!. I was thinking of kiasuland. I hope they channel the former petrol sudsidy to public transport. FYI KL now so many people walking oredi… jams are virtually gone…

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  4. as long as there are chinese around, kiasu will remain. esp u lui lang, always want to outdo each other.. just look at their houses..

  5. oh, i just came back from suntec too. Packed like sardine, cant even walk properly.

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