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In my previous post I forgot to say that parking when we are home and sleeping is chargeable at 50 spore cents per half hour. Not shopping centres but at my nephew apartment. Walau eh. So we decided to spend the whole day at Orchard Road.

Wah piang! Coach bag shop – you need to queue up to enter. How come Sporeans all so rich wan lah. You know what I buy? One note book costing SGD1.70 from Kinokuniya. Kesian nyerrr. Nolah I am not in shopping mood due to the crowd.

But my sons got their shoes. Tks to FF who got her friend from Nike to tell us where to shop #2 son bought two pairs of limited edition Koi and Lobster. One to wear and one to sell when the price goes up.

Tomorrow is the wedding. Going to be busy rushing from home to church in Katong to Four Seasons in Orchard. No time left for any shopping liao.

We got lost all the time today. Was coming home from orchard to Bedok but we overshot right up to Terminal3 airport. Damn nice and beautiful. Singapore roads got no U-turn and no roundabout wan. Only terus jalan….

Wah cannot wait to go home Penang.

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  1. Cilaka title missing pulak

  2. Should buy some kickass notebook from S’pore mah, not the SGD1.70 wan.

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  3. Everything is money when travelling. Sudah cukup miskin back home but in Spore, you jadi poorer. Better visit Indon, can be millionaire. 😉
    Four Season leh… wah paing. Heard that is a very good hotel.

    Choonies last blog post..55, 56, 58

  4. LoL..parking in apartment also need to pay parking fee kah ? 😉
    Lilian ahyi your #2 son got business akal wor..same as you :mrgreen:

    KiDkillERs last blog post..Yuen Steambot Restaurant @ Sunway

  5. SG roads are like their gaomen lor…straight forward and terus. Not like ours…
    pusing here pusing there,
    going around in circles
    and ending up nowhere!

    9pek9bos last blog post..Petrol Price is killing me!

  6. wah all terus ah? what if suddenly go wrong road ma mati???

    kyhs last blog post..An island’s love affair with Great Britain

  7. you are welcome, well son # 2, must be happy ya and he must have got the thing that he wants. 😉