Happy Father’s Day

Somewhere on the highway in negri sembilan.

Playiing co-driver aka back seat driver aka speedo meter checker aka navigator to #1 son while the father is taking a power nap.

Left Spore around 9am. Now 2pm we are 5km from Bangi.

So Happy Father’s Day! To all the veteran dads, first time dad and fathers with capital F. God bless you all. And no, no wishes for sugar daddies.

Back to my navigation duty.

9 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day

  1. Welcome home…. wah Lilian go on roadtrip ehehehe… Yeah, like the rest of your fansee… we await in anticipation of the pictorial blog which I’m sure you’re gonna share with us. šŸ˜† šŸ˜†

    Geralds last blog post..Going Dutch

  2. Moderate one comment = USD1, Delete spam comment = USD2. All in all you owe me USD369.
    Niamah! Your site is a spam magnet!!!

    Happy Father’s day to ATM. I had my 1st one. Damn emotional when I was presented with a cake.

  3. quick quick come back…watch out for the big pokok, always mata-mata hide behind it with speed guns, no balls and cee pek cunning! if mata want to control speeding, show your presence lah. i to lan because i kena 2 tickets fr PG to KL once!

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