Wedding photos – church wedding

I know my bros and sister who couldn’t make it to Singapore are waiting for the wedding photos. So, here are some taken at the church wedding.


Christian wedding ceremony at the Katong Presbyterian Church (KPC hehehe). The bride was led to the waiting groom by her father.


Photo of the groom and his brothers, sister (and sis’s bf). The groom must be asking Jesus at the very last minute, “Oh Lord, send me Your final decision. Do I say Yes, I do, or Do I run out now?” LOL.


Groom’s elder sister, in front. My 2nd bro reminded me to tell the elder sister, “Hey, your younger bro has outrun you. So, when is your turn?” The one at the back is the groom’s aunt and family.


The marriage vow read by the Rev. Tim Tan. I went to the Presbyterian Church and went …
“Wow, what a vibrant community.” You can feel the tight community they have there, very organised and I think a very rich church (in terms of financial and faith) too because they have a lot of activities. I thought they have a wedding mass but apparently, they don’t have communion during wedding. Frankly, it is a whole new experience of ‘churchie stuffs’ for me. I am so used to our glitzy (hehehe) Catholic church style so it feels a bit different there.


The pastor was holding the wedding ring high and asked the congregation and the family some stuffs and we were supposed to say ‘We do’ and ‘We will’ to his questions. He reminded us, the friends and families, that marriage is a very difficult journey and we are supposed to play the peacemakers and not the wedges when the couple has troubles in their journey. Amen. (oh ya, the go ‘ah-men’ and I go ‘ay-men’)


The marriage is solemnised (made legal in Singaporean law) at church. Sitting down is the witness, the bride’s father. Standing up, is my bro-in-law. Both are witnesses to the marriage.

There are lots more photos to come. All the above are taken with my Nikon D40 with 18-200mm VR lens. My bro-in-law has the D80 with the same lens. I didn’t know that D80 uses SD card as well. His is a 4GB and mine a 2GB. Several card readers cannot read the SD cards. Phew…lucky, direct cable connection enable the photos to be downloaded. Or else, wah piang, 700 photos all stuck in the SD card. Lesson learnt – always buy cameras with CF card because SD card is not stable when it is loaded with too large files.Ā  All photos edited with iPhoto.

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  1. wah.. u r the OP also?
    my wedding reception….?? 85% guests i dunno one. the most meaningful one is in in a private room, the registrar read out the wedding vows which i had to recite…. cee pek emotional. chinese wedding pai pai tee kong, very traditional but bo ee soo leh.

  2. how is your short holiday? I m sure you n family njoy your short break and get a look at sinkapoh super clean streets and fresh air. gotta work extra hard now after burning a big hole in your atm pocket..Bwahaaaa. pls post more foto and kaypoh a little bit more abt your trip in sinkapoh. cheers…

  3. Most likely the 4G card is SDHC (High Capacity) type which can only be read by SDHC card readers. I think eventually all new SG card readers will be SDHC compatible. CF cards are on their way out!

  4. Hmm.I think shudn’t be a prob for the SD card kua, maybe the reader or the USB port thr not hor SD card is secured digital ma..

    As for CF card, more camera’s are trying to get rid of it d, u see the new DSLRs also use SD.

    If Compared XD card, swt, once I took 200 family photos in KL, suddenyl, Card error, wah piang, I dame curse.

    I agree with yang, maybe it’s a SDHC card, tht’s y can’t read kua.

    CharlesKeys last blog post..Meow

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