Barang naik, petrol naik, apa pun naik

I was in the car with my loukong and little boy. So, usual lah, the talk is about the increasing food prices. It was lunch time and we were pondering where to eat. Cannot suka-suka go to posh restaurants for set lunch already. Must save costs, mah.

In the end, we decided to go to Goh Thew Chik for chicken rice. KNN, I wonder how much MSG they put in their chicken? Eat liao, so thirsty wan.

So, I pun komplen komplen komplen. I suggested to hubby we must also put some clothes line to dry our clothes, especially those jeans and heavy, thick material clothings. Now, we are using clothes dryer, two airconds, two fridges, two water heater and our electricity per month can shoot up to RM400 per month sometimes. Average is RM200+ if we don’t turn on the aircond every night.

You know lah, ubah gaya hidup, mah right? Eat chicken rice, sleep in hot cond, dry clothes with the sunshine, use only one fridge, maybe I must get everyone to walk around nekid at home to save costs on washing clothes, washing detergents, softener, clorox…..

Then, I pun komplen even more.

“That pak Lah lah…..want to increase petrol price, skali increase so much. Do it slowly mah…bit by bit. Mai kia si lang, chit tau khi kah anneh kuan.” (don’t be so scary, so fast go up so high)

So, usual lah, the hubby cracked jokes which I always, always too dim to catch and have to think and go ‘huh?’

He replied, “Aiyah, that jeanabtullah ho lioa mahhhh…” (he was referring to the wife, fantastic)

I pun go ‘Huh? jeanabtullah? What about her?’

He replied, “Aiyah….ho liao, kang hu kuan” (he says, fantastic, good kung fu)

And I bet most of you don’t geddit, either.

Harga barang naik, petrol naik, everyone’s punya tarak boleh naik except paklah’s.

18 thoughts on “Barang naik, petrol naik, apa pun naik

  1. MUAHAHAHA good one atm of Lilian šŸ˜† šŸ˜† šŸ˜†

    Naik too high afterwards get deflation and recession , then depression lah if I still rememebr my Econs 101

  2. But then #1 and wife not so happy as #2 and wife ma. #1 and wife get to eat local kuih-muih at the World Economic Forum on East Asia (see The Star – Monday 16.06.08), while #2 and wife nikmati juadah of Malaysian food in London. Errr… who paid ar?

    WE ALL LA! bugger…

    Geralds last blog post..Dari Pantai Hillpark ke Scheveningen…

  3. gerald – But #2 and wife looked awfully worried wor. I see they hardly have a smile on the face.

    caroline – You got the joke hor?

    choonie – Wuah, Cikgu matematik pandai hor?

    vincent – Eh, gaji naik jugak, for TNB heads. (read shadowfox)

    romantic – I was so blur and didn’t get the joke until much later. šŸ™„

  4. Talking about fuel price rocket high now… i actually got one weird though this few days already.

    Maybe the reason why paklah increase fuel price so high is to save umno!?!? how come pulak? i think he already made an agreement with his successor (the new pm under umno) to bring down the price later and can become the people hero and bring up umno again.

  5. Pak Lah La must personally thank CSL for recommending ‘it’. It really works…

  6. I being an environmentalist myself, perhaps it is about time that we start saving up our oil resources before it starts running out (they say by 2013). So the oil price is one way to do so.

    However, this will also give this horrible domino effect where the price of everything else also increases. It is about time the leaders fugure out something to help the people. If the petrol hike is inevitable and cant be avoided, but sure give us some good arse solutions to counter the effects.

  7. DZ – Yalor, every darn thing also naik. Ayam price increased to RM8 from the usual RM5.

    chandravati – Yeah, that’s right. They cannot even get the bus system here in Penang to work properly. I mean our ex-State Government lah. Public transport in Penang sucks max.

  8. šŸ™„ Use less than 60 litre to beat the petrol increase

    I dont know if my calculations are correct, but if you use less than 60 litre of fuel per month, your petrol cost will still be 1.92 per litre. How? Example, lets use a Viva which mileage is 15km to 1 litre of petrol. Total consumption per month 60 litres at old price 1.92 you pay RM115.20. With the new 2.70, you pay RM162. Hence you petrol extra cost you shoulder now is 162 – 115.2 = RM46.80.

    Then there is the RM52 cash rebate which means in this example, one stands to still be paying at old price 1.92 and infact one stands to gain extra RM5.20 from the Govt.

    With 60 litre, the Viva can travel about approx 300km (assuming 1 litre = 15km)

    just a thot!


  9. Hanim – 15km/l going downhill on neutral ar? Get real. 60 litres x 15km = 900km lah!!! Sigh….

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