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On the eve of the wedding, I asked my sister if she is going to stuff glutinous rice balls down her son’s throat. LOL. Normally, what Chinese Taoists do is to pray to their theen koong and feed the groom/bride-to-be tong yuen to signify wateva (sorry I am not sure). My niece also had her hair combed by the parents. But since we are in Singapore, it was too much of a bother so forget about the tong yuen.

The bride’s home is very near my nephew’s home. BTW, everything is freaking expensive in Singapore. His apartment with four rooms is enough to buy up a huge condo along the beach in Penang. *sweats*


First, the groom went to the bride’s home to pick her up and get tortured with the usual wasabi and tabasco stunts. We didn’t follow along. Then, the groom brings the bride home. My little boy was awfully cute in his suit. His job was to open the car door. I am so glad he was so cooperative on that morning eventhough we had to wake him up around 8 am. I bribed him that he will get an angpow that can buy him a Ben 10 toy.


My sister’s family in their Chinese traditional costumes. The nephew in red is almost 6 feet tall. It is not because the rest are midgets but instead, he is freaking tall, wokay? And ya, I know I look nothing like my sister because she follows my father’s look and I am stuck with my mother’s Sing Ning women look (fair, plump and very Chinese eyes). *bawls, mommy, why didn’t I get my father’s gene*

The bride came over to serve tea to the parents-in-law and us, the senior relatives. Then, the groom and bride went back to the bride’s home again to serve tea there. (wuah, so many trips, Singaporean style, I suppose?)


After the tea, it was the church wedding and later on, the dinner at Four Seasons Hotel in Orchard Road. Gosh, the dinner costs SGD1,400 per table. That’s about RM3,400 per table or RM340 per head. OMG, sons, all four of you better don’t marry any girls from Singapore, Hongkong or Taiwan because your father and I are too poor to finance your wedding, ok. Please find some girls from India which pays dowry to ME, ME, ME instead! LOL.

More about the dinner that costs RM340 per head in another post. The above is the cake cutting ceremony. The huge red rose arrangements are made with real, velvety red roses. I had to touch, smell and tear the petals to believe that they actually decorated the whole banquet hall with fresh red roses. *faints* Boh pien, I am a Penang suakoo.

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  1. Angpow from Sin guest S$300-500 per couple!
    What is the adverage angpow from Malaysian guest/couple? to their Sin. Host’s wedding ?

  2. wah lau…i think they sure rugi one.. normally wedding dinner can untung from angpow money

  3. Simply wedding it is a Chinese wedding tradition !!
    Lucky boy got to open the door of the car..

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