My #3 heard my #2 and I talking about camwhoring so much. We were talking about nothing but camwhore, camwhore, camwhore. Camwhore means taking pictures like there is no tomorrow.

But he didn’t get the right word. So, out of a sudden, he said, “I want to camslut!” I don’t know to feel proud that my son has such a colourful vocabulary, such good command of English synonyms or what. Maybe, it is the ‘or what’.


On the wedding night, I didn’t take much photos because you know lah…in a foreign land, with other people’s in-laws around, so I a bit paiseh. Moreover, I heard that they have hired official videographer and photographer (that costs a bomb, as usual) so I don’t want to ‘cheong keng thau’. My photography skills also dem kerng wan mah, right?


When I downloaded the photos, I wonder why my photos are so straight. Then, I remembered that I use the tripod as the setting with slow shutter speed makes it impossible to snap regular photos in the dim light.


Atm camslutting.

And the family photo. I am so used to edit photos with Picasa but Picasa does not run on iMac. I only have iPhoto in my iMac. My KNNCCB Pink Sony Vaio kaput-ed big time and has become a piece of shit now. If Sony doesn’t offer me an explanation why their motherboard, battery, hard disk and speakers can konked out after 1 year 3 months of purchase, be sure to hear me cuss them till they reach #1 on the SERP (search results). Lucky I managed to back-up all my photos and some files before the whole thing totally fizzled out. Don’t buy Sony Vaio. It sucks.