Wuah, my voice sounds damn funny when I recorded it the iMac using Garage Band. Actually, I do not know much about iMac and am just beginning to explore because my Sony Vaio running Windows Vista khong kah khio already. So, whether I like it or not, I have to survive by learning new tricks on iMac. Actually it is a blessing or else, the poor iMac is just sitting on my desk, playing movies and show beautiful photos.

Now, I want to do podcast already. But I do not know where to begin. So, how about you KPC readers asking me some questions so that I can actually talk to the iMac and record? I did one before but I have lost my audio file.

So, faster, take a number and ask me a question. I cannot promise to answer every single questions but I will attempt to. You can ask me in Cantonese, Hokkien, Mandarin, Bahasa Malaysia and English. Semua hampalang I also can converse.