Mommy watched a documentary the other day. She is so proud of me because the documentary about breastfeeding said that all breastfed babies are brainiac. Brainiac means I have lots of brains, wokay?

I could retort with funny replies if people ask me stupid questions. I always leave my aunties from my papa’s side speechless because they didn’t know I can speak perfect Hokkien. My mommy is utterly proud and she will shower me with kisses when we get in the car.

(I am so cute no one can scold me.)

For example, the other day one of my aunties asked me why my cheeks are so chubby, pink and cute. I replied, “Haiyor….my mommy gives me good food to eat and lots of milk to drink. People need foods and milk to become big, tall, strong and healthy. You don’t know, meh?” My mommy laughed and told my aunties that I am going to be Friso Gold ambassador if I continue to talk like that.

Then, another day, my mommy was in a cuddling mood and wanted to smother me with kisses but I refused. She merajuk and said if she doesn’t get to hug and kiss me, she will not make me anymore milk. She said all babies who still drink milk must be kissed and hugged. I coolly answered, “Never mind….papa will make milk-milk for me if you do not want to do make for me.”

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My mommy was so geram with me, she wanted to pinch me. But I ran and hide behind papa so she pinched papa instead for spoiling me. Do you know that my papa gives me my favourite Friso Gold 4 milk, four times a day? After the third tin of milk, he noticed I have much solid muscles and he even try to convince the uncle next door to give it to his boy.

But that uncle was so nervous. He said changing milk will cause constipation. My papa told him, “Nooooo lah….my boy poo every morning. Never have problem at all. Just like me. Wake up, breakfast, sure poo. Gerenti.” My mommy rolled her eyes and told papa to keep his toilet story to himself. She told the auntie that if they are worried, they can always change it according to the schedule recommended by Dutch Lady Friso. Mommy told the auntie that the milk has both prebiotics and probiotics to give me healthy guts too. No constipation, no loose stools.

**Below is the suggested schedule to change milk, taken from Dutch Lady Friso site:

Day 1-3

– Continue regular feeding with current milk formula for 1st, 2nd and 4th feed.
– Use Friso Gold with Frisoshield for the 3rd feed

Day 4-6
– Continue regular feeding with current milk formula for 1st and 4th feed.
– Use Friso Gold with Frisoshield for the 2nd & 3rd feed

Day 7-10
– Continue regular feeding with current milk formula for 1st feed only
– Use Friso Gold with Frisoshield for the 2nd , 3rd & 4th feed

Day 11 – Friso Gold with Frisoshield is now the daily milk

Mommy is so happy with my growth. I had outgrown my jeans again and I can start wearing my older brothers’ hands me down clothes. It is so good to wear my big brother’s jeans because it makes me so grown up.

(When I grow up, I want to be bigger, taller, more handsome than my kor-kor.)

Soon, my mommy may even want to let me start a blog. Oh, do you know that my mommy has bought for me my own domain? I may be the youngest person in Malaysia to own his own domain! Whoopee! I am famous, just like those Hollywood celebrities babies. But I am luckier because mommy fed me with her yummy cooking and lots of milk which keeps me healthy and strong. Smart too.

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  1. Aunties also ask me the same question on why I so cute and handsome. 😎

    Restoran jejantas???

  2. kyh – Pinch cheek must charge wan, wei. :mrgreen:

    terence – Ya, your eyes so sharp wan.

    choonie – Huh? What? Where? How? Why? Who? :mrgreen:

  3. *gasps* U pak kwong koe for formula again ah? okla, nehmindla, since u put in the breastfeeding clause i forgipchiu :mrgreen:

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