So pathetic…

I thought I can get 60+ questions but only four (and now five) people ask only worrr……

Niamah, damn malu ler….Ego deflated….ffsssstttttt…..

There goes my dream of becoming Oprah Winfrey of the blogosphere.

There goes my cita-cita.

There goes my Martha Stewart daily blog tips show.

There goes my mimpi.

There goes my ‘When I grow up, I want to be like Problogger’


But never mind lah, at least I learnt how to use Garage Band and insert all those canggih background music from my iMac. At least I learnt to control my voice so it is not so blardy squeaky. If you listen carefully, you can hear the azan behind. Cilaka, I start only, big rain come. Have to pause and close window or else sipeh luan. Then, azan pulak. Then, pigeon stood outside my window and coo-ed.

Somemore got anyone want to ask me questions or get me to talk or not ah?

Oik, semua lari liao?

Tks to labnol for the code on how to insert Google player.

12 thoughts on “So pathetic…

  1. sorry lah… u r cee pek fast for me… i havent posted yet ma.

    podcast… wey, can you talk to yourself non stop for 30mins? sounds easy but it’s quite difficult.

    anyway, my suggestions are to talk abt everyday life… like, why kids can spend >$10 on a cup of kopi nowadays, how macdonald can charge so much for a bigmac etc etc… better stay away fr poiitic.. nanti kena tua kee not good!

  2. oh so you were podcasting izit just now? No wonder la my browser time-out for so long! šŸ™ You know la this stupid ISP called SCREAMYX, I pay RM77 per month KNN slower than dial-up 56K

    Geralds last blog post..Rock-a-billie

  3. gerald – Yalor, today the CCB streamyx like tortoise speed but my server also kasi problem. Not my podcast lah, I think. My voice so smooth, cannot kena jam mah.

    JT – Actually if it is long, I normally write it out and then read out. But the longest I did is 10 minutes. Pause and continue lah. Where can talk to self for 30 mins lah. Can masuk Hospital Bahagia likedat. :mrgreen:

    I no sked chenghoo (gahmen) wan lah cos I always very careful take care my butt wan. I worked in legal firm before, so I pandai siam-siam wan.

  4. Yeah 5Xmom podcast! XD

    I remember you did it something similar sometime ago, with Audacity if not mistaken?

    Anyway my Q:
    How do you manage to stay neutral all the time in political and religious stuffs? You spoke about these 2 topics quite frequently in this blog and yet you still could maintain some sort of neutrality in it.
    MSM? Alternative media? Divine’s guidance? Etc?

    CLFs last blog post..Mozilla Firefox 3!

  5. Sorry for the weird question..

    Q: What is your greatest fear and embrassment that you ever had, so far. And what or who is your biggest inspiration when writting a blog.

    perhaps it sounds boring to you, or else share with your dark secrets. šŸ˜ˆ

  6. Ooh, I heard my name mentioned! First too, kekeke. But with my connection speed right now, it doesn’t seem to load the podcast. Have to wait till tomorrow midnight when my connection is reset then come back and listen.

    Oh why not use podpress? I use it before and it works pretty well for me =)

    ChanRaymonds last blog post..1990 Toyota Supra Twin Turbo GA70

  7. but lilian, reading out fr a script not sound spontaneous lah… like a news reader, sian leh. nanti ppl all go ‘fishing’. I expect surprises, fiery comments and no-hold-back-bare-all comments fr some1 tht goes by the name ‘Obnoxious 5xmum’.

  8. That’s not the voice I imagine you to own! LOL LOL!!! so soft one ur voice… i thought ur voice wud be somewhat like lillian too. haha!!!

    aiyo aunty! why so humble? u r femes ma! šŸ˜€

    kyhs last blog post..Abodes where angels dwell

  9. kyh – Aiyor, my voice not so phua keg like that lau yee lah. Abuden, I not so rich like her either.

    infant – That is from the iMac Garage Band software.

    Raymond – LOL, easy way for evading questions mah. You no like the boing sound meh?

    JT – Ingrish not my first language, very hard to speak lah. I must first think what to say, then translate, then sentence structure, then grammar, then ……LOL

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