I thought I can get 60+ questions but only four (and now five) people ask only worrr……

Niamah, damn malu ler….Ego deflated….ffsssstttttt…..

There goes my dream of becoming Oprah Winfrey of the blogosphere.

There goes my cita-cita.

There goes my Martha Stewart daily blog tips show.

There goes my mimpi.

There goes my ‘When I grow up, I want to be like Problogger’


But never mind lah, at least I learnt how to use Garage Band and insert all those canggih background music from my iMac. At least I learnt to control my voice so it is not so blardy squeaky. If you listen carefully, you can hear the azan behind. Cilaka, I start only, big rain come. Have to pause and close window or else sipeh luan. Then, azan pulak. Then, pigeon stood outside my window and coo-ed.

Somemore got anyone want to ask me questions or get me to talk or not ah?

Oik, semua lari liao?

Tks to labnol for the code on how to insert Google player.