I need to find people to diu

Finally, today, I get to sit down and blog and read blogs and learn new stuffs and discover new make money lubang. Gee, I didn’t know that I have lost touch with so many things over these few weeks or maybe months.

It is one of those days when I feel the urge to find somebody or some thing to tiu. You know lah..it is one of those womenly things we women do best. It keeps me happy and my poor kids and hubby then, don’t have to suffer my ngam-ngam-cham-cham. Actually, I think on a scale of 1 to 10 in terms of nagging (with 10 being the worst nagger), I am a minus one. So nice hor? (correct or not, #2? Don’t forget who o.k. your Koi and Lobster, ok?)

So, here goes my honorable kena tiu people :

1) CCB Sony. KNN, my laptop died after one year three months. The cilaka speakers, motherboard, hard disk and battery kaput-ed. So, I tulan and ‘cheong’ Sony Vaio. So happy now ‘cos if people search to buy Sony Vaio, they find my blog post on #3 position on page 1. Padan muka. Where got people manufacture so fragile things lah. Only one year three months lifespan. Kanasai, I took care of the laptop so well, I didn’t even let my kids play games on it, in case they burnt it. The cibai repairs will cost me RM3K so Sony can go fly kite. Don’t buy Sony Vaio. Remember.

Sony Vaio problems
(See? I told them liao, give me a discount for the repairs. Somemore wanna charge me for pronouncing that my Sony Vaio is dead. Niamah, doctors pronounced people dead, they also never charge consultation fees lah. If you are a Sony staff, note that I had asked your Penang Service Centre to help me look into the costs but no one bothered.)

2) Cilaka Streamyx. The speed damn slow. My Youtube videos cannot upload never mind, want to download also slow. Niamah. And the farking 4 (what liao? MBps?) package we applied, until now never connect yet.

3) AmAssurance, AmBank, AmGroup are all untas – My poor sister-in-law kena till blur blur cos she had to fill in a stack of forms and get the commisioner for oath (corect?) to certify true copies of her late husband IC, burial certificate, doctor’s certificate, find his birth cert etc etc. Stupid wan. The death certificate is considered the official real document but AmGroup doesn’t accept. So, my hubby had to find the undertaker, the doctor in GH and etc to find the original certs. Chisin mia bank. It is not like we are claiming millions of Ringgit. Only some ciplak MRTA. Nay, the kind of insurance where you khong kah khio lioa, the housing loan fully paid wan? Somemore want a dead person birth cert. You say siao boh siao? I told my loukong, he better don’t kick bucket before me because if I have to go through all these, I sure skali murder all those inefficient people.

4) Those people lor. No problem time, never come to say hi to me. Know I damn emo time, also never drop a mail or two. Got problems time, baru mau SMS. I tulan, I lazy, I don’t want to install MSN on my iMac. I fai si entertain. You sindiri pigi long piak. (long piak – knock head on the wall)

5) Those religious fanatics. Nay, teach people to chant. I ask ‘Eh, what the chant means ah?’ Don’t know what it means wor. Then, chant for what foot lah. My God very senang, says no need to so mah huan, chant chant chant what lah. Bising lah. If you in deep shit and wish to find my God help, we just call ‘Eh, Jesus, boleh tolong?’ But those people, chant until go up sky to find their god. I actually don’t care about other people’s religion wan. But I si peh beh tahan when these people hor, said what you know? They say hor, people get sick because god punish lah, god testing lah, payback for previous life wrong doings lah. Say all those beggars and poor people on the road, they all sendiri cari pasal wan. Tiu, people died liao, somemore rub salt and say, “aiyah, he asked for it wan, smoke so much, drink so much”. Terang-terang I told them, I Christian, somemore wanna force their beliefs on me.

6) Our froggers politicians. Nay, that Ong Ka Chuak. Niamah, no other faces to show us meh? Every day also feature Ong Ka Chuak about how relevant they are. Sit on big bike, looks like ‘chi pak kuai’. And that Koh Tsu Koon. Oi, my #1 hero CM Lim Guan Eng baru become CM for 100 days, Koh Tsu Koon wanna aksi, ask CM Lim Guan Eng to show report card. Ah Koon ruled Penang for how many decades, bus system like shit, whole of Weld Quay like a slum, Komtar like beggar hole, MPPP korek sana, korek sini with unnecessary beautification projects, we all never kira with you. Leave a big pile of shit for CM Lim Guan Eng to clear, somemore dare to talk. Every day I read about this people jump here, jump there but nothing happens. Faster jump over lah.

7) That Khairy Jamaluddin blog, on his link, there is one kulit pisang blogsite. Ish, how can our Government allow such seditious posts stay online, I cannot understand. They keep fanning fires, telling the Malays how we Chinese and Indians are taking advantage. They questioned why Perak speakers comprise one Indian and one Chinese and they asked ‘takkan tak ada Melayu?’ Hello, why must bring up the races lah? It was the Cina and India who voted PAS into power in Perak. It was majoriti DAP aka Cina who have the most seats in Perak. But since, the MB is a Malay, why bring up such petty things lah?

8 ) Those social bloggers. Nay, the kind where they open up a blog each and then, comment on each other blogs. Chey, waste time lah. So clever to write Ingrish, go make money blogging mah more productive. I sienz listen to this blogger, that blogger tell me this person starts a blog, that person starts a blog. Chey, who cares lah. If they want to tell me, sindiri tell me or leave a comment on my blog or something. Otherwise, go play far far, I fai si entertain. Mou ngan dai.

9) Aiks, no else for me to tiu.

10) Who wants to kena tiu? I have not done so for a while I am getting worried I will grow a halo on my head. šŸ˜ˆ I love me horns.

Lucky I never lost my Obnoxious 5xmom streak. Phew….

30 thoughts on “I need to find people to diu

  1. Luckily I didn’t go for Sony, almost went for it šŸ˜› I managed to kill my Dell’s motherboard in less than two month times *LOL* But it’s back now. They got it fixed within 24 hours right on the spot. Phew…

  2. my bf nearly 1 inch from buying sony,kena tipu with appearance,so he got toshiba now, so far so good, speaker sibeh good. And i m using company dell, have been changing all the parts since i got the pc 6 months ago, motherboard,wifi card,speaker and twice for keyboards and lucky under warranty however I think better they give me a new laptop. Haha and most fortunate is , this;s my company one not mine, wan jimat but buy something of bad quality

  3. I have used Toshiba, Dell and Apple…better to go for the PowerBook by Apple, more stable and better quality.
    You want cheap and ok quality, go for Dell but check out the specs properly first. I have been using my Dell for more than a year, so far so good. No problems. Company also using dell desktops also no problem. furthermore, dell has quite good customer support.

    Toshiba – not recommended. Damn expensive too and a lot of problems also. Unless you buy the ones made in Japan (which is even more expensive!), better not to go for it. And LOUSY customer support too. I know of TEN people who bought Toshiba laptops and has problems with it.

    Wah…luckily you write about the Sony Vaio…I kinda like it because so ‘cantik’. Hmmm…goes to show that pretty things may not be good things, huh? šŸ˜‰

  4. no money buy apple leh, ini apple dont know from wat country, bloody expensive. sometimes buying laptop also depends luck, my fren used toshiba more than 7-8 yrs without probs. I think desktop pc the best !

  5. wah lou eh.. is the time of the month liau? whoever stood close to you must kena blue black right left centre…..hubby ok ah? what has kiasu-land done to you in tht mere 2-3 days??
    i hav sony vaio also..infact, after 6 years..all i had to do is change the internal hard drive, i now only use it for word processing and occ serving ony lah.
    i think ah… u r just being unlucky. how much to buy the extended warranty fr sony ah?

  6. my toshiba’s been serving me a couple of years now. Pretty good, at least it’s still working even though I leave it on 24/7 (been about 3 weeks since I turned it off), so I’m not going to complain. Don’t want it to die on me right now =P

    ChanRaymonds last blog post..1990 Toyota Supra Twin Turbo GA70

  7. JT – No wor, I don’t tiu people wan, just blogitiu only jek. Eh, what you braff lah. Sony Vaio only launched around the time I bought it. Where got 6 years liao. Extended warranty – I got the card but eheh, I lazy to log in and buy. Actually hor, the cost is irrelevant. The joy of getting side by side with Sony site is priceless.

  8. raymond – Over here, Toshiba dem expensive ler.

    Foong/Jess – I still have my reliable Dell desktop running, after seven years. But I heard Dell’s quality dropped liao, not as reliable as last time. If I have the money, I will get a MacBook Pro. :mrgreen:

  9. Weli’kambing beg the OBNoXiouSnEsS part of 5Xmom!
    Remember to call Ah Chuan for your Sony VAIO(Very Auta Inside Out) burial too.

  10. where got braff, my vaio is PCG-R600 series damn old one, think it was the first gen. so old i think 6 yrs may be a bit underestimated.

  11. welcome back lilian ahyi..
    unfortunately..my gf bought her sony Vaio last few weeks.. šŸ˜• hope she got no problem with her pinky šŸ˜

  12. Macbook si pek kooi leh. Have been using company’s HP all this while. No major problem so far.
    StreamyASS is damn slow leh.

  13. One more group of ppl that u could tiu; the EPF morons. Cannot understand why other funds like Tabung Haji, Amanah-amanah Sahams can declare 8-12% dividends every year. EPF not even 6%, KNN CCB. Where’s the logic? Are we, the EPF contributors ‘subsidising’ part of our dividends to these other funds??

  14. first thing to diu, streamyx/steamyx/slowmyx..whtever..these few days…it’s so slow tht I use 56k modem also faster..swt…it would take minutes to load my own blog..swt..

    2nd, religous fanatic..last time hor I got frighten macam dunno how to say..

    these aunties hor, say I have to baptize la, if no baptize, then god would not listen to my prayers, but I still have to pray..
    Guess wht, they force me to speak in tongue even though they know I’m not baptize…swt la..
    Jz because they think they read the bible a lil bit, they think God is on vacation…swt..

    worst thing I hate, they suka suka curse ppl to hell one..swt..they suka say, u do this u go to hell, u dun do this, u go to hell…aiks…suka sgt call ppl go hell…swt..

    CharlesKeys last blog post..Meow

  15. CK – If heaven and hell are according to these people, hell will be overcrowded and everyone has to relocate to heaven. LOL. I know a few people like that too. They suka suka say, You see lah, God sure punisssshhh these people.

    terence – Ptui

    AP – Did you read the Khazanah’s head get RM9M salary per year, compared to the rest who get only about RM1M (which is still high jugak)? The #2 mia bro lah.

  16. why u dun wan Extended Warranty for ur laptop??? usually can extended until 2-3 years.. my previous LCD is Sony one.. after use one year plus.. something happened to my LCD… but i send to warranty after 2 years plus.. They refund full amount to me.. Sony already provided us Sony Extended Warranty. we just need to pay some money to extend warranty.. better than after warranty.. ur laptop die or wat…

  17. I veli shiok read the way you tiu people especially now that I am in tulan mode. Feel like you helping me to put my tulan-ness into words.

  18. Hoh seh liao!!

    For a moment we all thought the 5xmom gone mellow liao!!

    It’s ok to ngam ngam cham cham one, don’t know, my wife says that means love woh!!
    So go ngam ngam cham cham coz it shows love mah…..

    Ha,ha….laughed my ass off reading your tiu’s!!

  19. That Sony ar… alaways like that la. Always wanna have their own way in everything – propriety accessories. Sony camera & PSP – can only use Sony Memory stick (Magic Gate), so ppl make cheap version even Sony experts can’t tell the difference. UMD – aiya you tell me la other than PSP games where got ppl buy UMD songs and movies in Malaysia. They once made handphones ( I think it was the one called the Banana phone.

    Screamyx very the farking slow la, and then they dare to put cap on the speed sommore, tiu! We pay for the speed so give us the speed la hor. You know what excuse they (TM ppl) give for the capping – to discourage ppl from torrenting, ccb – that’s why its called broadband la.

    Sorry again ar… I also kasi let go on your blog. Coz I also had a shitty day with PJ public transportation and stupid AIA call center.

    Geralds last blog post..Daylight robbery – Petaling Jaya on public transport

  20. I phrase got my attention saying you like to be of that behind problogger. Why? still you can make your own mark online… but if you still insist its your decision to make… šŸ˜†

    Godbless bro… I stumbled in your site looking for PR4 to exchange links with.

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