Mental (people) note

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Go on, do it!

Treat my previous posts’ comments as your own blog and reply for me. Please….

Let’s see who replied the most interesting way and I shall pass them a t-shirt printed with my blog URL. Limited time to do it. (cos I not so rich to giveaway many t-shirts)

Ta ta!

(yay! I got my silkscreen from 9pek9bo already, can make personalised 5xmom t-shirt already)

6 thoughts on “Mental (people) note

  1. Just give me the T shirt lah. Anyhow I am the best if I delete all the others. Bwahahaha!!!

  2. haha, Lilian ahyi I want the t-shirt :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
    So im trying to do a reply to your previous post ya Lilian Ahyi :mrgreen:

    me : About firework during CNY in my hometown which is taiping, i got a story with my love 1 šŸ˜€ Remember CNY 2007, we went out to kao long(Drive car go out blow wind), and we decide to stop at opposite my friend’s house’s field. The field is so big and wide, we come out and sit in front of my car. We face to the field, and suddenly in front of us (quite far) got people play fireworks, the fireworks fly up to the top of us and very beautiful 1, and of course romantic :mrgreen: (very lucky)
    We were enjoying when the fireworks going..memorable :mrgreen:
    The second day of CNY, same thing same time we go to the same places, again, we have the same things happened. the family play their fireworks again..YES !! :mrgreen:

    So lilian ahyi, if your son don like fireworks, noneed to go such crowded place 1, go anywhere during CNY, field or big place (less ppl 1), stay for few minutes, maybe u can watch free fireworks. If no fireworks after few minutes, just cabut lo..i believe FATE :mrgreen:

    So, waiting Lilian ahyi good news that i win the T-shirt with your blog url ya :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
    Thanks !! :mrgreen:

  3. Bryan: don’t have to be girl wat…who knows the doctor like half-half wan…. :mrgreen:

    kyh: no need to give good counseling wan, just ‘o pek pong’ (simply taruh) just to win the T-shirt la!

    terence: ceh, in your dreams!! I will post more comments so fast you won’t have time to delete it! šŸ˜ˆ

    kidkiller: wah…good way to watch free fireworks just be careful don’t stand too near hoh.

    Agnes: have a safe journey, you can’t have the t-shir because I WANT IT!

    So, my replies to your comments here boleh pakai ah? Do I win the t-shirt? Where do I collect? What colour is it? Can choose colour ah? Give me size L. :mrgreen:

    Foongs last blog post..Kedah MB Azizan Abdul Razak, are you stupid or what?

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