Hey, are you still reading my blog?

I read back my old post on ‘How to find Jesus in the most bitter person’ and it leads to this comment I found on NyonyaPenang blog. I have met pretty her (and she is nothing like a Nyonya but curvy like one lah) once in Penang. The comment is left by someone whom has no name. The comment is several years old and frankly, I cannot recall why I stepped on the person’s toes.

Here is what people said to me on someone else blog in 2006
. Cilaka, don’t dare come to my blog to leave the comment, go write so long on someone else blog pulak.

At 3:22 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:
People living in glass houses should not throw stones. Lilian is equally as unkind and even more cruel with some of her blogs and comments. Both should learn to take as much as they give. Plus the profanities are beyond description on these two blogs when both have such young children. Especially Lilian who claims she is a Christian and then goes and swears in front of her kids and for the whole world to read, what example is she? Then you criticise the sort of people out there who are unkind and gila but ppl like Lilian is the gila one…..no motherly or godly examples who is conceited.
Lilian should stop talking about God and claiming her change in outlook to life but on the other hand, the swear words she uses is not of God and using God’s name in vain.

Exodus 20:7 You should not take the name of your God in vain.

Lilian should wake up to herself. No harm writing what she wants but don’t profess to be a Christian but not live the life of one. She is allowing the devil to shame God. Someone who is truly saved and has the Holy Spirit in her would be more discerning which Lilian is not. It would be interesting to see if her priest of the church knows what she writes and the words she chooses to use.

So, Hoi, you cilaka Anon. Are you still reading my blog? Can you please tell me if I have changed in these two years? I suppose bitter people like you surely definitely 100% guaranteed pasti continue stalking my blog just because you hate my guts, my mulut celupar and are probably hoping I would die soon and go to hell and burnt along with you. So, I dare you. Come and remind me what I did in July 2006 that irked you so much. I have totally forgotten them already.

And you know why I bring up this old comment? Because one of the sentence made me feel so good. So very good. The feeling is awesome. I bet when you penned that down, you never realised that it could one day be my joy. I feel so loved, so appreciated, so important, so significant, so relevant because of your words. You reminded me of that. So, I must thank you. But still, Ptui! *nah, middle finger*

14 thoughts on “Hey, are you still reading my blog?

  1. dun dwell on the past lah… move on. niamah… my hayfever is killing me… unable to function even at 70%. watery eyes…. stuffed nose flooded with yum mee nose juice….HELP…
    the grass pollens here are so cee pek strong one.

  2. Padan. Nyek…. 😈 This one not dwelling on the past. This one is fishing for people to cari gaduh with. :mrgreen: Boring mah, every day write serious post, so must go fishing for people to chwei soo with.

  3. aiyo awat ada cilakoi suka cari gaduh huh? not even politikus aitelyu. God will send them to hell.


  4. Lilian ahyi don bother them la..but i understand a little bit of your attitude haha, you like this kind of issue or i’m wrong ? :mrgreen:

  5. Lilian

    Forget about that anon jerks lar. Once my christian friend told me, “Whether i go to church or not, it is not your business.Whether I do good deed or not, it is also not your business. In the end of the days, in the judgement day, it is between me and my god. So you have no right.”

    Which is very true. Why someone else have to be so nosy that he/she have to advise us. Human are evils by nature. hence why should they be so nosy, there should worried about of themselves first.

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  6. The past sometimes comes back to haunt us. Forget about the anon losers. You are right that it’s between you and your God…keep blogging and keep ‘tuiing’ those who should be ‘tuied’.

    AnakPenangs last blog post..Tiga Suku Cheng Hoo

  7. The past sometimes comes back to haunt us. Forget about the anon losers. You are right that it’s between you and your God…keep blogging and keep ‘tiuing’ those who should be ‘tiued’.

    AnakPenangs last blog post..Tiga Suku Cheng Hoo

  8. the religion part i don’t care so much lah, not other business. You have your own faith and just do whatever you think may bring best of you.

    but giving middle finger to other people part, just imagine if your kids read your blog…

  9. Jusoh – If my kid is old enough to know read my blog and read this *show the middle finger* and he still is shielded from this action (as in not suppose to let him know/let him see), then I will be awfully worried. Get real, will you?

  10. lilian,

    I have only started reading your blog a few months ago. IMHO, what Anon did inappropriately was to post something about lilian in another blog.

    But while I am not ANON, I do agree to a certain extent the things that anon writes.

    No, I am not picking a fight here. I don’t dare to. Not because I dare not stand up for my view and opinion, but I could not stand the expletives that you will be torpedoing to my direction. Nothing will be gained anyway, but time wasted and feelings hurt. (most probably mine, you are too kebal)

    But I do hope that you understand others are entitled to their opinion too. And if you ever disagree with them, perhaps you could consider to respond to them in the manner they disagree with you?

    While you are right to say that God is the ultimate judge, Christians are also called to rebuke each other in love. While each of us work out our own salvation, we are nevertheless part of the greater Body of Christ. Sometimes it’s not the advise which we dislike, but from whose mouth it’s from.

    Good day everyone.


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