Teresa Teng ‘Moon represents my heart’ Youtube video


The moon is so bright tonight. It is so beautiful so I fast fast ran to my Digi-Cabi and took out my much neglected Nikon DSLR and capture these photos through my apartment unit windows.


My Nikon VR 18-200mm zoom lens si pek ho liao. I think if I want, I can even zoom into my neighbour’s bedroom. *drools* Wait I see where got single bachelors’ pad first. Too bad, none, all pensioners only. Chey…

So, when I see the moon, I thought of this Teresa Teng’s song. My ex-boss’s favourite karaoke song. Chey…..again. Of all people, I go think of my tiger-Chinaman-dem fierce ex-boss pulak. But sometimes, I wish I am still working for him. Cos of all the hundreds of employees and his own nepotism relatives and including his wife and daughters, I am the only one whom he never scolded. Everyone wondered what kong tau I give him that make him so nice to me. (don’t jump to conclusion, he got four bini, ok? One after another, not all together. And he is not a Muslim lah.)

This Teresa Teng ‘Yeh liang tai piau wa ti sing’ is a really nice song. Son #2 : Remember hor. If I kick the bucket while I am still in the church choir, tell the choir master/mistress that I want this song sung by the choir at my funeral wake, ok? Tell the priest that it must be thanksgiving hymn. And then, if you all hire those undertaker underground band, make sure they know how to play this song also.


Tiu lor, the song so loman but I got no one to loman with. Never mind, excuse me, I go kacau my atm.

So happy full moon night!

12 thoughts on “Teresa Teng ‘Moon represents my heart’ Youtube video

  1. LoL..Lilian ahyi, your husband no longer long man with you d aR ? :mgreen:
    Teresa Teh is my dad favourite singer..he and my mum also like her song and keep opening Teresa Teh ‘s song..until i know how to sing also haha..

  2. Dr Tan – Cos only he reads my blog mah. Not that I favouritism lah. Yalor, yalor, blame it on the full moon for the pink fonts.

    kahoong – I married for 20 years liao, if see full moon also must loman, die lor. 20 x 12 = how many full moons liao? Hahaha

    choonie – Yeah, I turned into serigala with taring. Waiting to bite annoying commentors or anyone who crossed my path. šŸ˜ˆ

  3. Brings me bak 2 my childhood. Funny when u r small, we nvr appreciate it. Sum more say my gramps so noisy put so lau beh songs. Now tat he is gone, brought bak a lot of memories i tot gone.

  4. Wow! Cool photographic shots here…you are so talented!The moonlight, window-light and the lamp creating such a lorman scene!

  5. yr photo… 1 word… ‘sui’

    u remember when teresa had a concert in penang town hall?? she sang the bak chan song… guess what.. i got one from her by the stage…hoo wah.. i cee pek song ah tht time (was only a kid tht time), she recognised me coz my family had dinner with her n organisers the night before. i never get tired hearing her songs…’cue..music… ciau chen koo si tuo…’

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