Tell me what comes out of your mouth when these happen. The pink fonts are my standard, automated, programmed since childhood, hard to erase and reprogram, probably stick to me till death do us part.

1) You accidentally hurt your toes when you kicked the sharp edge of a chair/table and the pain is excruciating.

If at home : ADOI, EEMAKCIBAI!macibaimacibai (repeat till the pain goes away)
If outside : OUCH! OUCH! OUCH!

2) Someone rudely cut into your lane or trying hard to squeeze in front of your car after you have queued for the last 500 metres in the last 30 minutes.

If no small kids : WATTAFARK….   Come lah, faaaaaaarkiu.  I will ram your car.
(and in the background, the little devils will be chanting, “Come on, mom, show them you are the 5xmom, don’t let him cut in)

If got parroting young  kids : Shit!
(and no choice got to get bulllied)

3) Your most hated football team win (or Sami Bulu got re-elected back to Parliament or something likedat lah)

If at home :  Pompliak leh…. (actually, I don’t know what it means but it is Tamil)

If outside :  Wattahell….

So, what you say in those situations? Please tell me you don’t bottled up all those? If you do, you need to watch Anger Management.

I found this old post on swearing and am glad that I had retired from mommies’ forum.