Wut chew sez

Tell me what comes out of your mouth when these happen. The pink fonts are my standard, automated, programmed since childhood, hard to erase and reprogram, probably stick to me till death do us part.

1) You accidentally hurt your toes when you kicked the sharp edge of a chair/table and the pain is excruciating.

If at home : ADOI, EEMAKCIBAI!macibaimacibai (repeat till the pain goes away)
If outside : OUCH! OUCH! OUCH!

2) Someone rudely cut into your lane or trying hard to squeeze in front of your car after you have queued for the last 500 metres in the last 30 minutes.

If no small kids : WATTAFARK….   Come lah, faaaaaaarkiu.  I will ram your car.
(and in the background, the little devils will be chanting, “Come on, mom, show them you are the 5xmom, don’t let him cut in)

If got parroting young  kids : Shit!
(and no choice got to get bulllied)

3) Your most hated football team win (or Sami Bulu got re-elected back to Parliament or something likedat lah)

If at home :  Pompliak leh…. (actually, I don’t know what it means but it is Tamil)

If outside :  Wattahell….

So, what you say in those situations? Please tell me you don’t bottled up all those? If you do, you need to watch Anger Management.

I found this old post on swearing and am glad that I had retired from mommies’ forum.

23 thoughts on “Wut chew sez

  1. Mine is mostly, ‘CIBAIIIII…..’ indoor outdoor, all the same, one vocab fits all.

  2. Not used to all that words but SHIT only. All the time. I have to be honest that I swear in the class too. LOL
    I SHIT when the chalks keep on breaking.
    I SHIT when I scratch my finger nails while writing on the blackboard.
    I SHIT when I forget to bring my books/necessary teaching materials to class (wei… my classes are at the end of the world. Almost 5 min to walk back to the staffroom.)
    I BULLSHIT when students tell me lies or excuses which are not acceptable.
    Gee… I think I am a bad teacher now.
    Can’t imagine if I say CIBAI, PUKIMAK, FUCK, etc all the time. I will probably say that too in the class. I dun have ‘if at home’ or ‘if outside’ one. Mine is ‘all the time’ one.

    Choonies last blog post..Congratulation

  3. LOL!!!!

    When there are kids below the age of 18, will curse “nicely-la”…


    With kids > 18 yrs…

    FARK!! FARK!!

    😆 😆 😆

    Angie Tans last blog post..Wedded Bliss – Congratulations Dallas & Melina

  4. hahahahahhh….sori off topic a bit but I just had to laugh at the Is Y for Egg or Yolk? How come I never noticed there’s one whole thread of discussion about it?? *pengsan* :p

  5. 1) If i kick something, i will say “DAMN IT” !!

    2) if some cut q, i will said “MALER !! IDIOT LAR !!


    haha..im not biasa speak out Fuck this word..i will only say “KNN” or “MALER” haha..

    shud i learn from you lilian ahyi ? :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  6. 1) ounch….then OUNCH…again (how u guys can think of some other expressions is beyond me, u pain signals travel slower perhaps????)

    2) I horn to grab tht wanker ‘s attention, then use my index to tap on side of forehead (u brainless ah) then middle finger..! i very too lan queue cutters like tht as if my time is less valuable than his! oh yes.. i hav come out of my car and confronted ppl like these. (drivers should work together to teach the moron a lesson)

    3) lampah-lah….all ceh meh (buta) one!

  7. JT – I was manufactured and programmed with Hokkien words mah. So OUCH is not Hokkien wut.

    AP – Ya, pondek is also part of the vocab. Maybe it is a Penang thing.

    eevet – Kanasai is a Singapore slang hor? Along with Nabeh. That day I heard so many nabeh there.

    gerald – Seems like Penang Chinese more flowery languages.

    ki – Niasing also not common to me.

    Dr. Tan – That’s what I told my sons too if I hear any F word. I warn them I will bring the Clorox so yeah, in as much as I blog the F word, none of us use it at home.

    kidkiller – I always go ‘lu mak leh’ and my son will go, Ha, why are you scolding yourself?

  8. sooi2 – Haiyor, I tell you, last time hor, so tension wan. One time I wrote the word crap, these women went and gossip about me in MeadJohnson forum. KNN, I sibeh tulan, I skali banned all of them. That’s why if you see I seem to have more haters than other bloggers, it is because of my own doing lor. Go mix with such prim and proper ladies, I caused them mental trauma that lasts for years and years. Hahaha. I bet they are still reading my blog at this very minute.

  9. angie – Wuah…your vocab so wide.

    terence – Tiu

    Cikgu Choonie – 😯 You actually said bullshit to your students? Damn, they must really like you cos not often got teachers so real wan wor.

    LX – Those words very good to relief the pain mah….Try and see…Hahaha That day I got splattered with oil while frying fish, kena five blisters on the hand. I go put my hand under running water and went mapukimapukimapukimapuki. Gerenti to take the pain away.

  10. Does ‘Ngor kan lei ma chi mai!’ sounds vulgar to you? But it actually means “I follow the numbers your mom bought” in Cantonese!
    “Thiew lei lo mo chau hai!” and here again I meant to throw away your mommy’s stinking shoes la..nothing offensive ma! hahaha!

  11. hahaha…
    so funny lah u, I wont use that much version in swearing, the usual TIU is more than enuf dy =P

    Ulats last blog post..?????

  12. i will tentatively use either “fuck” or “crap”

    “crap” is when i cannot say “fuck” of course.

    sometimes apply “tiu” or “tulan already” if talking to chinese friends (the funny part is that last time i actually dunno “tulan” is for “tu” punya “lan”, HARAM JADAH!)

  13. 1) aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh,…..no swearing lah,,,

    2) CCB, KKN, SHIT U LA….Ur marder nvr teach u to drive properly ah!

    So, i should learn to be more polite on the road? I dunno… 👿

    jarods last blog post..Vote of No confidence

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