Tap head and non-water proof mascara

Our church’s toilets tap heads were stolen! LOL, can you imagine that? I read that the thief/thieves went to the church grounds one stormy day, turned off the main water supply and took away every single tap heads. Haih….last time, they stole the Mother Mary statue from the grotto (garden) and now, the tap heads also the thieves sapu. I wonder when they will come again and find the water which will make them not thirst again. The Living Water, I mean. God bless them.

So, today is Father Henry’s birthday. I call him the Powerpoint priest because almost all his homily has powerpoint slides. If I am on duty to jaga the OHP and it is his homily, then, I sweat already because sometimes he would tell me, “Today, I won’t be saying ‘next slide’ so you try to follow and change the slide.” But I cannot always predict what comes next because sometimes he has these fanciful pop up and I ter-click too much forward and the whole congregation would turn their heads to stare at the idiot (me lah) when Father Henry said, “Wait, wait, wait not so fast.” Yerrrrrrr….You know how embarrassing it is ah? Where I sit, there is an elevated platform. So, I imagined those people cussing, “Hoi, you don’t give us spoilers lah, spoil our suspense only. Jesus nochet die, you already showed us the revealation.”

(last year birthday photo, taken with my camera phone)

Anyway, Happy Birthday to Father Henry (though I know he doesn’t read my blog, phewww…). Now, about today homily……

(this year photo, as usual, my photo is senget to the left haha)

So, Father Henry went on with his usual homily about the soul. There are some things that touched me like how we should be in tune with our souls. Actually, my mind was starting to drift and I was telling myself how my blog sometimes reflect my soul. Father Henry said that we have to be real, to be in touch with our souls. The good and the bad of it, and never just show the good side on the outside. So, I was like ‘yayayaya, just like my blog lah, and yet, people somemore wanna pok-pek pok-pek say I am not being Christian-y because I allowed Satan to blog for me sometimes. I know I am damn real, ok?”

Anyway, Father Henry hasn’t touched the big four O so usually, I am quite biased because I feel he is rather young (it’s a compliment, ok?) and hence, sometimes, I found his homily more informative than inspirational. Usually, it is like, oh ok….. next…..

He talked about something his friend told him. There were these doctors who were discussing about how the soul departed the body when a person dies. And I was like ok…..

And then, he said we Catholics better believe that all of us have souls or there is no point that we go to church. And I was like, ok….you make sense. I believe in souls.

And then, something that I haven’t thought of. All the time, when I think a person dies, they make that walk to the light. They go to the light. Thanks to all the TV series and movies I watched. It is always ‘we go, we move, we head to the light’. The action of the deceased person going away.

Then, Father Henry said, one of the doctor refuted the claim of a soul because when a person died, he died. Pochik, elek, no more. What soul also don’t see. (btw, Father Henry is an Indian priest who speaks Taiwanese Mandarin and READ and WRITE Mandarin)

But the other doctor said, “Thank God.” Well, I do not remember or care how Father explained it from there. Something just make sense suddenly. All the time, I never envisioned what happened to the soul of my son. He can’t walk so I never ask myself how do babies’ souls go to the light. This evening, I imagined God coming to bring the souls of the departed. Not the other way round. And no grim reaper with the black robe and scythe to claim. But Jesus probably come and say, “Hi, let’s have a party….Let me take you there. Membership card not required. St. Peter has retired.” And that may sound silly to a lot of people but to us, who have seen people breathed their last, especially people that we love with our heart and soul, it is like a big burden off my chest.

Then, it is still quite the usual, weekend mass. However, Geraldine the organist today played some hymns that I really, really love. Shout to the Lord, Take Me Lord and The Summons. So, the mood is there.

(before I went to church, I found the sky and clouds so nice so I took it a pic with the stump of a tree. Someone poured diesel on the tree to kill it!)

But after the collection, a dragonfly started buzzing around my pew. A dragonfly means a lot to me. I took it as a sign from God that ‘they’ are at the other, better world and I just have to hang on just a little while longer. Errm..maybe give me another three decades, ok Lord?

And the tap is about to burst. I do not want to because as usual, I never bring tissue. And I was using a non-waterproof mascara. I do not want to look like Kungfu Panda with the black, smeared eyes. Imagine at communion, the communion minister says, “Body of Christ” and instead of ‘Amen, I go Ammah…..I want to cry already….’

So, I switched my thoughts to the collection. Collection and presentation of gifts was held up because of something. And I wondered……how come we people only give when the money bag is thrust on our face? I wonder if churches have experimented with a ‘collection box’ at the main door and see if people will drop in their money on their own? I bet the church will manage only 1/3 of the usual amount collected. I suppose we are all like that. When the bag is right in front of us, we have to dig our pockets because we are afraid others will see us not giving.

Back to the song, The Summons, it was just last evening when I thought hard about the person I mentioned in my previous post with The Summons lyrics. I wanted to go and find him myself because he has been missing from church for a long time. But I am too scared of going to Rifle Range flat because there is no parking, the place stinks with rats running around and I forgot where he lives as I went only once. I had asked the welfare guy who oversees things and provide him the financial help. Welfare guy told me, “He merajuk and went to another church already.” Still, it bugs me. What caused him merajuk? Arrggh….I think too much. John? Anyone seen John?

This is a very long ramblings. Please do not comment if you do not know what to say. But talk about the stolen tap head is permissible.

Now, I chialat. My Vaio kaput and I cannot convert my Word file to pdf. I tried using Mac to convert but the file is not readable. I checked with Unka Ho but they say there is not Adobe file converter running on Mac. How ah? I cannot update my church’s bulletin.

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  1. for MS Word in Mac, when u click print, there is a pdf button, and an option to save as pdf.

  2. simplylah – yalor, I did that but hor, when I uploaded to the site, I cannot download back. I get file errors. And I notice the file size is very huge, like 3 times than the usual pdf. Never mind, I go kick my son away and use their computer. Thanks.

  3. the price hike has finally cracked some ppl.. taps also want, some more fr church also. they werent chromed with gold i suppose?

    looks like one other church goer also has a tua kong slr….

  4. Tap theft? In the 2nd world war, when soviet soldiers entered berlin, many ripped up and carried away the taps from toilets because they had never seen such fittings before: They thought they could just install the faucets back in their own villages and water would magically pour out…

    today’s thieves are probably just out for the metal though.

    cloudsterss last blog post..An infant’s surrender

  5. In my second school I served, all the tap heads in the toilets were all stolen in the middle of the night. The thieves din even closed the main water supply and let the water flow till morning. The headmaster eventually reinstalled all the tab with the plastic one. So sad.

    Choonies last blog post..Watch CSL video with CSL PDA?

  6. choonie – CGL kah? Cos my church originates from CGL and is right across the road only.

    cloudsters – Ya, we have a lot of snatch thieves too and almost a few times a month, they will strike. Now we have a few road wardens circling the area on bike when we have mass. Whenever I park my car outside the perimeter of the church, I will be looking, front, back, left, right for suspicious characters. Paranoid already.

    JT – That one is the official church photographer lah. Our tapheads? Got…gold plated with diamonds. Red rubies for ‘hot’, blue sapphires for ‘cold’.

  7. CGL is my first school. I taught Nicole’s class but she will not remember me because almost three months serving there, I only saw her less than a week. The one I mentioned is in a rural are of Kuching.

    Choonies last blog post..Watch CSL video with CSL PDA?

  8. Wei Lilian, tap thief are not only in M’sia. Only yesterday, I heard there were cases like that happened over here. All taps were stolen along that street where all banks and offices located. It happened at midnight and in the morning all buildings are out of water supply. And I am talking of a big city in United States.

  9. i replied yr email twice šŸ™‚ . I thought the first one didnt go through and I sent it again. So paiseh. šŸ™‚ Anyway my reply is a little relevant to this post, i think šŸ™‚

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