Who’s your mader?

Q for Quit

E for …….Ediot!

My little boy can pretty much pronounce words based on what he sees because with the sound of consonants and vowels, he can guess words. It is a little thing that all kids have the ability to do as long as we parents encourage them but never force it upon them. This comes naturally. Just now, he saw the Spectrum Reflector words on his brother’s cap and he said Special Tum Reflector. Hahaha.

Anyway, E for Ediot is not what my little boy said but rather his three older brothers pulling his legs, as usual. And he retorted with “I Idiot lah!”

Which his older brother laughed, “Ha ha, you say you idiot.”

After that, another argument will start with ‘no, you idiot’.

‘No U not for idiot.’

Sigh….I think they have a future in parliament.


Anyway….one of the most hated question I ever heard from people is…

“Is that your grandson?”

One woman who stays in my apartment asked me. She will remain a non-neighbour, forever. I do not know what gives her the idea but I am going to hate her. Who cares about ‘Love thy neighbour?’ when she blatantly asked me a question like that without thinking?

Ok, maybe if she fell into the drain one day, I will be the nice samaritan and help her. Otherwise, don’t expect me to bring a casserole of food to her without better reason.

I mean, don’t you feel so, so, so insulted?

This morning, I went to the Air Putih market. One woman asked me, “Who is this boy?” while pointing to my little boy. I was with my two other sons, buying some things.

All my antennas were on alert. I was about to fling the eggs on her face. But I replied cooly, “My son?”

Like doh….I may went to the wet market but I was dressed for Gurney, ok?

But she explained, “Really? Wuah….what do you feed him? His skin is soooo beautiful. He looks like ang moh kia. Very rare to find little kids with such nice complexion. I thought this boy is from overseas.”


Doink, now you mean to ask if I got a Chinese husband and also an angmoh husband kah? My two older sons here are 101% Chinese ok? So, I told her proudly, “Mother’s milk.” and I bla bla bla to her the goodness of mother’s milk and how one can see the huge difference of a kid brought up on mom’s milk compared to cow’s milk. (I mean my boy had mom’s milk for the first 8 months of his life, not now lah. Sked people misunderstand.)

Wuah, I myself also really love to see my little boy’s complexion. It is pinkish and really, really smooth. Abuden, my skin also not so bad myself, so how come people get the idea of ‘Who’s your mader?’ Tiu. *please buy me some mirrors as gifts*

18 thoughts on “Who’s your mader?

  1. must share this…(a tot just popped)…
    what do men think think of breast milk? according to my auntie, my uncle liked it a lot. Me, it’s too sweet to my liking, i prefer semi-skimmed and i couldn’t bare to compete with my dotter

  2. JT #1 – Eewwsss… šŸ˜Æ I dare not even taste my own milk, you dare to drink? Having said that, my two older sons did drank a lot of my spare EBM when I was expressing for my #4. He was prem so he couldn’t take much and hence, I got 1 litre of EBM in the fridge. šŸ™„ My two sons (then 12 and 6 yrs old) made Milo and air bandung, ie my milk with rose syrup. They say it tastes good. Uwekk…I see milk as part of body secretion, like sweat or hingus. *kicks self for telling the truth*

  3. JT #2 – You clever hor, say + then, say I mi koo bin. I throw salted eggs at you baru tau.

    choonie – Retak, bukan pecah, cikgu. :mrgreen:

    Dr Tan – Hold sign – ‘i will blog for another round of juvanex, for free’

  4. Ewwww….I already geli thinking of anyone else other than my son drinking my susu badan. Like u, I also dare not drink my own milk altho I did try it and almost threw up! (just the thought of drinking my own ‘body secretion’ yeuurgghhh)….Then the worst part, I even more geli when father in law ACTUALLY tasted my EBM after reheating it for my son on those obligatory days of leaving him with them. Oh GROSS!!!! bleargghhhh…**try to scrape that disgusting thought from mind**

    Eh, it’s a compliment about your son’s skin lar…

    Foongs last blog post..Less traffic on the roads? Really? Where?

  5. sure i clever lah, mee koo bin = hok shiau lah… wat u think..throw salted eggs at me, i thank you first… i need some for my muai anyway.

    breast milk… it’s as normal as going to shit each day or should i say it’s as nature as going to kencing when yr bladder fulls… kanineh lah.. my analogies real teruk one…. i ponders how come no talks abt breast milk how d men think of it.

    p/s i didnt drink(tht’s 2 much)… i ony sucked then swallowed… lol

  6. I am out shopping but u guys made me laff till ppl stare liao.

    Foong – did yr mil know? Warrao eh if i am her, iwhack him. ‘u so gian , take it straight’

    JT – u dem kinky ah

  7. wah lilian ahyi, your son cute, his face very smooth huh :mrgreen:
    When your neighbour ask you that question, why u never tiu her ? šŸ˜† šŸ˜†

  8. 1. Your neighbours get casserole? I wan, I wan!!

    2. My sis mixed ebm with cornflakes due to run out of milk. Her dotter still breast-feeding say BUTUK!! (busuk!)

  9. wah!! finally can read your blog..(using my lauya maxis b.band connection)..
    Eh..i tasted my Breastmilk before what..because i drank lots of soy bean that day, my milk also taste the same! haha I remember my MIL asked my sister to drink my milk and told her the goodness of it..hahahhaaa!! I wanted to ‘muntah’ mself just thinking my sister drinkin my EBM! ahahaa
    By the way, i breastfeed both my kids for 1 year and decided to quit..cannot tahan working and breastfeeding at the same time!

    Kadusmamas last blog post..Lazy mode

  10. Wondering when will mothers evolve to produce coke too?…hmmmm only then we can really sing “It’s the realll thing!..MAMA COLA!”

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