Q for Quit

E for …….Ediot!

My little boy can pretty much pronounce words based on what he sees because with the sound of consonants and vowels, he can guess words. It is a little thing that all kids have the ability to do as long as we parents encourage them but never force it upon them. This comes naturally. Just now, he saw the Spectrum Reflector words on his brother’s cap and he said Special Tum Reflector. Hahaha.

Anyway, E for Ediot is not what my little boy said but rather his three older brothers pulling his legs, as usual. And he retorted with “I Idiot lah!”

Which his older brother laughed, “Ha ha, you say you idiot.”

After that, another argument will start with ‘no, you idiot’.

‘No U not for idiot.’

Sigh….I think they have a future in parliament.


Anyway….one of the most hated question I ever heard from people is…

“Is that your grandson?”

One woman who stays in my apartment asked me. She will remain a non-neighbour, forever. I do not know what gives her the idea but I am going to hate her. Who cares about ‘Love thy neighbour?’ when she blatantly asked me a question like that without thinking?

Ok, maybe if she fell into the drain one day, I will be the nice samaritan and help her. Otherwise, don’t expect me to bring a casserole of food to her without better reason.

I mean, don’t you feel so, so, so insulted?

This morning, I went to the Air Putih market. One woman asked me, “Who is this boy?” while pointing to my little boy. I was with my two other sons, buying some things.

All my antennas were on alert. I was about to fling the eggs on her face. But I replied cooly, “My son?”

Like doh….I may went to the wet market but I was dressed for Gurney, ok?

But she explained, “Really? Wuah….what do you feed him? His skin is soooo beautiful. He looks like ang moh kia. Very rare to find little kids with such nice complexion. I thought this boy is from overseas.”


Doink, now you mean to ask if I got a Chinese husband and also an angmoh husband kah? My two older sons here are 101% Chinese ok? So, I told her proudly, “Mother’s milk.” and I bla bla bla to her the goodness of mother’s milk and how one can see the huge difference of a kid brought up on mom’s milk compared to cow’s milk. (I mean my boy had mom’s milk for the first 8 months of his life, not now lah. Sked people misunderstand.)

Wuah, I myself also really love to see my little boy’s complexion. It is pinkish and really, really smooth. Abuden, my skin also not so bad myself, so how come people get the idea of ‘Who’s your mader?’ Tiu. *please buy me some mirrors as gifts*