Tun Mahathir Chedet.com kena suspended by Blogger.com

Itu lah, buy our own domain, host our blog on our own server and we have full control of it.

Jangan jadi macam Ali Rustam. In case you do not know what happened to Ali Rustam blog, the ex-MB of Melaka, here’s a gist. He wrote a blardy racist post. He got tonnes of people flaming him. He thought he can take off the post and pretends nothing happened.

Someone else clone his blog with alirustam2 and keep all those comments that speak the truth, but the truth was too hard to be borne by Ali Rustam.

Then, Ali Rustam went to the police and make a report that people with sinister motive clone his blog and what he wrote is not what he wrote. Go figure. Ali Rustam was blogging from Blogger.com. (and his original blog has been cancelled but the clone is still here or is the clone is actually the original? Bah, I am confused.)

And now, our ex-PM, Tun M blog, chedet.com pun kena suspended by Blogger.com.

Oh, did I tell you about the time Khir Toyo pun kena suspended by Blogger.com? Nyek, nyek, nyek, if you see a blogger blogging from Blogger.com on Blogspot.com, you can always tell Blogger about any racist contents they write. Simple only, just flag the blog. *winks* Pasti kena suspended.

The news about chedet.com being suspended by Blogger.com is found here on Malaysiakini.com. But Tun M blog URL has been forwarded to a sub-domain now.

So, bloggers in Malaysia, especially those politicians who think they can just come on the Blogosphere and start to create waves and get their fan base, let The Most Obnoxious 5xmom give you some tips ;

1) You need to pay good money to get good webhosts to host your own blogs. In this world, where got free lunches lah.

2) What you had posted online, it stays there for eternity. You cannot retract what you said.

3) It is bad news when you have an imbalance type of comments. (only I can get away with ‘I only accept positive comments’ because I am a nobody and my blog is a personal blog. You politicians have to hear from both parties.) Just look at Chua Soi Lek’s blog. Have you seen anyone dissing him? It is all polish, polish, polish.

4) You don’t need to spend taxpayers hard earned money to hire canggih-manggih webhost and webmasters. Usually, it is not very costly. If you need to spend a lot, it means you have been fleeced. Jangan jadi macam Khairy Jamaluddin blog. Read Khairy Jamaluddin loves my blog.

5) Any idiots, gobloks, monyets and beruks can be bloggers. But not every blogger deserves respect to be referred as blogger. Respect has to be earned and in my opinion, only three bloggers deserve my respect as bloggers – i.e. Lim Kit Siang, Raja Petra and Jeff Ooi.

Ultimately, blogging needs Divine help sometimes. Kalau niat murni, rezeki memang melimpah. Kalau niat tersembunyi, blog memang menyampah. Oh ya, if you are a has-been, stay there lah. Maintaining a blog won’t resurrect you.

28 thoughts on “Tun Mahathir Chedet.com kena suspended by Blogger.com

  1. Hello Tun Dr. M,
    This must be your blog. I hope you are well. But why must be so racist until kena banned by Blogger. Some more call Samy Velly racist. Not-so-black Indian calling the Indian black..? And who is the 5X mom. Why she write on your blog.
    Sekian terima kasih.
    Dan Lain Lain

  2. Yalor…these people think they can use Blogger and become instant blogger meh? Blogger should charge them for using so much bandwidth and allowing their blogs to be “corrupted” with criticisms.

  3. Got read yesterday Sunday Star or not? Joceline said TDM methods outdated woh. Like throwing Molotov cocktails. Somemore said BN leaders now are like cats dancing on hot tin roof. Veri funni. :mrgreen:

  4. pablo – Yalor, sometimes, I also forget if I am Pak Lah, KJ, KT, AR, Tun or who cos I still ranks on the SERPs.

    I failed to understand lor, they are so rich, so influential, tak kan tadak orang offered to help them improve on the IT side? I oso got offered to someone if he wants me to help him start a blog, and set up for him plus maintain for him. Tak kan Tun M tadak?

    Dan – Salam….5X mom is my hired help.

    bryan – Yalor, faster faster. Before kena hack. :mrgreen:

  5. Salamz.

    Tu la kak. Gang2 (B)loody (N)asty ni paling pakar dlm racist. They think that is ok… Padahal rakyat bersatu dengan baik. Yang jadikan kita semua kecoh adalah mulut pemimpin. the leader’s word make big difference!

    …jemput ke blog saya juga utk bertukar pendapat. =]


    PsychoMatixs last blog post..“Lantak La…Bukan Jadi Apa Pun.”

  6. The above writer quote

    “Respect has to be earned and in my opinion, only three bloggers deserve my respect as bloggers – i.e. Lim Kit Siang, Raja Petra and Jeff Ooi.”

    You think you dam blady good for those bugger to “obtain” your respect? You are typical Malaysian attitude and too bad to have this people in my country.

  7. I don’t understand how and who suspended Chedet’s blog. You mean to tell me someone as corrupt as him cannot afford his own website? Remember how he boasted that he had 1million hits ? Would he be back on? I love to read all his racist comments so that the true mamak comes out for all the world to see? And who are you 5XMOM some kind of internet vigilante, batman, matrix, zorro or lone ranger? Anyway keep up the good work and keep fighting for justice.

  8. Hey guys,
    Anwar got arrested again. Looks like Bodowi, Najis and Gang just recycling mamak’s tactics in politics. Another classic manouver straight out of a page of mamak’s bible of lust for pwer. Just charge him with sodomy, arrest him, lock him up for 6 years and BN can stay in power for another donkey decade. It works the last time… but I hope netizens of Malaysia will stand up and be counted…. we have to get behind Anwar and smash this brutal, corrupt police regime.

  9. assalamulaikum ayahanda tun and fimaly and semua yang berugama islam and salam sejahtera kepada semua orang malaysia.
    first time jumpa website chedet.Suka tak terkira, dapat berbicara bahasa malaysia. Saya berada dikutup utara Norway. Bangga jadi anak malaysia. jangan lupa kita orang malaysia, you know what is Malaysian?
    Malaysian is the country with different race, different religion and we can stay peace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    So please, dont forget we are MALAYSIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I be proud to tell people im Malaysian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Love Malaysian and love Malaysian.
    Terima kasih Malaysia to be my country

  10. To this blogger who says that there are 3 bloggers who deserve her respect (to me it is not even worth mentioning their names)… well all the four of the so called bloggers or should I say “idiots, goblocks, monyets & beruks”. be thankful of what Tun has done for the country. all the four of you can never be able to achieve what Tun did !

    Tengok cermin dulu !

  11. It is not a question of you not wanting to be like Tun, you WILL NEVER come close to achieve what he did simply because you are not smart enough. That is why you ended as a blogger not a Prime Minister ! I can imagine if any of the four so called idiot, goblock,monyet and beruk ( you pick one that describe yourself best here ) should one day be a PM, the parliamentary sessions can be held at Genting casino. R I would love to throw the dice there. Currently one Singapore dollar is equivalent to RM2.4, when bloggers become PM, one Sing dollar can buy the entire Malaysia !…. I love this darling

  12. Lilian…

    Are you really Malaysian? Why did you sound like so “uneducated” or should I say “retarded”?

    Making fun of former leader, especially TDM, is such an idiotic act, ungrateful, arrogant, and disrespect of people. I bet that you aged far more younger than Tun himself. At least, you pay some little respect to older people.

    “Eh Eze, I don’t want to be Tun. So, go play far-far lah…”

    Is this the quality of so-called “Malaysian” that you want to show to the whole World? Go play far-far? Which English teacher taught you that???

    “Busy – Go have sex or something lah!”

    If you want to share your opinions with other people on the net, you should have known that there will be people who will disagree with you. And that you should be OPEN MINDED, and accept others’ criticism on you. If you don’t want other people to go against your opinion/ideas, then DON’T BE A BLOGGER!!! Simple!

    Your post and your replies to others in this particular blog are annoying, irritating, uneducated. unintelligible, arrogant, ignorant, intolerant, and finally, stupid!

  13. mahmuduit – If you say I am retarded, then, there is an even bigger retard who actually responded to an old post dated back months ago. And not just a short comment but an awfully long one. Eh, so much time, go masturbate or something lah.

  14. i hope we can learn maths and science in English for secondary school. I think that is DAMN STUPID for the changes in 2012. It is also going to effect my brother who is now in standard two!! Please stop all the NONSENSE!!!!
    IS Bm the MAIN LANGUAGE in the world!!??Hai, when we heard this news, we thought why this bad thing still happen…..I hope u can RESCUE us , TUn MAhatir!!!

  15. i m really mad!!!!!
    why muz change !!!!!!!!!
    To us, we will feel so dissapointed in all of them!!!!!
    Did they think of us!!!!

  16. plss…do nt change our ex-pm plan-ppsmi… its 4 our own good… v r alredi lack of interpreter in english at our country….i thnk dat d ppsmi wil improve us wel in d international language….so pls keep on ppsmi…pls save our country

  17. I oppose!!!! Why we need to change into BM!!! Now I am studying Primary 3 I am already get use to it what are the government thinking?

  18. In my opinion the reason for these changes is because to balance the gap between the rural and non-rural schools in understanding english..there are primary schools in the east malaysia and maybe some in the west where the pupils aren’t so good in BM (Verb and Adverbs) they only understand their native language thus making it difficult for them to learn in English or perhaps in this sense the teacher to teach them if they need translation..if this problem continues then in the future there will be huge gap among the societies in terms of intelectual and economy…this is dangerous…I understand that this retracting move of the PPSMI is making displeasure among the pupils who enjoys and got used to learning it in English and i see that this PPSMI brings good benefit by making them a better person especially in communicating in english and preparing them for higher level of education not to mention to adapt to the international scene one day if they got lucky stdying abroad ..unfortunately sometimes we the fortunate one needs to give in to the unfortunate in order to maintain peace and harmony in the long run…we might not see it now…However I do not agree totally by the retracting move..supposedly a new system of education need to be brought up..maybe come up with a different system for the East and West this might involved form the Pre to High Schools level and then sync them on the Uni level..because I believe that when we have step forward, we do not ever step back..it slows us down…step left or right then move on

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