Itu lah, buy our own domain, host our blog on our own server and we have full control of it.

Jangan jadi macam Ali Rustam. In case you do not know what happened to Ali Rustam blog, the ex-MB of Melaka, here’s a gist. He wrote a blardy racist post. He got tonnes of people flaming him. He thought he can take off the post and pretends nothing happened.

Someone else clone his blog with alirustam2 and keep all those comments that speak the truth, but the truth was too hard to be borne by Ali Rustam.

Then, Ali Rustam went to the police and make a report that people with sinister motive clone his blog and what he wrote is not what he wrote. Go figure. Ali Rustam was blogging from (and his original blog has been cancelled but the clone is still here or is the clone is actually the original? Bah, I am confused.)

And now, our ex-PM, Tun M blog, pun kena suspended by

Oh, did I tell you about the time Khir Toyo pun kena suspended by Nyek, nyek, nyek, if you see a blogger blogging from on, you can always tell Blogger about any racist contents they write. Simple only, just flag the blog. *winks* Pasti kena suspended.

The news about being suspended by is found here on But Tun M blog URL has been forwarded to a sub-domain now.

So, bloggers in Malaysia, especially those politicians who think they can just come on the Blogosphere and start to create waves and get their fan base, let The Most Obnoxious 5xmom give you some tips ;

1) You need to pay good money to get good webhosts to host your own blogs. In this world, where got free lunches lah.

2) What you had posted online, it stays there for eternity. You cannot retract what you said.

3) It is bad news when you have an imbalance type of comments. (only I can get away with ‘I only accept positive comments’ because I am a nobody and my blog is a personal blog. You politicians have to hear from both parties.) Just look at Chua Soi Lek’s blog. Have you seen anyone dissing him? It is all polish, polish, polish.

4) You don’t need to spend taxpayers hard earned money to hire canggih-manggih webhost and webmasters. Usually, it is not very costly. If you need to spend a lot, it means you have been fleeced. Jangan jadi macam Khairy Jamaluddin blog. Read Khairy Jamaluddin loves my blog.

5) Any idiots, gobloks, monyets and beruks can be bloggers. But not every blogger deserves respect to be referred as blogger. Respect has to be earned and in my opinion, only three bloggers deserve my respect as bloggers – i.e. Lim Kit Siang, Raja Petra and Jeff Ooi.

Ultimately, blogging needs Divine help sometimes. Kalau niat murni, rezeki memang melimpah. Kalau niat tersembunyi, blog memang menyampah. Oh ya, if you are a has-been, stay there lah. Maintaining a blog won’t resurrect you.