“Wait when I am free…..”

My sons, who are 18 yrs and 16 yrs know that “Wait when I am free….” means I will never do it.

Wait when I am free, I will….

1) Back-up all my files from the old, 7 years old Dell computer….

2) Clear all my books which are lying all over the house…

3) Send all my PICU books to the hospitals

So, wait when I am free, I will try to reply to all my blog comments, ok?

Meanwhile….I think there is a different in procrastination and not having the will to do something.

I didn’t back up the files because it is too messy to do it. I just hope the old Dell will die a peaceful death and takes along, all my files. Saves me from wasting time.

I didn’t clear all my books because I like to lepak all over the house and I have a book within arm’s length to read when I need it.

As for the PICU books, I cannot find the will to do it because I know I cannot endure listening to other parents’ problems. These are not regular parents. These are parents whose children are dying or they are going through very tough times. When I did that, sometimes, I get drawn into their lives and I need to re-charge my own battery so often.

A while ago, I read in The Star about this one year child who died due to choking. Thinking that I could do something about it, I dug out my old newspaper cuttings because I was very passionate about CPR and had written some articles on why parents ought to know basic CPR. But you know old memories are best buried deep.

Now, I go baca-baca all the old articles and I see the sky so gray already. It is raining somemore. But maybe when I am free, I will upload the scan copies for information purpose.

Niamah. Not only that. I just wonder if I can get Doc C and his team of nurses from Lam Wah Ee to come to CHS and conduct a CPR for parents. (CPR for children is a bit different from adults and one need to have the certificate to train, or so I was told) See? I dislike to do something because the something always lead to other things…..

So, wait when I am free lah!

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  1. I will pay you when I am free. :mrgreen:
    I will update my blog when I am free. :mrgreen:
    But I am always free when I wanna Pang Sai. :mrgreen:

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