Hubby got his wisdom tooth extracted this afternoon. Many hours after that, he was still bleeding.

Me : Eh, how come I don’t remember having any wisdom tooth, geh?

#2 Son : That means you got no wisdom lor, means you stooooopid lor.

Me : Cheee….b…………y……………e

# 2 Son : I come out from there wan….

Then, the big man was still bleeding right up to 10 pm. He broke the rule of not rinsing because the taste of the bleeding caused him go ‘uwekkk…uwekkk….’ Stood at the toilet sink like morning sickness like dat.

My poor little boy was traumatised and got tears in his eyes. So kesian… He thought chialat liao, bleeding wor. I told him kenot kesian papa wan, cos he acting only.

Cos the papa cannot talk, use pen and paper to write with him. Chey…Boyllywood drama wan. Sai mm sai kum gwa cheong ah…..The husband is like that. Sikit-sikit sakit like very big deal like dat.

He asked me, “Go blog and see what solutions your readers have for bleeding gum.”

Me : Chey…no need wan, I just need to Google.

He had tried biting on the gauze, used ice and sitting up to make the bleeding stop. So, I Googled and read that one site suggested using tea bags because the tannin acid will cause blood clot. Don’t know true or not but tea won’t kill, right?

So, I went to the kitchen to get the tea bag and my #3 kacau me, “Faster….papa bleeding you know….”

Cos I was deciding between Jasmine Green Tea, Boh Cameronian, Lipton Gold, Oolong, Thit Kuan Yin….., taking my own sweet time.


Geram, I told him, “Ahchehhhh….I gave birth to you, doctor cut me open big big and took you out, I also never bleed to death lah….What’s a tiny hole left by the tooth lah. Somemore hor…….”

I never finish the sentence lah. Cos he is only 12 years old mah….

Somemore hor….I bocor every month and my tea bag is 10 times this tiny tea bag, I also never die wat. Somemore mine one lasts several days. Also never die wat.

So, ahcheh…what’s a little bleeding lah.

BTW, my niece gave birth to a baby girl liao. C-sec.

My sister asked me how many c-secs I have.
I have #1 c-sec, #2 and #3 normal, #4 and #5 c-sec.

You got wisdom tooth anot? No wisdom tooth, cannot comment wokay?