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The newborn

My niece asked me to ‘fast fast blog’ her newborn’s photos because her sister and sister-in-law (bro’s wife) who are both pregnant are excited to see the pictures. Both preggies are living in KL.

So, here goes a couple of photos.


So cute. Baby girl, 6lbs something (2.9 kg I think)


Uncle Matthew. Hehehe. He hates being called Uncle Matthew.


Baby has lots of hair, nice eyebrows and looks….like a girl!


I see already, I told hubby, “Aiyerrrr….I also want baby…So nice wan……”

He gave me killer stare.


The new mom with my sister and bro-in-law. She is walking about already, recovering very fast.


It is a raining and so cold today. So, the grandaunt (me lah) had a cup of caffe latte at Harvey’s in Island Hospital. Now…what shall I cook for my niece for dinner? I made her mee suah with sesame oil and ginger pork soup.

29 Responses to “The newborn”

  1. The baby girl is really cute and the ear… wow… so ‘yao fuk hei’. What’s her name?

    Choonies last blog post..Bullshitting all the time!

  2. Thanks Aunt Lilian for the beautiful pix! She is so adorable! Too bad still cannot see who she actually resembles!

    hmichgohs last blog post..Sometimes, You Are Next To Impossible…

  3. mic – Very much like the mommy. Initially, I couldn’t tell but after staring for a while, yes, very much like LT. Nay, Ah Jin uncle is the expert, he said the mouth very much like the mommy.

    choonie – Yahor, if you don’t mention,I also never notice. Wear jade type of ears. I forget the name liao. :mrgreen:

  4. Can we become chan kar? I have a grand nephew (my nephew’s son) very handsome wan, less than a month old?

    AnakPenangs last blog post..Tiga Suku Cheng Hoo

  5. your grandson uncle matthew? wah.. that wud make you great great aunt lillian lor…

  6. ohh… so cute, sleeping so peacefully…

    zyrins last blog post..Puasa 6

  7. Congrats! Very beautiful baby indeed

  8. wah !! SO CUTE !! I love baby little cousin stay my house when he is 6months..really cute.. :mrgreen: round round face..very very cute !!

    KiDkillERs last blog post..Nuffnang Advertising Company

  9. forgot to congratulate the great-aunt! so that’s another two more to go before the year ends…

    zyrins last blog post..Puasa 6

  10. zyrin – It is almost like one every month. :mrgreen: No need to wait till year end.

    Thanks everyone for the wishes.

    anakpenang – Can…like the olden times like that. Booking first. :mrgreen:

  11. The baby is so cute………….. I love baby but want to give birth that time hor, aiyoh!!!! Still cannot forget the pain.

    Erina Laws last blog post..Wedding Wedding Wedding!

  12. My nephew just born last Friday, come we can do matchmaking liao. Hehe… :mrgreen:

    Bryans last blog post..How To Disable Firefox 3.0 Smart Location Bar

  13. Ah.. so ‘pang pang’- smell gud. BB smell.. very pang one.. 🙂

    Kis last blog post..Booger Boy

  14. Hmm, didn’t think hospitals usually have babies sleeping on their stomach like that: Something about increased risk of SIDS…

    (that said, we do it with our child all the time. It seems to calm him, but we keep a weather eye on him.

    cloudsterss last blog post..When parenting is like a horror movie

  15. 😛 I also want baby, let me show this cute baby girl photos to my hubby. 😛

    Agnes Tans last blog post..Frugal Packing for Light Travel

  16. oh!!! sooo cute and adorable! make me want to have another baby!! ahahaha

    kaDusMamas last blog post..Sabah Petrol station Mogok oh!!

  17. Hi Auntie Lilian!
    Wow so cute!Nice nose..I oso can’t wait for u to blog about it since ytday. Congrats to LT!

    Eileens last blog post..BLOG

  18. The baby is so cute ler…I want to hug 😳

  19. baby…. if miscarriage didn’t happen, i guess am now 7 months plus.

    Cindys last blog post..

  20. so chiu!

  21. she’s so cute!!! can i pinch?? i guess no more fees this time for pinching liao hor? 😛

    kyhs last blog post..Pearls of the Nanyang Dragons

  22. very cute! congrats 🙂

  23. Ahh…so very cute. Are you giving the new mom lessons in breastfeeding?

  24. OMG, i am officially an Aunty ! 🙂 but yes, i think she looks more like layteng – for now, that is 🙂

  25. AHhhh…newborns are just so cute and adorable. Then they get even cuter and cuter as they start to goo-goo gaa-gaa before they turn too smart, mischievous, notti and and drove u mad.. 😆 😆

    Shoois last blog post..Learing to baby wear

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  27. wah…LT’s baby is so cute ler..

    Congratulations to 5xmom and LT!

    samyeaps last blog post..My idols – 5xmom, Jeff Ooi and Kenny Sia the siao kiah

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