The newborn

My niece asked me to ‘fast fast blog’ her newborn’s photos because her sister and sister-in-law (bro’s wife) who are both pregnant are excited to see the pictures. Both preggies are living in KL.

So, here goes a couple of photos.


So cute. Baby girl, 6lbs something (2.9 kg I think)


Uncle Matthew. Hehehe. He hates being called Uncle Matthew.


Baby has lots of hair, nice eyebrows and looks….like a girl!


I see already, I told hubby, “Aiyerrrr….I also want baby…So nice wan……”

He gave me killer stare.


The new mom with my sister and bro-in-law. She is walking about already, recovering very fast.


It is a raining and so cold today. So, the grandaunt (me lah) had a cup of caffe latte at Harvey’s in Island Hospital. Now…what shall I cook for my niece for dinner? I made her mee suah with sesame oil and ginger pork soup.

29 thoughts on “The newborn

  1. mic – Very much like the mommy. Initially, I couldn’t tell but after staring for a while, yes, very much like LT. Nay, Ah Jin uncle is the expert, he said the mouth very much like the mommy.

    choonie – Yahor, if you don’t mention,I also never notice. Wear jade type of ears. I forget the name liao. :mrgreen:

  2. your grandson uncle matthew? wah.. that wud make you great great aunt lillian lor…

  3. zyrin – It is almost like one every month. :mrgreen: No need to wait till year end.

    Thanks everyone for the wishes.

    anakpenang – Can…like the olden times like that. Booking first. :mrgreen:

  4. Hi Auntie Lilian!
    Wow so cute!Nice nose..I oso can’t wait for u to blog about it since ytday. Congrats to LT!

    Eileens last blog post..BLOG

  5. OMG, i am officially an Aunty ! šŸ™‚ but yes, i think she looks more like layteng – for now, that is šŸ™‚

  6. AHhhh…newborns are just so cute and adorable. Then they get even cuter and cuter as they start to goo-goo gaa-gaa before they turn too smart, mischievous, notti and and drove u mad.. šŸ˜† šŸ˜†

    Shoois last blog post..Learing to baby wear

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