Kena audit

I was in the kitchen, about to scoop rice for my brunch. Hubby called from the living room…

“Where are the credit card chits for *mentioned some Singaporean shops names, Parkson, Body Shop…..*

I paling hate having to dig out those tiny chits ‘cos I usually stuffs them into my wallet, handbags and I do change handbags often. Sometimes I threw them away with the receipts because they are almost the same.

“Aiyerr…wait lah, I eat first.”

And as you know, accountants memang accountants…..

“Do you have the chits for this shop *some Singapore name* for $$$?

Geram ledi, I si peh hungwee, ok? It is 11 am and it is breakfast and lunch.

“Ok lah, ok lah, I go search now.”

So, after rummaging through a couple of handbags, my desk and wallet, I found a few.

“Two more, Parkson for RM199 and RM93.”

“Aiyor….I lazy to search liao. Aiyah, definitely stuffs I bought for your sons.”

Now, I am just wondering….


I marry a dentist, will he ask me to open my mouth to check for cavities;

I marry a pastor, will he ask me to come for confession every day? (oh wait, only priests do confession and priests don’t get married, no wonder….they don’t get married)

I marry a teacher, will he check my grammar on my blog posts, every single time I publish one?


Haih……….I wonder what is the best career for a husband?

19 thoughts on “Kena audit

  1. Well Lilian, Lawrence also not an accountant but I also kena the same thing like you at times. I also hate to dig out the small small piece of reciept. Maybe we ladies have the similar thing – change handbangs often and keep the receipt in the wallet, the small pocket in the handbag or just throw it inside our bag. Oh man!!! *faint*

    Erina Laws last blog post..Wedding Wedding Wedding!

  2. I have the same thought with Terence. :mrgreen:
    Basically, all men are the same, in one or another way. My hubby dun do auditing one. Good in one way but bad in another. Always not paying his bills punctually. šŸ™

    Choonies last blog post..Choonie, the Ah Long

  3. bf fix cars wan..good is i dun nid to give a fark about cars

    bad is…even if i got tyre puncture in the middle of the highway..he ask me settle myself T_T

    hueis last blog post..Signature Pose

  4. Someone like Bill Gates, no need the fucking receipts, just pay coz too much money, no place to keep.

  5. Grand aunty Lilian :mrgreen: you get small cute-cute wallet la for all the receipts, then everyday make it a point to pass to accountant, then accountant dun make noise liao la.

    Gerald’ss last blog post..False advertisement

  6. giddy tigress – Then, end up washing plates every day, how?

    terence – Nay, married to loss adjuster pun chialat, hari hari saham turun.

  7. this post makes me laugh my head off. No wonder my hubby keeps checking on my whereabouts, he’s an immig. officer. got to stamp my passport everytime go out of the hse. As for the receipts, just poke it to the sharp bill stand, like the ones in the coffee shopt counter.

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