I was in the kitchen, about to scoop rice for my brunch. Hubby called from the living room…

“Where are the credit card chits for *mentioned some Singaporean shops names, Parkson, Body Shop…..*

I paling hate having to dig out those tiny chits ‘cos I usually stuffs them into my wallet, handbags and I do change handbags often. Sometimes I threw them away with the receipts because they are almost the same.

“Aiyerr…wait lah, I eat first.”

And as you know, accountants memang accountants…..

“Do you have the chits for this shop *some Singapore name* for $$$?

Geram ledi, I si peh hungwee, ok? It is 11 am and it is breakfast and lunch.

“Ok lah, ok lah, I go search now.”

So, after rummaging through a couple of handbags, my desk and wallet, I found a few.

“Two more, Parkson for RM199 and RM93.”

“Aiyor….I lazy to search liao. Aiyah, definitely stuffs I bought for your sons.”

Now, I am just wondering….


I marry a dentist, will he ask me to open my mouth to check for cavities;

I marry a pastor, will he ask me to come for confession every day? (oh wait, only priests do confession and priests don’t get married, no wonder….they don’t get married)

I marry a teacher, will he check my grammar on my blog posts, every single time I publish one?


Haih……….I wonder what is the best career for a husband?