I cannot get anything done because I have no Windows. I have a laptop with Windows but this Acer hor, if I use the keyboard, I cannot use the mouse, if I use the mouse, I cannot use the keyboard. Go figure….And I need Windows OS to do some secret stuffs because the thing doesn’t run on Mac OS. So, it is stressful enough to battle with the Acer which I can either choose keyboard and touchpad or mouse and that wachallit virtual keypad. Blek. I am almost ready to buy a Dell Inspiron for about RM2.5K. I hate being tied to my desk and Mac.


I don’t know it is the internet or TM Net problems. I also cannot use my Celcom line because my Mac doesn’t recognise my phone connection. Blek again. The line is so slooooooooooooooooow can die.


So, I lepak around the house with nothing to do lor. And my little boy suggested, “How about we bake a cake? An apple cake?” And a cake we baked. An apple cake, made with one tiny Fuji apple. So, I use the balance of the cake batter to make the above cupcakes, swirl with Nutella.


The whole apple cake left only a tiny square only lorrr….And that too, is because I stopped everyone from finishing it because my #1 son is at the gym and I am keeping for him.

And the cupcake also left a few only lorrrr….(CK, don’t come hor LOL, ciak liao bo liao lor cos it was hot out of the oven very nice) My kids are spoilt. Last week, I baked some cupcakes for CK in the morning. By the time they are home, the cake is not hot anymore and no one wants my cake. In the evening, I brought it to church and gave it away to the first person I meet.

This post has no substance, only nice cakes photos to make you drool. Because I am so sienz with the broadband speed.