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This is all the internet’s fault


I cannot get anything done because I have no Windows. I have a laptop with Windows but this Acer hor, if I use the keyboard, I cannot use the mouse, if I use the mouse, I cannot use the keyboard. Go figure….And I need Windows OS to do some secret stuffs because the thing doesn’t run on Mac OS. So, it is stressful enough to battle with the Acer which I can either choose keyboard and touchpad or mouse and that wachallit virtual keypad. Blek. I am almost ready to buy a Dell Inspiron for about RM2.5K. I hate being tied to my desk and Mac.


I don’t know it is the internet or TM Net problems. I also cannot use my Celcom line because my Mac doesn’t recognise my phone connection. Blek again. The line is so slooooooooooooooooow can die.


So, I lepak around the house with nothing to do lor. And my little boy suggested, “How about we bake a cake? An apple cake?” And a cake we baked. An apple cake, made with one tiny Fuji apple. So, I use the balance of the cake batter to make the above cupcakes, swirl with Nutella.


The whole apple cake left only a tiny square only lorrr….And that too, is because I stopped everyone from finishing it because my #1 son is at the gym and I am keeping for him.

And the cupcake also left a few only lorrrr….(CK, don’t come hor LOL, ciak liao bo liao lor cos it was hot out of the oven very nice) My kids are spoilt. Last week, I baked some cupcakes for CK in the morning. By the time they are home, the cake is not hot anymore and no one wants my cake. In the evening, I brought it to church and gave it away to the first person I meet.

This post has no substance, only nice cakes photos to make you drool. Because I am so sienz with the broadband speed.

21 Responses to “This is all the internet’s fault”

  1. The broadband here also sucks like vacuum cleaner lately!! Slow like snail…

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  2. Lately, streamyx sucks. So slow can die. 👿 And I find that your site load very slow but not others’. I have to refresh a few times to get the loading done.
    Btw… the cake looks damn nice.

    Choonies last blog post..Choonie, the Ah Long

  3. choonie – Yalor, I see my site without any graphics. I think it is the international line cos I cannot load gmail too. And Nuffnang and Google Ads on my site never load.

    bryan – Blame Streamyx. The most convenient wan. But my handphone Celcom also bo line.

  4. And someone laff at my old trusty ‘ah pek’ IBM last time. Its still running leh.

    Line here ok *touch wood*.

  5. I still hv homemade blueberry cheesecake in my fridge. :mrgreen:

    kyhs last blog post..Pearls of the Nanyang Dragons

  6. Must be Streamyx problem because I am facing same problem of slow load time and at one point, I can’t even blog because I could not log in at all.
    And yes, it also affects my Gmail and Google. I wonder why…then out of the blue, the speed is okay again. The wonders of our internet connections 🙄

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  7. hmm..same as my office pc..they are blocking something else in all of staff’s pc..many of the image can’t load too..and line quite slow.. 👿

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  8. am always lousy at baking, and your cakes look so good.. where can i get an easy cupcake recipe? 😉 thanks!

  9. Dear Tun,

    Ayam glad to see a new post and that you are baking the cakes yourself. I myself haven’t been to The Loaf yet, but I see you have the awesome cake h4ck0r skillz. Suggestion, can we give funny names to the pastry, like Sodomy Scones, or Crooked Croissants? It will make the business the more good.


  10. I am so touched by you… I am reminded that ibu-ibu lapar macam mana pun nanti dia simpan sikit kat anak dia sebab dia sayang. Totally opposite the batu belah batu bertangkup story…

    r1zlans last blog post..SUARA HATI JUWITA

  11. Haha. Lik dat everytime got broadband problem your family got cake to eat. 😆

    mumsgathers last blog post..What is the Entry Age for Kindy

  12. lilian,hope you will post the apple cake and cupcake recipes on food blog!

  13. Just had a visit from Streamyx tech, according to him if your Dynamic IP is then you’re gonna be facing a slow line or interruption. The best thing to do is to log out and log back in to Streamyx.

    Gerald’ss last blog is wrong with Screamyx

  14. more, more…more

    how come yr cake can stand one.. i tried a while a go, it looked good and tall in oven but lembek after a while…why, why ..why?

  15. JT – Wrong temperature, the middle part is not fully risen but the outer part is burnt. Lower the temp, usually 160-180 deg. celcius is best. Say thank you, please. :mrgreen:

  16. gerald – Wuah, so efficient Stimass staff? I did that a few times too last night but today ok liao.

    khooching – I have the recipe somewhere…easy to remember one – 250g of sugar, self-raising flour and butter. Same qty. Four eggs. That’s it.

    MG – I got bake but this one baked late at night cos nothing to do.

    rizlan – Biasaler…mak semua pun camtu

  17. Dear Dan Lain Lain – Thank you for the wonderful suggestions. :mrgreen:

  18. Yalor!
    Don’t ever try for their Combo shit!
    I went thru 3 months of hell. Four days ago, went to TM point to correct my bill. I was still charged for the combo 4 Mb package. Are they all computer illiterate? Monopoly suxs!
    They still proudly claim that they are the ‘Best’ Brand in this country! LOL

    Birds Talkings last blog post..The X Files

  19. yea, fresh fresh bake from oven mia things really difren one, Next time I come when u ngam ngam finish baking…LOL…

    CharlesKeys last blog post..Busy

  20. charles – Wait when you press the door bell ding-dong, my oven cun-cun ‘ding’ to complete baking. 😆

  21. bo pian…

    kam sia, next time i treat you kam chia hahaha