Bits of news I read in The Star

There is a tiny, very tiny column in The Star that Gerakan Lim Boo Chang MCA and 350 other Gerakan MCA members have joined PKR. But I can’t find the online version. Imagine, one PKR member join UMNO, we get headlines for several day. One MCA member joins PKR with 350 others, we get a tiny column. Bias lah lu, Star! Eheh, as if we do not yet.

Then, I read about Eric Chia’s demise and even though he is a tycoon, he opted for a simple Christian funeral. See? So much money, so much fame, in the end, he found his peace in living a simple life. I wonder if he was less richer, would he have a happier life instead of having to spend his last few years in prison being vindicated for CBT? Never mind, RIP anyway….

The headline shows the irresponsible man who is a coward, gambler, loser and everything. He has four small children, gambled over the Euro cup betting and he conveniently drank weedkiller and die. Leaving his huge debt of RM90K for his poor parents to clear and his poor wife and four children. His father wanted to publicize his son’s suicide to give the rest of the gamblers a harsh reminder. But I guess when people are blinded to money, these sort of news won’t bother them.

Nowadays, it is a waste of time writing about political news. Every time, it is one party showing their might. Like the ‘was she there or was she not?’ news. One lone RPK how to lawan the whole system? It is very frustrating to care, so I have stop bothering.

A good name is better than fine perfume
and the day of death better than the day of birth
It is better to go to a house of mourning;
than to go to a house of feasting
for death is the destiny of every man;
the living should take this to heart. (Ecc 7:1-2)

Yesterday night, I watched the news and our Deputy PM was so proud to announce that all the 300,000 illegal immigrants in Sabah will be deported. That bothers me too. Why? Because in the first place, why did they let these immigrants come in? Why allow them to settle and rooted here? Why have to wait until the BN about to lose the Sabah state, then only want to do something? These may be a figure, meaningless numbers to those politicians who are using it to gain their popularity. But these are humans with lives, children, aspirations, hope, dreams and more. Now, they are treated like a piece of shit. See the kind of words used by The Star and our Government?

Wednesday June 25, 2008 MYT 5:32:55 PM
‘Massive op’ to flush out Sabah’s illegal immigrants
The Government will launch a “massive operation’ against illegal immigrants in Sabah soon, Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said Wednesday.

He said all foreign nationals without identification documents issued by their own countries or by Malaysia’s Immigration Department would be deported.


11 thoughts on “Bits of news I read in The Star

  1. And before any piece of shit reminds me ‘Why do you read The Star?’, let me remind them first to read Sun Tzu Art of War.

  2. Nay, that Bodohwi also said his deputy’s wife not involved without conducting any whatsoever investigations. Like communist country lah! Niamah!!!

    If there wasn’t any internet, this country would actually believed what they show on the telly and newspapers.

  3. Ya loh, now that you reminded me about reading “The Star” I also totally forgotten about boycotting them, not that I have been reading that paper lah……just became second nature not to see that paper anymore.
    Anyway, Lah-Lah and his gang is the biggest gangster in Malaysia now, the untouchables so to speak. Everything trial and error, no regards for the rakyat anymore…
    I rather read your blog to see who you going to “diu” better……at least I get to leave the office laughing!!

  4. Doesn’t OUR country have a think-tank oragnisation or something along the lines of R&D for betterment of country policies ar? Most times I feel, we are lab rats to them the bigger politikus. Cucuk this policy if work – good, not working – no good, amend cucuk new policy. In the end, Joe public either become immune to public policies (he dun care no more) or too drugged out by all the policy changes (he still dun care).

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  5. πŸ˜† True enough… Don’t know why when they are are losing baru mau do the massive op’s. This is the one thing that we (hehe i’m sabahan btw) are asking from the first day they got Sabah (although with a party hopper help). But then the problem is not the illegal immigrant itself, what about the thousands and more of the no-nation children, the illegal immigrant child. Where are they going to send them? But you know la the Bad-awi gov is all talk but no c*ck. I assume that they don’t even have the proper plan to solve the massive illegal immigrant problem in Sabah, just talk in order to save the deputy PM ass( 😈 hehe am I allowed to write that) only

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  6. When they say “deport”, it makes the illegal immigrants sound like they are “barang” instead of “orang”. And plus I doubt their country of origin would “want them back”, again sound like they are “barang”.

    And then about the 350 MCA people joining PKR..betul-kah? If is true, supposed to be gempur ma…i need to check check the internet see got any news anot.. (don’t get msian newspaper at NZ..hehe)

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  7. Very agree with toolan, they r the biggest gangster. I’m so sorry for my baby daughter to bring her to the world, how to live in this kind of country?

  8. I kesian with the Filipinos… Now they all have anaks cucus living here then these Bee Ants like makan apa like that come and halau them keluar…

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