Pokkai ledi

I was out shopping. Wuah, times are really bad lor. Today, we had lunch at one of the regular place which is usually very, very crowded during office lunch hours. Normally, we can forget about going there because we need to stand and wait for a while before we can get a table. However, there aren’t many patrons eventhough it is only around 1.30 pm. And we get served immediately. Most of the patrons are families and not office workers. So, you all office workers nowadays also ubah gaya hidup ledi ah? Makan chap fun only? (chap fun – packet rice)

Then, we went to buy Apong Guan apom. BTW, there is another apong stall before the famous Apong Guan. Last time, he doesn’t have a signboard. Now, of all the millions of names, he uses Apong Chooi. HOHOHOHOHO. Aparahhhh…no other name meh? So obscene. Lucky the guy’s surname is not Moh, Bee, Hian, Sin, Hum or or….LOLOLOLOL (those of you who do not speak Penang Hokkien won’t get the joke, ok?)

Anyway, Apong Guan’s apom price has increased too. Now, per piece is 30 sen. I told my #2 son, “Eh, last time when I was about to deliver you, this was the only thing I ate in the labour room. RM1, seven pieces. ” If I am not mistaken, Apong Guan apom was 25 sen a while back.

Then, we head to Gurney. I had been eyeing some laptop but boh pien, broke liao. I think I might as well partition my iMac to run Windows (don’t ask me how ‘cos I haven’t done it yet). But the temptation of getting a Macbook is quite gian cos they are having a roadshow and my son in KDU can get a 10% discount. However, the Dell Inspiron 1420 yellow colour looks so pretty. Sigh….I don’t get to buy anymore cos my anak-anak, both of them bought two Nokia handphones liao. But at least my #1 son bought it with his own money. He played some online games, earned lots of ‘stocks’ and sold them online. I don’t know what online game lah, but he sold them in USD and Euro. Say only lah, use his own money. But last-last, bapak bagi jugak lah….

One more sign of times are bad – the stretch of Burmah Road, after Larut Road is not as congested as previously during lunch hour. I think most people do not drive out to have lunch anymore. So, good mah, petrol price increase, everyone stay home or in the office.

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  1. It’s the same in Kuching too. Places that we usually patron are so empty during lunch hour. There is one place that usually finish everything before 12pm. Last week, I was there with colleagues around 1.30pm and guess what… the taukeh still selling my favorite curry chicken rice. Economy really bad. Semua layan garmen calling, UBAH GAYA HIDUP!

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  2. I was at Summit USJ just now around lunch time, normally most of the office ppl from the offices upstairs come down to have lunch at the various foodie places like Sushi King, McD, KFC, dunno some Thai place… anyway, all I saw was most of the staff pak woo ying only la. But the kedai kopi across the road in USJ 2, waa… have to pai tui long long line. Mamak shop that one tak payah cakap la. Walking back, I see all these ppl wearing tie (and braving the sun) coming back from the 4 kopitiam near my house. Really teruk kena kau-kau coz of fuel price. Last time traffic jam in the row of shops at my place especially lunch time now… the lipas can walk across the road without getting squashed! šŸ˜†

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  3. Everything goes up except the value of our Ringgit! Niamah!Now have to car pool and eat at the cafeteria. No more Shushi King, Nandos, KFC or McD! Bodowi, when are u going to step down ah..? šŸ˜”

  4. Less cars on the road, less ppl in shopping malls. Its gonna get worse, everyone wants to save, economy sure suffer.

  5. they told us to change the way we live, but they failed to provide any alternatives..how to change? they asked us to use public transport…. lets see if ‘they’ would use it first and live to tell the agony the ordinary folks have to endure everyday… kanineh leh… only talk c ock

  6. Hello pls do not partition yr i-mac not advisable,as virus will come into yr system via m/soft where else mac have got a very reliable firewall,ask those guys at switch in gurney or the one next to GMC(Hardwick-hope got it right)

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