Bwahahaha…actually I just found a funny ad on my food blog. I blogged a series of Ubah gaya hidup recipes to save money. One of them is the Kentucky Fried Chicken using clone KFC flour. And it is so, so funny that the original Colonel Sanders chose to advertise on my food blog this week. Doh…. Take a look now before they pull off the ads.

I also blogged about my own DIY mamak-ing recipe . Hope Kayu Nasi Kandar advertise on my site too. Bwahahaha…

Anyway…I think all my sons naturally know how to cook because it has been ingrained in them. For example, when my eldest son was only about 5-6 years old, he already had an idea what are involved in cooking process. I allowed him to peel garlic skin, cut vegetables with butter knife and other safe kitchen chores.

Now, my youngest boy has also been roped into cooking. He loves fried chicken. So, I will ask him which kind of fried chicken he wants. The choices are KFC type, belacan fried chicken, mamak tumeric fried chicken or salty type. I showed him what sauces I rubbed the chicken pieces with and why I must season them for a few hours before I can cook.

My two older sons now can fry their own Maggi Goreng. Better tasting than Ali’s. Less MSG too cos we do not put so much seasonings.


But I prefer my Maggi goreng with curry leaves, some curry powder, lots of cabbage and dried shrimps.


Actually, this post is just to highlight that KFC advertise on my food blog eventhough I have so many Kopikat Fried Chicken (KFC).

Really funny.