‘Femes blogger’ hairy encounter with Bella Skincare Intense Pulsed Light hair removal.

You wouldn’t believe the length I have to go through to bring you interesting posts to read. I had to get myself zapped with some high tech machine to tell you this story. But before that, I had to endure a few weeks of allowing my legs’ hairs to flourish like a jungle just for this purpose.


Imagine going around with hairy legs for a few weeks so that I can get a photo of what leg’s hair look like. But a blogger got to do what a blogger got to do. Self-sacrifice for the sake of blogging. Actually…it is not as bad. I heard that Bella Skincare has this Intense Pulsed Light hair removal. So, I decided to give it a try and record down all the fun I had.

After keeping my leg’s hair for about three weeks, I made the appointment with Bella to have the first session. I have to have leg’s hair in order to get my money worth, right?


But when I got to Bella, the lenglui consultant asked me if I am also interested to include in the package for removal of hairs on my upper lips or my underarms. Die! But I have no moustache nor bulu ketiak! Eh, gua mana ada misai, macha…. Gua pompuan lah. Alice who is the Penang’s branch Bella Skin Care Center Manager was amused that I am so sensitive about the suggestion. She told me in her sweet voice, “Don’t worry, it is just some of our lady clients do have the problems of hairs on the upper lips and underarms due to hormone imbalance.”

I asked Alice if I can have hair removal done for my bushy eyebrows but she told me the treatment using this Intense Pulsed Light hair removal cannot be performed around the eyebrows as the treatment involves bright lights and I got to wear goggles Therefore, one cannot have the eyebrows trimmed that way. I asked Alice if they can also perform errrmm…Brazillian Wax-like of hair removal but Alice said that area too cannot be treated that way.

After my registration, Alice invited me to her office and she explained the whole process to me. From our how hair grows to how the Intense Pulsed Light hair removal is done to the after care. I am also given a list of questionnaires because they have to ensure that I am fit to undergo the hair removal.

One of the question is if I am pregnant? Not pregnant? Not even suspect to be pregnant? Of course, Alice dear, I am beyond child-bearing age. LOL. I told her my eldest son is 18 years old and my fifth son is five years old.

Alice said, “Really? Miss Chan? You don’t look that age.”

See? I like Alice already!

After that Alice brought me to the treatment room. The lady who carried out the procedure is a registered nurse. She further explains the process to me. The Intense Pulsed Light hair removal machine is a huge machine. It works by emitting very bright light to our hair follicles. The machine is a little bit like those bar code scanner in the supermarket. A quick swipe over our skin, teet teet and it’s done.

Both Alice and the nurse, Teoh told me that I may feel a little bit of pain, very much like being flicked with a rubber band. No problem….I am game for anything. No pain, no gain.


I asked nurse Teoh if I can take pictures of the process. She doesn’t mind. Initially, I was asked to lie with my face down so that she can zap the hairs at the back of my legs, i.e. my calves. I was pretty nervous because I know where my sensitive points are and the thought of getting zzpppttfftzzpftt does freaked me out a bit. You know lah, the back of the knees and the ankles are mighty sensitive areas, no? But luckily, hairs on the calves are fine and hence, there wasn’t much noticeable pain. The thicker your hair is, the more intense the light emission is and you may feel like a sharp ant bite.


Then, I was asked to turn over. That’s when I took out my camera and started taking pictures. If you see my legs are a bit errm…stubby, that’s because of camera angle lah! I dare not bring the camera too close to nurse Teoh so that I do not distract her work.

See? I am so relaxed with the treatment, I even have time to surf my own blog from my mobile phone. I was wearing a dark green goggle so all the pictures I took are a bit blur as I couldn’t see well in the dark. The goggle is to protect my eyes from the light.

Overall, the hair removal treatment only lasts a few minutes. I will need two treatments to completely remove all the hairs. My next appointment is in August.

It has been more than a week after the first treatment and you know what’s cool? New hair doesn’t grow and old ones which were zapped are dropping off on their own. Now, I use a loofah to get faster skin renewal and by the end of the treatment, I hope to show you my hairless leg. Or better not.


If you hate hairs on any parts of your body, you should give this a try. Do you know that even guys can go for hair removal? Some may want to get rid of ugly chest hairs or hairs on their face. Personally, iLikey male with hairs so before males go for hair removal, please ask your female friends for opinions first. But if you are a woman, you definitely wish to get rid of hairs on your arms or legs or armpits.

I am sure the cost of getting hair removed is worth the trouble. We can forget about removing them every few days either by shaving with sharp razors, getting hairs pulled with painful epilator or wax or using one of those pungent fumes cream or foam. It is a one-time treatment that lasts for at least 10 years.

Now, who wants to show me your hairy legs? And ladies, hairy or non-hairy men – which type more attractive?

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  1. Wah all the femes blogger went to Bella. Wonder how come Bella never offer to hairiest of them all.. Kenny Sia. AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  2. I had my first session for my underarm last week and guess what, the hair grows back just as thick…. Now i’m starting to have doubts if the results will be permanent..

  3. th_c – The new hair actually has ‘no root’ and they dropped off easily if you scrub gently with loofah. All the hairs on my legs no longer grow after the initial batch. Alice explained to me, the hairs that were in our folicles will drop off easily because they no longer are stuck to the roots. After that, there is no new regrowth.

    But there are a few strands that we missed out so I have another session in August. Maybe you can go back and show them?

  4. This is the best Bella review by far. The rest hor no photos and like an essay only.
    I’ll probably send my MIL there. She’s like a gorilla. Bwahahaha!!!

  5. robb – Hairy chest nice mah???? No meh? Abuden, my loukong only got a few batangs of hair, so I don’t know for sure lah. Hehehe :mrgreen:

  6. Ahahaha, leave it to you to think of Sepilok.

    fireangel lah.. she did top of her lips.
    (the ones above her mouth. not the other one).

  7. waahahahaha…

    i thought that you should be very happy when they call you “Miss Chan”… 😆

    Hehehehehe… When you mention about the Hair Removal treatment, immediately I thought of Brazilian treatment.. Why-ar?? 😯 😯

    Angie Tans last blog post..Happy Friday….

  8. angie – LOL, you wouldn’t want the thing to go anywhere where it can ‘cooks’ thing.

    Dan – LOL, that one also called mouth what. But then, one can get barbeque see-hum. LOL.

  9. shadowfox – I don’t have a freaking idea why women want to go through the sheer pain and agony of removing their pubes hair lor. Just for the sake of one man? Tiu lor..Unless they are selling the hairless apong as a main income (as in porn star), then worth it lah. Otherwise, I still don’t understand. You so clever in these matters, go find out lah.

    wingz – Want me kick you blue black or not ah? :mrgreen:

    choonie – Like this find a Punjabi lor. So hairy, so man, right?

  10. kidkiller – You don’t read all my posts, simply comment out of context. This is the 3rd time I caught you buta-buta leave comment. I don’t have a lot of patience wan…

    choonie – Sure you rub-rub, pull-pull, stroke-stroke till botak liao. 😛

  11. when they said ‘change yr life style’. i didnt for a sec that u wil go as far as this…
    i don understand ah.. what’s wrong with hairy legs? with very very hairy ones… the mosquitos cannot attack yr legs, it’s like us going thro a muddy pad..u tell me, shiok bo shiok…

  12. Women want to remove hair but most men want hair, on their heads. Bwahaha!!! True or not? Ask Semi Bulu.

  13. Ular Terence – Chey, real men botak also no shy shy wan. Only Semi Bulu no confidence, go hide hide with that toupee.

    JT – LOL, really ah, mosquitoes can get lost and suffocate in the jungle of hair ah? No wonder, I never hear of those tribal people who walk around nekid, kuku kena sting by mozzie.

  14. wah!!!! bestnya cabut bulu kaki..i mean somebody do it for you lah..! I do have few strand of hairs at kaki, but do you think its worth to go cabut it at bella?? Lazy already want to pluck every 3 days..

  15. Later I tell recommend ‘good news’ to my gf, said she wanted laser treatment for hair removal – at first I thought like Star Wars kind of laser (ie light saber), now I see things in a different light with help from your pictures. 😆

    Gerald’ss last blog post..Anything … whatever!

  16. sorry lilian ahyi 🙁 i at office cant see your photos, and i read very fast in office coz scare kena caught by boss so leave wrong msg 🙁 sorry ahyi !
    Now i at home can see photo, i know you go to take off leg’s fur.. :mrgreen:
    i agree with “Sir Terence” comment..guy really need hair..aih..i face this problem now.. 🙁 mb too stress in working and study d..i got slighly hair fall..i dowan become botak in future..damn 👿

  17. gerald’s – Wuah, expensive you know…..you sure you won’t regret later hor? Then, don’t blame me hor.

    terence – Niamahhhhh…must you remind me of that? But hor, this treatment cannot totally kautim, later BBQ jor the see-hum. Only Brazillian Wax can lah.

    kadusmama – You often wear short-short skirts ah? If not, don’t care ler. Eheh, not that I wear skirt, cos my notty kid when smaller can selak, I sked.

  18. Hi Lilian! It’s been one year already, so how was your leg? Does the hair grows? May i know how much does the hair removal cost? And does it feel painful? I’m kinda worried about the pain 1….scary wor…

  19. omg! I am new here but I love it. this is really cool.My girlfriend had laser treatment ,I never haver. But I might get it now :))I will definitely keep coming back.please keep up the great posts :))Whenever I can contribute something worthwhile I definitely will. Nice to meet everyone.

  20. hey! i came across your blog and am interested in the hair removal treatment you underwent!

    can you tell me how much is the whole treatment cos um *ekhem* i hate the hairs on my legs!

    thanks ya 🙂

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