The same ole’ sodo-mi tale reminds me of Lust, Caution

I am totally shocked with what is pasted on the front page. I went out early this morning, around 6.30am, came home around 8.30 am. The Star newspaper was on my tiny walkway, along with all my sons slippers and sneakers.

On normal days, I never bother to pick it up if I am in the house. But this morning, I am coming home so I have to either step over the papers or pick it up. Getting my shoe soles imprint on the front page will incur the wrath of the man who ordered the paper.

I picked up the paper. The first photo shows Ong Ka Ting. The second photo shows Anwar Ibrahim. The word SHOCK is on both section. Before reading, I already crafted my own story. Ong Ka Ting jumped ship to join Anwar Ibrahim. Doh!!!

But it turned out that they are spinning the same ole’ story. Of the belakang mari. Sorry, I cannot spell the so-do-my word or else Google will smack me for the forbidden word.

Anyway, do they freaking believe we believe the same ole’ story? Think of something new lah! Anyway, I pray justice prevails. I hope we do not have to go through another decade of being fooled with the same story again. My prayers are with DSAI and family. Talking about family, do read Mr. Manager and Ning Baizura encounter with DSAI and family at the airport.

And now you may wonder, why Lust, Caution? Well, in the movie, this young girl had to pose as a Mrs. Somebody to spy. She is a virgin. In order to pass off as a wife, she had to lose her virginity by force. The part where she went through it with one of her male comrade is rather heartbreaking and pitiful. She has no feelings for him, she did it with a mission. To be the spy.

When I THINK of the young man they label as musang berbulu ayam, I wonder if he also went through the same kind of heartbreaking ritual of getting his arse *word censored* by someone in self sacrifice or did he enjoy it? I read that the young man is ADMITTED in the hospital. Wow…..And you may wonder, where the heck to find the photo of the chap? Ask Bob who will lead you to another blog and another blog.

They forget….today, in 2008 news travel faster on blogs. They managed to fool us once. Because we relied on newspapers back then. Now….there is the power of blog.

Let us not be fooled again. All eyes will be on you Malaysia…..

1) Updated : See TVSmith Sodomee

2) Gambar ada kat Malaysia-Today showing : Saiful Bukhari Azlan (left in blue shirt) and Khairil Annas Jusoh (right) work for Deputy Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak.

3) And on this blog, the said Saiful Bukhari is purported to leave some comments.

4) And to refresh memory, here’s a video clip of the last ‘victim’ Azizan.

5) DSAI’s press release on AnwarIbrahim blog. Excerpt of which :

I urge the Malaysian people to stand against the repressive forces that will be unleashed by the government in the coming days and weeks. We expect the media, the judiciary and the police force to all come under the direct and unchecked control of the executive.

My fellow Malaysians – we took a bold step forward on March 8th towards a new dawn for freedom and justice for all of our citizens. This people’s movement for change must go on with all of our strength and conviction.


6) Sultan Muzaffar has a lot of photos of Saiful Bukhari with our Ministers. Check out those pics.

7) Meanwhile, RockyBru has photo of tunang Saiful.

8 ) And, Din Merican post proved that my hunch this morning, about the mole/spy is right. Saiful is described as :

There was no security breach because he was not directly involved in the strategic activities of Parti KeADILan Rakyat. He was merely a coffee boy or a butler type.—Din Merican

Over TV3 news at 8 pm, on Sunday evening 29th June, 2008, one police officer has urged the media not to speculate and publish any speculations. Over at RTM1, headlines focus on MIC youths (dohhhhh). But hey, we are bloggers, liars, gobloks and not media, right?

10 thoughts on “The same ole’ sodo-mi tale reminds me of Lust, Caution

  1. Haih…… Here we go again.

    ‘They’ have to create a distraction because, nay, that RPK lah. ‘They’ still think the RAKYAT mudah lupa.

    ‘They’ are sooo asking for it. A tsuniamah!

  2. They are making reruns like what Hollywood and Bollywood are doing. Same story lines, same hero only older and very much wiser. Wonder from which ‘villa’ they are going to get the mattress? So pathetic and boringlah….

    AnakPenangs last blog post..Tiga Suku Cheng Hoo

  3. it’s another story of ‘u cucuk wa, wa cucuk lu’! The alleged ‘victim’ only joined PKR for 3 months….mmmm…. i smell conspiracy!
    wanna-be ‘backdoor 2’ the sequel, phui! u think LOTR by Tokkien meh?

  4. JT – Think we never heard of the fable, The boy who cries wolf meh. Chey….find something more convincing lah.

    AP – I cannot understand lor, why they use the same story line when the last time, DSAI was acquitted hor?

    Snake Terence – Interesting days ahead. Plenty of traffic to expect. Best! Dun kacau me ar, I got work to do. :mrgreen:

  5. last time mahathir pak lah jahat. AGP jahat…IGP jahat..You sorang la baik Anwar, semua orang jahat..Admit it la faggot…I’m a homo myself…Coming from the infamous gay producer MCKK…admit la! Don’t blame people all the time…look in the mirror!

  6. Dahling dede – :mrgreen: Why don’t you go over to the Turkey Embassy and say this? Or make a sign and stand there? Remember to come back and tell me what happen, ok? 😛

    bryan – Do a CSL video, maybe more chikek hor? After CSL, no video, no evidence liao. Must come in HD format somemore.

  7. The PM ordered the DPM to be removed(C4 mah). But the stupid Polis still think DSAI is the DPM. When they check their ‘How to remove the DPM for dummies’, they went after DSAI with the sodo-mee thingy. Again. Bwahaha!!!

  8. LOL, yahor, as usual, they forget to update their data so they are still using the old ‘Menteri-Menteri Kabinet’ which includes Sami Bulu. Bwahahaha….

  9. And on this blog, the said Saiful Bukhari is purported to leave some comments.

    I tried to get to this blog but it is only for invited readers wor. Any way can you share what was written in riwayathayat blog. Aiyoo I very suspense wor..
    LOL 😈


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