I just came back from a friend’s father funeral. I had never met the dear gentleman before but nevertheless, funerals are good excuses to shed a tear or two, whether the deceased person means anything to you. Christian funerals always have that joyful, glorious farewell, like a grand finale to an excellent show.

It is a beautiful mass, with lovely hymns and encouraging homily from Father Fab. But what I am most glad is to find John in church today. Finally, he showed up. Came to sit next to me, and he is very sad because he told me his mother died recently. Anyway…I am relieved that he is fine.

Talking about death, it is very stupid of those banks which sell MRTA and insurance companies selling life insurance policies. (MRTA = Mortage reducing term assurance) My atm is super-tiu because all the insurance claims from his brother-in-law policies are now clogged up because the banks and the insurance companies are asking unnecessary documents and do not treat the death certificate as the valid document. My atm (aka husband lah) said he is going to complain to Bank Negara. He better do that now. If he kicks the bucket, I think I will take a parang and slay all those companies if they let me go run round and round like that. You know why? These companies want ridiculous documents like IC, birth cert, burial cert yadda yadda yadda….. Many of these documents have been surrendered to Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara when we apply for the death certs. It means the bereaved family has to go to the JPN, cremation centre, hospital etc to extract the original. Stupid, right? They gave a list and said the documents must be signed by the commissioner for oath. After my atm tiu-ed them, one officer said, “actually…..I (the officer) can also certify it.” Doh….what kind of system is this?

Now, what was my title again? Oh ya…evil delights. Sometimes, I have this evil desire to see someone really get into deep shits. A chronic money borrower who first borrowed from a woman whose husband was dying. Next, he knows she is going to get some insurance compensation ‘cos the husband is dead and he wants to borrow in advance. Now, the woman is so pissed, she refused to pass her policy payments through him because he had not been paying those premiums on time. (these people who pay their premiums through him are those from the lower income, no cheque, no transport to go down town to pay type, you know…)

Ahhh…I am waiting for the day when he get into so deep shits, no one can rescue him. No amount of advices from my atm works. And the most frustrating thing is, there are people that we cannot openly knock some senses into them because there are ties to be considered.

Sweaty days ahead because from tomorrow onwards, the electricity tariff is increasing. My accountant just made a big announcement on cost cutting because our electricity bill is anything between RM200+ to nearly RM400 per month. Aircond is going to be a luxury already. Base on my accountant’s calculation, on a regular bill of RM200, we may need to pay an extra RM50. Imagine if our electricity usage goes higher?

And due to the petrol price increase, my master sometimes suggest I get down from the car and wait for him to run his errands. Usually, I sit in the aircond car with the engine running while he goes about his stuffs at the bank, offices etc. I could surf from my mobile phone or read a book in peace and do not care how long he takes. But of course, I am not going to wait under some shades in the hot sun. So, I still sit in the aircond car and hope to get carbon monoxide poisoining soon. Then…glorious sleep…